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Jakub Vilhjálmsson | Post-Game | GM 17 vs. LVA


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"The Lynx came up with a big win tonight, after a dismal start to the season. What do you think you did different tonight?"

"Uh, well. We play more - uh - good in our side. Chase puck. Asipi help big."


"You're the only Vilhjálmsson triplet to be left without a point this game. Is this normal, or do you usually all get involved in the play?"

"Johannes has big night. We score together some. But I not score strong. I - uh - take body. Hit in boards. They do goal. I protect, get puck."


"It seems like you all have your own distinct style of play, that feeds well off each other. Do you think you three could play separately if you get split up in the VHL?"

"We play together all lives. Not change. We machine. Can work apart, better together. We stay together."


"What do the Lynx need to do to turn this season around?"

"Defense. Box play good. Power play no good. Need better. We - uh - we give many shot. Need let less. Johannes good faceoff, other - uh - not win much. Get puck more, take shot."


"Thank you, Jakub, and congrats on your first win as a professional hockey player!"

"More come soon."

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