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Adding more offense = defense


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Two days ago, star Seattle defenseman Karsten Olsen made the switch to forward, making him one of the best wingers in the league in terms of practice hours. Since the beginning of Seattle's struggles, one of the things the team seemed to lack on was offense. The team wasn't able to get pucks to the back of the net despite putting a ton of shots on net, and with struggling discipline and a mediocre goaltender, that wasn't going to work.


Since making the switch to right wing though, Seattle seems to have turned into a defensive threat. Over the course of two games against Vasteras and Calgary, the Bears won by a score of 4-0. Shutouts were a thing that no Seattle fan expected to happen, but suddenly Seattle was shutting down teams entirely, limiting their opponents over the past sim to just 24 shots. 


Olsen in those two games assisted on the game-winner over Vasteras and definitely is proving to be not only a threat on the blue line, but as well in the opponent's end of the ice.


"Well, it certainly made things a lot easier on the ice for me," stated Seattle goaltender Steven Smyl. "We saw the result that we were hoping to see. Shutting down the opponents while our own offense took a turn for the better. If that can keep up heading into the playoffs, we'll easily make it, and honestly I think that we'll be able to make quite the statement there too."


TL;DR: Olsen is better than you.

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