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Davey Turns Up

Da Trifecta

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Davey decided it was a good idea one night to head out to the local bar in Cologne. He wanted to get so drunk that he would forget his own name. Well the night started early and he started taking a few shots before he went out to the bar. So when it came time for him to head out he grabbed a few friends and he told them to hit up the clubs his treat. They all got to the club and it was shots all night half off and he was pretty stoked that he would save a few dollars even though it wouldn't matter anyways. The girls at the club were extremely hot and Davey decided to go out and start dancing. He grabbed the hottest girl out there and started dancing with her. They were groping each other and grinding up and down on each other. Little did Davey know that he would end up going on to drink so much that he would forget the night entirely.

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