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League activities stalled, kitchen sales up, Encarnacion Skill levels stay shit


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In a stunning turn of events, the expected, but fully hated, announcement that Edwin Encarnacion would become the captain of the Riga Reign franchise was stalled after someone who couldn’t take that news hacked into and shut down the VHL website. While anything that involves Encarnacion not getting what he wants would usually be a blessing, many feel that the actions of this “saviour” were too rash, pointing out that putting a bullet into Encarnacion’s skull would have not only stopped the announcement, but prevent that announcement from potentially happening again in the future along with not destroying a site that stores valuable information around the league.


In other news relating to the incident, the VHL Board of Governors have offered an apology for the site going down, and in return have stated that the total practice hour cap required for an S35 rookie to reach the pro leagues will rise this year to 200 from 175. While Encarnacion should avoid being sent back to Saskatoon, as he currently has 210 practice hours and had achieved the 200 practice hours required to get into the VHL  pro leagues anyway, the evidence of this no longer exists, meaning that there is a slight chance that Encarnacion loses the chance to face Ryan Sullivan. This would understandably frustrate him to no end.

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