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  1. Tagger

    (S64) C - Alex Ferguson, TPE: 30

    Welcome @Cyberwolf32, nice to see a player with the same name as the greatest soccer manager of all time! If you have any questions on how to improve your guy or about the league in general, we've got the VHL Discord, where any questions you have will be answered almost immediately, or alternatively you can ask any questions you have on the forum and we'll do our best to get you the answers ASAP! Best of luck!
  2. Just a reminder to VHLM Players who haven't submitted a Media, Graphic or Podcast yet this week that if you don't have the time to do one of those, you have about 6 hours to submit a welfare claim in here for +4 TPE instead. Also, if you haven't already, make sure you claim for the Practice Facility as well HERE
  3. Overall # Up/Down Positional # Up/Down Name Position TPE VHLM Team Nationality Username 1 1 Ryan Kastelic D 279 OTT SVN Enorama 2 1 Julian Borwinn LW 250 LVA CAN Jubo07 3 2 Tzuyu D 248 HFX TWN Tfong 4 3 Joseph McWolf D 227 OTT ENG McWolf 5 1 Scott Shawinganen C 206 LVA CAN Cornflakers 6 1 Alexander Pepper G 184 LVA KOR sonnet 7 2 Jose Gonzalez LW 180 LVA USA Jose Gonzalez 8 2 Cole Mertz G 176 HFX USA ColeMrtz211 9 4 Sidney Crosby D 174 LVA USA SidTheKid87 10 1 Dan Wilinsky RW 171 OTT CAN Oilmandan 11 2 Anthony Dabarno C 170 HFX CAN LordTony 12 2 Vaydar Odinsson RW 151 OTT NOR BOOM T13 T3 Chance Matthews C 139 OTT USA DaftRaincloud T13 T3 Nathan MacKinnon C 139 HFX CAN Bagelbitesisbae 15 3 Kisshan Shan RW 138 OSL RUS Kisshan 16 3 Chace Trepanier LW 135 OTT CAN ChaceT 17 3 Tyler Smith G 133 HFX USA DrHexDex 18 5 Mountain Thunderfist D 130 LVA ? AdamEss 19 6 Jesse Wilson D 122 OTT CAN monkeywrench15 T20 4 Rhett Stoffiday G 119 YUK USA Pierogituxedo T20 4 Rylan Peace RW 119 HFX CAN Peace 22 5 Jorgon Weyed RW 117 LVA JAM Joubo 23 6 Joey Boucher RW 116 LVA CAN joeyboucher1 24 7 Nikita Flipachyev RW 114 HFX RUS Arayvenn 25 7 James Lombardi D 110 LVA ITA Nymets5 26 8 Toby Fitzgerald D 95 HFX CAN JohnnyT_77 27 8 Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski RW 89 SASK POL nicolas01 T28 4 Athanasios Andrianopoulos LW 80 YUK GRC 803 T28 9 Jessy Thomas RW 80 LVA CAN jtww 30 9 Burnt Toast D 76 SASK CAN Toast 31 5 King Gow LW 70 HFX USA eaglesfan036 32 10 Gregor Rasputinov D 68 OTT RUS Joobles 33 6 Randoms LW 62 OTT LVA hedgehog337 34 5 Theodore Gauthier C 61 YUK CAN Frank 35 7 Anderson LaVey LW 60 SASK USA Doomzday 36 5 Johannes Benoit G 59 CAN PremiumFunk T37 10 Anssi Koivuhaka RW 53 FIN Pelimies T37 11 Robert Renner D 53 OTT USA Tacocat 39 12 Juri Rykonen D 50 HFX FIN Rykonen 40 6 Fizz G 49 YUK CAN Fizzwidget 41 6 Chris F. C 48 SASK CAN ChrisF 42 7 Mike Lavalee C 47 YUK CAN CB204 43 11 Zhang Shou Tian RW 42 YUK CHN Shou Tian 44 12 Rzerk RW 40 OTT CAN Rzerk 45 13 Jesse Sublime D 35 YUK CAN Sublime T46 T8 Bilal Syed LW 34 SASK CAN CanucksHD T46 T8 Lars Tommernes LW 34 HFX ISR Flare T48 T10 Paris Papadakis LW 32 YUK CAN Rosco T48 T10 Vander Peng LW 32 USA Dijital Aaron Butcher LW 30 HFX USA devilsfan35 Adam Werynski C 30 USA KnucklePuckAdam Ajay Minhas D 30 CAN brownboy102 Alex Schmidt G 30 CAN Schmidt Andreas Bergkvist G 30 OSL USA Foehammer Andrew McDade D 30 USA DurdenBrandSoup Anton Jokelainen RW 30 FIN mjrv21 Beckett London D 30 USA bdlondon Bernard Bernardov D 30 RUS Rad Russian Bobby Larkin LW 30 OSL USA DickRobbins Chris Jonah G 30 CAN Jonah38 Conor Scott G 30 CAN ViIlains Craig Kost D 30 USA Tigerteeo Dana Piebird C 30 USA Dude David Lance D 30 CAN Nelson Donald J Wafer RW 30 USA DonaldJWafer Edwin Bergstrand C 30 SWE FuzzyLeeroy Ethan Sawatzky C 30 SASK CAN Greenert11 Finn Schaefer D 30 OSL GER SupaSta Frenchie French LW 30 CAN Galchenyuk_Is_God Frenezo D 30 USA Sook Harrison MacDuff RW 30 CAN Pauly51 Ho-Train RW 30 LVA ? Josh Ho-Train Hyuk-Kyu Kim RW 30 KOR Deft Ian Drake RW 30 LVA USA Claust J.P Desjardin RW 30 YUK CAN Mike_Houle Jace Stravinsky G 30 USA Scorpio James Wolf D 30 USA Ventsan Jeremy Myalls D 30 HFX CAN Sllaym Jerramy RW 30 CAN Jerramy Jesus Christ G 30 JPN KyleS56 Joe Bronie RW 30 USA colton14 Johnny RW 30 CAN RealJohny211 John McCan RW 30 CAN McCan John Robertson C 30 CAN JR0B13 Johnson Johnston RW 30 USA libbyfanaccount Justin Graves C 30 CAN Gravyncarrots Justin Recker RW 30 USA Reckasaur Keywi Miles C 30 CAN Keywi Kian Lopushinsky LW 30 CAN Kian Lopushinsky Kyle Desjardins G 30 SASK CAN Desjar Magnus Backlund D 30 SASK SWE T65 Marcus Ruggiero LW 30 YUK CAN Ruggiero10 Matt Hart LW 30 CAN mhart97 Max Hosafros LW 30 USA madmonstermax Nick Blagden RW 30 CAN Nick Blagden Nick Ward RW 30 YUK CAN SirRupertBarnes Potato G 30 HFX ? Potato Prescott Triomphe D 30 CAN PaintingItOrange Radovan Svejkovsky LW 30 YUK SVK UltraMick Rick Slambone D 30 CAN Drob127 Riku Rantala G 30 FIN RickRandles Rob RW 30 USA Flyershockey90 Russell Jerome D 30 CAN Russell Jerome Ryan Cruise D 30 USA Steve Razyn Ryan Dodds D 30 SASK USA RJHockey21 Sebastian Dietz G 30 USA Bazmandoo22 Steve DeMatteo C 30 USA Nyr1994 Steven Hovden RW 30 NOR Steveziedoesit Ted Thomas G 30 USA DBCrumpets Toshinaga Akutsu D 30 JPN toshimann Trjegen Pisz C 30 CZE JaacTree Victor G 30 YUK USA Zetna White Goodman RW 30 USA Tniz15 So due to time constraints, I didn't get round to the idea that I had originally planned for these weekly rankings, but I will start making the moves towards getting that idea done for next weeks rankings. So for this one, here is an update on how the Top-25 TPE draftees in this draft + any player with sizeable updates over the last few weeks on a week-by-week basis. Note: This has been done before the week has concluded so players who have potentially done the mag and yet to submit the TPE (E.g. Chance Matthews and Sidney Crosby) or have just submitted point tasks while this was being made (Jorgon Weyed) have lower TPE for this week than they may have by the actual end of the week. @tfong @Enorama @Jubo07 @McWolf @Arayvenn @Sonnet @DaftRaincloud @ColeMrtz21 @Jose Gonzalez @Toast @SidTheKid87 @Cornflakers @BOOM™ @Frank @Joobles @Doomzday @AdamEss @Pelimies @LordTony @803 @Rykonen @DrHexDex @VV2O4 @Tacocat @ChrisF @nicolas01 @Sublime @nymets5 @Rzerk @Dijital @Zetna @devilsfan35 @brownboy102 @Schmidt @Foehammer @DurdenBrandSoap @mjrv21 @Bdlondon @Rad Russian @DickRobbins @ViIIains @Tigerteeo @oilmandan @Nelson @pierogituxedo @DonaldJWafer @FuzzyLeeroy @Greenert11 @SupaStu @Galchenyuk_is_God @Sook @ZST @Josh Ho-Train @Deft @Claust @Scorpio @ventsan @Sllaym @Jerramy @KyleS56 @colton14 @joeyboucher1 @McCan @libbyfanaccount @Mike_Houle @Reckasaur @Keywi @Kian Lopushinsky @Desjar @T65 @mhart97 @bagelbitesisbae @Nick Blagden @SirRupertBarnes @Potato @UltraMick @Drob127 @RickRandals @Flyershockey90 @Russell Jerome @Steve Razyn @RJHockey21 @Bazmandoo22 @Nyr1994 @DBCrumpets @JaacTree @Tniz15 @ChaceT @Jtww @canucksHD @PremiumFunk @Gravyncarrots @JohnnyT_77 @Shou Tian @eaglesfan036 @KnucklePuckAdam @Flare @toshimann @Pauly51 @Kisshan @Joubo @RealJohny211 @madmonstermax @hedgehog337 @PaintingItOrange @Ruggiero10 @Steveziedoesit @monkeywrench15 @Dude @Rosco @Jonah38 @JR0B13 @Peace @Fizzwidget
  4. Tagger

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    September 23rd Update Anthony Dabarno @LordTony - 7 Mountain Thunderfist @AdamEss - 2 Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowski @nicolas01 - 8 Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15 - 2
  5. Tagger

    (S64) RW - Bob Syruncle, TPE: 30

    Welcome @Steroid Monster, hope you enjoy the league! If you have any questions on how to improve your guy or about the league in general, we've got the VHL Discord, where any questions you have will be answered almost immediately, or alternatively you can ask any questions you have on the forum and we'll do our best to get you the answers ASAP! Best of luck!
  6. Tagger

    (S64) D - James Coleman, TPE: 30

    Welcome @Froobydoo, hope you enjoy the league! If you have any questions on how to improve your guy or about the league in general, we've got the VHL Discord, where any questions you have will be answered almost immediately, or alternatively you can ask any questions on the forum and we'll do our best to get you the answers ASAP! Best of luck!
  7. Tagger

    S62 Playoff Index

    @Will Are there going to be any updates done in the sim in the near future? Looking at the logs, some people haven’t been updated in a couple of weeks (e.g. Matt Thompson still has 90 scoring, he updated past that on Sept 7th).
  8. Tagger

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    You're an S64 player, so you aren't eligible for it this season, but will be next season!
  9. Tagger

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    Just a heads up, any TPE totals below 10 TPE get rounded up to 10 TPE, so at least you'll be getting a decent amount of TPE from it.
  10. Tagger

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    Asking the new questions now as I won't be on tomorrow If you've already answered enough questions in other press conferences to reach 2 TPE for this week, then you do not need to answer these questions (These questions here do NOT grant an additional 2 TPE on top of the 2 TPE you've already earned from asking/answering questions in other conferences). 1) We posted the VHLM Achievement Tracker for this season up for S63 draftees or players who've already been drafted to claim up to 20 TPE: a) (If you're eligible to claim) How much TPE are you set to earn this season and are you happy with your total? b) (If you're a Season 64 Draftee) What stats do you feel like you'll wind up claiming TPE for with your player in Season 64? 2) The playoffs are on the verge of starting today with the Wild-Card round which sees the Saskatoon Wild face the Oslo Storm in a 3-game series, with the winner facing the Halifax 21st in the semi-finals. Do you like the idea of the wild-card game or would you prefer to see playoffs contested solely between the top 4 teams? 3) There's a VHLM GM job opening available for the Oslo Storm, how do you feel you would do in such a role? 4) If the role didn't go to you, which member would you like to see take over the Oslo Storm? 5) The Aces and the Lynx are set to do battle in a tightly contested semi-final series, who do you think will wind up winners of the series? 6) The VHLM Magazine is currently three issues strong, what are your thoughts on the Magazine?
  11. Tagger

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    September 21st Update Alexander Pepper @Sonnet - 3 Chace Trepanier @ChaceT - 6 Jose Gonzalez @Jose Gonzalez - 9 Rhett Stoffiday @Pierogi Tuxedo - 1 Tyler Smith @DrHexDex - 6 Joey Boucher @joeyboucher1 - 6 An additional heads-up, I will be away tomorrow so there will be no additional update till Sunday.
  12. Tagger

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    September 20th Update Alexander Pepper @Sonnet - 7 Jose Gonzalez @Jose Gonzalez - 2 Tyler Smith @DrHexDex - 2 Rhett Stoffiday @Pierogi Tuxedo - 2
  13. Season Rank Name TPE Season Rank Name TPE S56 1 Gabriel McAllister 1469 S10 32 Tomas Jenskovic 694 S45 2 Phil Hamilton 1459 S60 33 Veran Dragomir 678 S40 3 Thomas O'Malley 1287 S9 34 Jack O'Reilly 677 S53 4 Franchise Cornerstone 1276 S14 35 Malcolm Kelly 650 S30 5 Ethan Osbourne 1212 S36 36 Godavari Yumalatopinto 648 S48 6 Black Velvet 1190 S37 37 Slaeter Fjorsstrom 647 S26 7 Jarvis Baldwin 1152 S47 38 John Sleeman 647 S28 8 Volodymyr Rybak 1134 S59 39 Joseph Bassolino 635 S50 9 Diana Maxwell 1126 S11 40 Ginzou Fujiwara 633 S46 10 Zach Parechkin 1083 S54 41 Hudson Abbott 609 S44 11 Edwin Reencarnacion 1079 S20 42 Japinder Singh 598 S51 12 Apollo Skye 1032 S43 43 E'Twaun Delicious 578 S25 13 Ansgar Snijider 1024 S2 44 Christian Stolzschweiger 577 S39 14 James Faraday 1020 S15 45 Max Kronenburg 574 S18 15 Daisuke Kanou 979 S8 46 Steve LaFramboise 558 S42 16 Bismarck Koenig 971 S32 47 Jack Sound 556 S12 17 Matt Bailey 954 S61 48 Matt Thompson 556 S19 18 James Bencharski 950 S34 49 Doug Clifford 551 S57 19 Chase Keller 939 S22 50 Clint Guite 540 S52 20 Phil Shankly 921 S3 51 Patrice Reynaud 488 S33 21 Wesley Kellinger 903 S38 52 Vojczek Svoboda 470 S23 22 Leeroy Jenkins 870 S62 53 Leph Twinger 444 S35 23 Lennox Moher 812 S49 54 Titan Kronos 405 S41 24 Niklaus Mikaelson 799 S31 55 Joseph Heiss Jr. 401 S7 25 Layken Heidt 792 S17 56 Jordan Berglund 400 S5 26 Jochen Walser 768 S16 57 Demetrjusz Dudek 396 S55 27 Felix Savard 765 S29 58 Al Wilson 379 S6 28 Josh Vestiquan 754 S4 59 Alec Miller 375 S27 29 Satan 737 S58 60 Ivan Morozov 321 S21 30 Andreas Bjorkman 733 S24 61 Matthieu VanCoughnett 235 S13 31 Alexander Sauve 695 S1 62 Robert Sharpe 188 Bold = Currently Active
  14. Hi there and welcome to another edition of the VHLM Newsletter, a series of articles that will be posted on the VHL forums every Tuesday to let you know exactly what’s going on in the league, how you can earn more points for your player and some extra tips to help you on your way! As always, I’d like to kick things off by telling you all about the VHL Discord. A lot of you are already in this and can probably attest to how helpful it’s been, but if you aren’t in it already you should definitely give it a shot, especially if you have any questions about the league as that will be the quickest place to get them answered! Like the last VHLM Newsletter, some of this newsletter will re-tread on old ground as, with this being a VHLM newsletter, there will inevitably be new members reading this for the first time that won’t be aware of what was in previous newsletters. So what I’ll do is put a bold *NEW* next to any information specifically made for this newsletter so players who have read these before know where to go to find the new info! VHLM Achievement Tracker *NEW* The VHLM Achievement Tracker is now open to submissions HERE! Analyse the templates used in the top post, compare them to your stats and select the 2 attributes (not required if you’re a goalie) that will get you the most TPE. If you haven’t performed that great this season, don’t worry; any player’s tracker that adds up to below 10 TPE will be rounded up to 10 TPE! (Note: This is only available to players who are eligible for the Season 63 VHL Draft or have already been selected in a VHL Draft. Season 64 VHL Draftees are not eligible) VHL Twitter There’s only a few more days for you to claim your three uncapped TPE for following and retweeting the VHL’s recruitment tweet. You can find more information on how you can claim your TPE HERE VHLM Magazine *NEW* The third edition of the VHLM Magazine has been submitted and we’ve got new writers Sonnet, Jose Gonzalez and Bagelbitesisbae writing their debut articles for the mag. You can read the magazine HERE and if you want to be alerted as soon as the next magazine is available, you can subscribe HERE VHLM Playoff Structure *NEW* When we added the Halifax 21st to the VHLM as the league’s sixth team, we hadn’t announced how that would affect the VHLM Playoffs and outside of the simmers, nobody in the league actually knew how it was scheduled to play out. Luckily, I managed to get confirmation from Will as to the correct playoff setup, which is as follows: - 5 Team Playoff (Team that finishes in last place does not make playoffs) - Wild-Card round between the teams that finished 4th and 5th (Best of 3 series) - In the Semi-Finals, the Wild-Card winner will face the team that finished 1st while the teams that finished 2nd and 3rd will play each other (Best of 7 series) - The Final is between the winners of the two Semi-Final series (Best of 7 series) The VHLM (Playoff Preview)*NEW* There’s only four total games left in the VHLM (they might even be simmed by the time this is up!) and while not everything is completely set in stone as of yet, it’s pretty much settled as to what teams are going to play in the playoffs and who they’ll be playing against. The only place in the standings that has yet to be completely determined is which team is finishing in 5th place between the Saskatoon Wild and the Yukon Rush. Both teams have two games left to play and the Yukon Rush are three points behind, so could get in with two victories from their last two games. Unfortunately for the Rush, their two games are against the top two teams in the league, and they’ve not recorded a win all season against one of them, so the chances of them making the playoffs are very limited. Presuming the Saskatoon Wild progress to the playoffs as expected, they will go on to face the Oslo Storm in the Wild-Card round. While the Storm have been ahead of the Wild for pretty much the entire season, the record when these two teams have played each other has been very even, with the Storm having won seven games and the Wild having won six. Going off of recent results would lean in favour of the Wild though as, despite Oslo adding the very talented Kisshan Shan, to their roster, the Wild have come out on top in four of their last five encounters. Whoever wins that matchup will go on to face the league leading Halifax 21st, a task that will be extremely difficult for the two teams that finished in the lower half of the standings. The 21st initially had their struggles against the Wild earlier, losing three games to them, but since they acquired Dylan Nguyen and Ryuu Crimson from the Wild, they’ve been able to take them down a lot easier. The 21st nearly racked up a perfect 14-0 record against the Storm, however a penalty shootout victory for the Storm in game 165 made sure they didn’t end the season blown out by the 21st. Either way, it looks like the 21st should comfortably be making the VHLM Final, where they will play either the Las Vegas Aces or the Ottawa Lynx. The Aces/Lynx matchup looks set up to be an instant classic. Both teams have exchanged victories at an even rate (7 victories each) which has lasted throughout the season (the last eight games between the two have finished with both teams being the victor four times and in the last six games, there was only one goal to separate the winners from the losers). This matchup will also see the two most likely contenders for the VHLM Top Goalie award going head-to-head in Alexander Pepper and Kallis Kriketers, two goalies that are separated by just 0.001% save percentage. Should Halifax make it through to the Final as expected, whichever of the Aces/Lynx makes it through will likely be seen as the slight underdog given that the 21st have winning records in the regular season over both of them (21st are 8-6 over the Aces, 9-7 over the Lynx), With one of the 21st big reasons for their success being their strong performance on the Powerplay however (the 21st have had 100 Powerplay goals, 27 more than the Lynx and 45 more than the Aces), it will be interesting to see how that works into a series against either a Lynx team that has a very strong defensive core or an Aces team that is only 1 penalty minute off of being the most disciplined team in the league. New Members *NEW* We’ve got a few new faces in who will be eligible for both the Season 63 VHLM Draft and the S64 VHL Draft! So a warm welcome to RyanZabby, Philliefan, JG10 and Wiggo! Best of luck to all of you in your VHL careers! S63 VHL Draft Rankings and Second Mock Draft *NEW* The Season 63 Draft Rankings have been updated for a sixth week and we’ve also released the second Season 63 VHL Mock Draft! If you want to find out who went where, you can find out HERE. As always, we also have the LIVE VHL and VHLM Draft Trackers are updated as much as possible, usually daily! TPE Opportunities First Generation Bonus - Some of you will soon be reaching the point where you will surpass 100 TPE and to offer some thanks for sticking around with us for that long, we give you guys 10 Free TPE! If you are over 100 TPE or have an update that will take you over 100 TPE, you can claim your 10 Free TPE by going to the Player Management screen, going to Claim Other TPE and filling in the box that pops up as displayed in the image below using this link (https://vhlforum.com/topic/49868-first-generation-bonus/) in the link box. Recruitment Recruiting new members to the league not only helps the league by filling out team’s rosters, but it also sets you up to earn some lucrative TPE! To find out more about the rewards for recruiting members, go HERE. On top of that, there is a 1 uncapped TPE reward for posting a VHL advert on another website that can be earned every week. Weekly Capped Point Task Opportunities (You Can Earn Up To 12 TPE From The Following) - You can submit either a Media article of 500 words, a Graphic or a ten minute Podcast for 6 TPE. If you don’t have time to submit for any of these this week though, there is Welfare available to claim for at least 4 TPE. - You can submit either a 150 word article/Player Card for 2 TPE or you can submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE. - You can get a maximum of 2 TPE by answering and asking questions in the Press Conferences. If you are short of answers, you can answer questions in the VHLM Press Conference for 2 TPE. - You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts. Check out the guide to reviewing HERE. - *NEW* Week 5 of Trivia is now up and running! Send a PM to Bushito by Friday to get your trivia questions and if you get both of them correct, you get 2 TPE. Every time you answer questions correctly for Trivia, you also get entered into the end of season leader board where you can earn a maximum of 6 uncapped TPE! There will be hints to the answers for this week’s questions at the end of the article! Uncapped Point Task Opportunities - *NEW* There is 2 TPE to be earned from posting in this week’s Practice Facility - *NEW* The lottery for this week is now open! Enter the poll and it gives you a chance of winning 3 uncapped TPE this week and enters you into a monthly draw for even bigger prizes! - You can submit a 500 word Rookie Profile for 8 TPE and a 1000 word Biography for 10 TPE. These two are one time only point tasks. - *NEW* The VHL Pickem and Predict The Score allow you to win uncapped TPE simply for correctly guessing the results in the sim! Trivia Assistance *NEW* For this instance of the trivia, I’ve actually acquired all four possible questions, so if you’ve already submitted for a question, but you don’t know the answer, you’ll definitely be able to find the help you need here. 1a. As of Season 60, of the eight current General Managers, who is the only one who has never been a VHLM General Manager? So, because this is a question that was asked some time ago, I will help you out a little here. The General Managers as of Season 60 were Bushito, STZ, Banackock, DollarAndADream, Hedgehog337, Tyler, Higgins and Beaviss. So if you use the VHLM All-Time GM page, you can figure out which of those eight never managed in the VHLM. 2a. What season was the first Hall of Fame players inducted and who were they? The Hall of Fame inductees page is ordered by year of induction, so should be easy enough to find the answer here 3a. Who was the 1st GM of the now-defunct Cologne Express? Like Question 1, you can find out all of the league’s General Managers and when they served in the VHL All-Time GM page 123b. Who was the first player to win both Stolzschweiger Trophy and Boulet Trophy? So this is a bit of a deceptive question as this would imply that the player won both awards at the same time, which has never happened. So the correct answer to the question will the player who won both awards first, you can find that by looking through the Stolzschweiger and Boulet award threads respectively. Thanks to Enorama and McWolf for providing the extra Trivia Questions!
  15. Tagger

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    September 19th Update Ryan Kastelic @Enorama - 6 Julian Borwinn @Jubo07 - 1 Anthony Dabarno @LordTony - 3 Vaydar Odinsson @BOOM™ - 21! (The Tittymaster returns!) Kisshan Shan @Kisshan - 3 Mountain Thunderfist @AdamEss - 6 Jesse Wilson @monkeywrench15 - 3 James Lombardi @nymets5 - 10