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  1. F - Ryan Kastelic D - Vladimir Pavlov @HughJas_
  2. Talking about Edwin Encarnacion's record-threatening start to his rookie season, going inactive and getting traded to Seattle
  3. Not sure if I ever mentioned it specifically, but, up until a few days before creating my player, I was actually planning on naming my current guy "Russia's Greatest Love Machine" because of this song. Absolute banger.
  4. F - Ryan Sullivan jr G - Kallis Kriketers @HughJas_
  5. My only regret is that I didn't do it in more games. I remember this season pretty well cause it was easily Edwin's best season to date and was the only one where I got Labatte votes (think the fact I was close to 30 points behind Low but still got those summed up how much of a defensive beast Edwin was). I've actually recorded a VHL Radio covering this season myself, think I'll be releasing it in about 3 weeks time!
  6. Post for use of second Doubles Week
  7. Fourth and Final Week Claim W/E 11/17
  8. S69 Donation 7FK862039F1921604 Doubles Week Doubles Week Uncapped 5 TPE 1 Million Store Cash
  9. Talking about getting drafted in the VHL with Encarnacion and the DDOS attack that moved us onto our current forum.
  10. I recorded this in August so I don’t remember exactly what I said but I don’t recall saying anything about Russia outside of the pronunciation of the name potentially sounding Russian?
  11. In agreement with Jubis that the curremt system needs to be way clearer. The problem actually stems further than S69 rookies as some have stated though as I've had players from the S70 class try to claim some of the tasks that are only available to S69 and earlier players and would not surprised if that continued to be the case down the line with the way it's currently formatted. I think @R Jubis is correct in that the guidelines need more info, but I personally don't think there's anything wrong with laying the career point task forum out like this as well to make it 100% clear off the bat which ones each class can/can't do:
  12. - Great to see @Beaviss ascend to the position of Commissioner. As his first VHLM GM in the league during an era where the VHL was noticeably struggling, I could tell that the VHL was getting a special member as he was extremely eager to learn and very keen to put himself forward for new jobs. It's funny to think back that I was concerned he might lose interest over the then abysmal updates that the VHLM used to have (He and several others did not get updated during their first month in the league) but he's only gone on to do greater things and I hope to see him do well in his new role. - The SBA situation that happened is an unfortunate one but I do hope that it is one that triggers a kick-start into becoming a better, more inclusive league. I don't think that the move to immediately go straight to cancelling our affiliation was the best course of action on their side (especially given that this had been made before any significant talks had been held between the leading parties on either side) but I don't believe the points they bring up about the response to language used on the forums and discord are invalid. - One thing that I'd be interested to see with any renegotiation with SBA is if my issues with the 12 TPE Affiliate Welfare that I bought up in my last podcast with Enorama will be addressed. One of my big complaints with the system in the first place was how there were so few people involved in the discussion of implementing it across the three leagues and that most, if not all, were set to benefit from said rule, so now they've had some feedback from someone not in the 12 TPE welfare club (And Bek agreed I had valid points in the thread of the podcast) whether they'll continue with that or reduce it to a more reasonable 9/10 TPE Affiliate Welfare.
  13. Talking about re-joining the league with Edwin Encarnacion and his VHLM experience, with a shoutout to @Smarch, my lone active teammate on the Wild in S34!