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  1. Tagger

    GM 132: Quebec City Meute vs. New York Americans

    I believe I've only ever tagged myself once, and that was as a warning to others that no-one was safe from my tagging exploits. That people are now using those same tactics to congratulate themselves makes me sick to my stomach.
  2. Tagger

    S64 Group 3 Fantasy Draft

    I think you still have one guy to pick @ShawnGlade
  3. Tagger

    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    Hello! Hope you're doing well 1. I actually haven't touched Overwatch for about a month I'd say, only played a couple of times since the Pajodcast stream. I'm sure I'll get back on it at some point. Right now, the games I'm playing are Yakuza Kiwami 2 (I completed Kiwami 1 a week or two ago so moved onto that) and Pokemon Let's Go (which is a surprisingly fun trip down memory lane). Also went to a girls place on a date and we finished A Way Out in one sitting. I didn't think it was bad, but if I'd had bought into the hype pre-launch I could see why people would be disappointed cause there's definitely flaws. 2. Damage: Genji, he's just the one player that I cannot play well as at all under any circumstance. Tank: I haven't properly got to grips with Wrecking Ball enough to really judge him, but I'd probably say Orisa. It's between her and Roadhog (who I've never really gotten to grips with since they changed his gun) at least cause I'd say I've got to grips now with the other four tanks. Support: Ana, my aim isn't bad, but I'm just not quick enough at picking up targets to heal with someone who requires a lot of aim. Also, since we used to stream, my Lucio has gotten terrible for whatever reason, just can't aim with his gun at all! 3. I've been very lucky in my VHL career as when I've had attention with a player, I've never really had a bad GM, but regarding favourite GM's to play for, I'd have to say yourself and Hedgehog. 4. I have a specific plan as to what I'd do with my next guy if I continue to create players, but I don't know if he would be an Edwin, which will make sense down the line. 5. I mean we named a series Saving Bronze Ryan so I guess I'd have to go with yourself haha!
  4. Tagger

    WJC S64 - Team World roster!

    @Eudaldkp Novacek retired approx. two seasons ago, his current player is Ryan Sullivan Jr.
  5. Tagger

    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    3. Setting the hotel on fire is usually a riot! 4. Podrick Cast, can't trust English people. 5. If you picture the genital triangle, you want to shoot the puck so it grazes the bottom of that.
  6. Looking at the best and worst VHL teams of 2018 while I drive my car.
  7. Tagger

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done - TBL
  8. Tagger

    Evgeni Komarov dilema [1/2]

    In terms of player goals, yeah for the most part I was predominantly focused on my hits, sbs and PIMs (hence why I lead all defenseman in the career stats for those categories and fuck anyone who points out I don't actually have the SB record cause that guy played 9 seasons and I was less than 20 off his record) and I did predominantly play on rebuilding teams. I would say though that Evgeni's approach to his goal is more pure than mine. I was past 70 scoring and passing early on in my career while Evgeni is still in his 40's in both, and I didn't actually add anything to fighting until my fifth season (didn't stop me getting into fights mind you) while Evgeni's already at 70. It was really only after I did my TPE re-roll in my seventh season that I had attributes built purely towards hitting those goals I set myself.
  9. Tagger

    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    2) I don't think I was here when Austin was (or if I was, it was at the very late point of his career), don't really remember much of The Process and Chat and Gritty are VHLM (although Gritty only for now). I'll go RGIII just cause that's the only one I believe I played with. 3) Podrick Cast, best balance between TPE earning, years left on his career and sim performance. 4) I don't really have a favourite per se, although I have a lot of members I feel like I have a good relationship with, like the Pajodcast guys, Boom, Victor, Beaviss, Will, etc. 5) It's difficult to say because I don't read as many of the funny medias anymore I guess. Ruutu and Jardy stand out as those that I remember enjoying reading what they wrote. 1. I don't really know if I have the proper answer to that question, but the attribute that I maxed second was defense, so I guess that's how I viewed it from my perspective at least. 2. It's great, we've got an active LR and it looks like we're going to be set to challenge for a continental cup for the foreseeable future. I'll answer the rest of your questions next week.
  10. Tagger

    Free Position Change in VHLM

    I think my biggest problem to our current approach of things regarding goalies is what impact it's going to have on the VHLM experience for new members in the future. It's only natural that warning players upon creation as a goalie of their potential lack of playing time in the VHL is going to lead to much less candidates for the goalie position in the VHLM. Looking at the current setup, this season is going to be the last VHLM season for three of the current goalie crop (Nixon and Rift through promotion to VHL, Weekes VHLM rights expiring), leaving it with two high TPE inactives (Smith and Sohva) and two actives (Pouta and Cole) entering Season 65, and my concern is that shortage of goalies is going to lessen the VHLM experience for everyone (E.g. You aren't going to have the same five team playoff chase we had last season with only four capable goalies) unless a change to the system is made. I know that post doesn't provide any solutions to that problem, but if people were to agree with the same stance made, I could certainly try and figure out a potential solution.
  11. Tagger

    VHL Pickem (S64W2)

    Toronto Riga Helsinki Calgary
  12. Tagger

    VHL Predict the score (S64W2)

    Legion 3-1