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  1. Tagger

    Recruitment Team Staff Changes

    Congratulations to @McWolf on getting the job, I'm sure he's going to do a great job given that he's been a very productive member since joining the league and it's actually extremely fulfilling in itself knowing that the person to take over from me is one of those members who I've helped to get started whilst I was in the role myself. Big thanks also to @Beaviss and @Spade18 in offering me the job and working with them over the course of the job. Funnily enough it was me realising that I'd been both their first VHLM GM that encouraged me to apply for the role in the first place and figured that I'd attempt to bring the same effort I did in making their introduction to the league as easy as possible to a more league-wide scale and I'm happy to see that it's been well received and I'm happy to see the big things that those two have gone on to in this league. Also thanks to @Banackock and the VHLM GMs for their work in the VHLM while I've held the job. The VHLM is in a considerably better place than it ever was than with my first few experiences with it and it's thanks to their efforts that the league has reached this point. For anyone wondering looking at the announcement, I'll still be active on the forums and such and should even be able to still get my 12 TPE pretty consistently, it's just I knew with the time I'd need to study, continuing to hold the role would have a negative impact on both the attention the role got and my studies, and I'd much rather see the role handed over to someone who is more than capable of filling it beforehand rather than holding onto it for too long and letting the quality drop.
  2. Tagger

    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    November 13th Update Player Name/ TPE Added last 5 days Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden - 17 Connor McDavid @Rocketman04 - 8 Diljodh @DilIsPickle - 21 Divaani Sohva @Sohva - 8 Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup - 9 Finn Davison @Poptart - 12 John Madden @Thranduil - 21 Kyson Blake @TMI - 12 Bolt Vanderhuge @kayfabe - 8 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 8 Dan Baillie @wcats - 18 Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax - 14 Eric Parker @Eparker24 - 4 Jagger Philliefan @Philliefan - 8 Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 - 20 MArk Gebauer @Sova - 9 Nathan N @NathanN - 6 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan - 14 Piotr Jerwa @majesiu - 8 Rocky LaGarza @SwagSloth - 17
  3. Tagger

    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Sorry I've gotten a bit behind on these, I'll have this updated and a weekly ranking tomorrow.
  4. Tagger

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    If you've already answered enough questions in other press conferences to reach 2 TPE for this week, then you do not need to answer these questions (These questions here do NOT grant an additional 2 TPE on top of the 2 TPE you've already earned from asking/answering questions in other conferences). Also as an extra note for anyone who has submitted for this before, we are now a pinned thread within the press conferences forum, so if you are looking for this thread at a later date and don't see it where it usually is, look towards the top of the press conferences page! 1) I posted up the first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft, of the players who were not predicted to be selected in the first two rounds, which player do you think has the most chance of moving up into being selected in the top two rounds when the next Mock Draft is done? 2) The TPE milestone required to automatically be promoted to the VHL for the following season is 200 TPE. i) (If you're below 200 TPE) How long do you think it will take you to reach that milestone? ii) (If you're already above 200 TPE) How much TPE do you think you will have by the end of this season? 3) The World Juniors rosters were announced last week, which team do you think will be the favourite to win the tournament? 4) We're getting close to the week of the Mid-Season PT week, where if you submit a PT that fits the theme, you will earn substantially more TPE. Last season's theme was covering other members players, what theme would you like to see for this seasons PT? 5) From your time in the league, if you could give any advice to a new member entering the league, what would it be? 6) We have a one off VHL All-Star game every season that uses the NHL series as a sim engine and is live-streamed. Would you be interested in seeing a similar game done for the VHLM and what do you think your chances would be of making a VHLM All-Star roster?
  5. Overall # Up/Down Positional # Up/Down Name Position TPE VHLM Team Nationality Username 1 1 Ryan Sullivan Jr. D 215 YUK USA ADV 2 1 Ryan Zabby C 166 YUK CAN RyanZabby 3 2 Piotr Jerwa D 153 SSK POL Majesiu 4 Up 3 1 Brick Wahl G 139 LVA CAN BladeMaiden 5 Up 8 2 Up 2 Mark Gebauer C 131 OTT GER Sova 6 Down 1 1 Elias Dahlberg LW 129 OTT SWE Nykonax 7 Up 3 2 Finn Davison G 126 OTT UK Poptart 8 Down 4 3 Down 1 Gucci Garrop C 125 YUK CAN JG10 9 3 Up 1 Eric Parker D 123 LVA USA EParker24 10 Down 4 4 Down 1 Jagger Philliefan D 117 YUK USA Philliefan T11 Up 1 4 Down 1 Joel Ylonen C 116 LVA FIN Esso2264 T11 Down 3 1 Nathan N RW 116 YUK CAN NathanN 13 Down 2 5 Evgeni Komarov D 103 LVA RUS Gooningitup 14 2 John Madden RW 95 HFX CAN DucksFan64 15 2 Dan Baillie LW 91 YUK CAN wcats 16 5 Curtis Gary C 81 SSK USA CurtisG93 17 Up 10 3 Up 2 Kyson Blake LW 80 SSK USA TMI 18 NEW 3 NEW Pat Svoboda RW 78 OTT SWE StamkosFan 19 Up 2 4 Down 1 Diljodh RW 76 LVA CAN DillsPickle T20 Down 3 6 Connor McDavid C 64 LVA CAN Rocketman04 T20 Up 8 5 Down 1 Sven Hitz RW 64 OSL CAN JaysFan26 22 Down 3 3 Divaani Sohva G 61 OSL FIN Sohva T23 NEW 6 NEW Anton Edvin RW 56 SSK EST caltroit_red_flames T23 NEW 7 NEW Didi Kona C 56 DJI ninetyfourgoalie T23 Down 6 6 Jonathan Hill D 56 HFX CAN Fowll 26 Down 4 8 Kip Baier C 50 SSK CAN Kip Baier 27 Down 7 9 Down 2 Andrew Taylor C 48 LVA USA ATaylor27_ T28 Down 6 4 Down 1 Jack Lockwood LW 46 LVA USA JSS T28 Down 6 4 Marcel Vincent G 46 OSL CAN Trifecta 30 Down 5 7 Alexander Kachur D 43 LVA CAN Kachur 31 Down 5 5 Down 1 William Karlsson LW 42 SWE wiggo 32 NEW 8 NEW Bolt Vanderhuge D 39 OSL ZAF kayfabe T33 Down 5 5 Raike Rantalla G 38 CHE Savoire Faire T33 Down 5 10 Down 1 Tyler Grupac C 38 OTT USA TMG1017 T35 Down 4 T6 Viktor Howchin Wallen LW 36 LVA AUS tequbs T35 Down 4 T6 Wilson Ristau LW 36 LVA CAN Brock Boeser 37 Down 4 8 Leander Foxxe LW 34 YUK CAN NightHawk_787 T38 Down 4 T7 Down 2 Gene MacTavish RW 32 HFX USA Zeniaz T38 Down 4 T7 Down 2 Iniquity RW 32 OTT CAN IniquitY Alexander McMaster C 30 CAN Alexander McMaster Alexhockey8 C 30 USA Alexhockey8 Alex Ferguson C 30 CAN Cyberwolf32 Alex Woods LW 30 CAN Xela Alfred Corey C 30 CAN Alfred Corey Ashvinan C 30 CAN Ashvinan Sivasambu Ashwin Subash RW 30 USA VenomBlast500 Austen Rajpal LW 30 CAN austendeven Austin Kenobi C 30 CAN Austin Kenobi Auston Matthews C 30 USA auston matthews #34 Axel MacDonald C 30 CAN Radio Bill Cosby G 30 COG Saclord Board Slammer D 30 SSK CAN Maladus42 Bob Syruncle RW 30 CAN Steroid Monster Bobby Power D 30 OTT USA Bobby Power Braeden Turner D 30 OTT CAN The_nameless_man Brandon Hurley G 30 CAN Brandon87 Brooah Chandlers RW 30 USA ocbeezilla Bugz Bunni LW 30 LVA ANG Sturg Cameron Sticht LW 30 USA Kotkaniemi sucks Carter Madison G 30 USA Quietknight Casey Outlaw RW 30 USA jonnysauce22 Cedrik Galiardi RW 30 HFX CAN NikEhlers27 CJ O'Hara RW 30 CAN Cj. Charles Blades LW 30 USA Charles Blades Cinnamon Rolls C 30 OTT USA Rollzey Colton Bubbet D 30 COK Camcall Connor Gibson LW 30 CAN Progamer5432137 Danger Golding G 30 UK DangerGolding Daniel Sherwood D 30 CAN Bigwood17 David Escott C 30 CAN Escott David Marquis RW 30 CAN hitmess Doug Prishpeed LW 30 CAN DingmanGeorge Dylan Donald LW 30 CAN Dylan Donald Dylan Dubois LW 30 CAN dylanlib Edouard Gauthier C 30 CAN Eddyconqs Erik Flyyn RW 30 CAN Erik Flyyn Evan Donnelly C 30 USA edonnelly30 Eyvindr Hallbjorn LW 30 LVA NOR theMooseKing Fabio Lucera D 30 LVA USA FlyersLord29 Francis Blake D 30 CAN #LOLER Guy Fieri RW 30 OSL USA Dora Helly Buck G 30 CAN kerryj13 Isaac Gledhill C 30 USA Isaac46362 Jack Thomsen RW 30 USA jackt815 James Coleman D 30 LVA USA Froobydoo James Witkowski G 30 USA TheEpicDuck Jayden Bender D 30 CAN Jayden Bender Jimmy Chang G 30 HKG TimNig Jimmy Recard LW 30 AUS Molholt Johnathan Albert D 30 CAN Tangledgoat34 John Stanley LW 30 OSL USA Johnthegod21 Jon LW 30 CAN Jon Jonathon Underhill D 30 CAN JonnyU95 Jordan Holt LW 30 USA Hookemhorns Jordan Kasowski LW 30 CAN Basehockey Josef Nagy RW 30 SVK Slipperybutter Julien Venezia RW 30 CAN Julien Venezia Kazper LW 30 SWE LemonPig Khoewyn Darlah C 30 CAN Salemsix Kieran C 30 BEL K13R4N Koutsi RW 30 FIN Koutsi Lancelot du Lac G 30 FRO Lancelot Lauri Luoto LW 30 FIN Lare Lenny Jacks D 30 CAN Owen Borah Levangy RW 30 CAN levangy Lizard Wizard C 30 CZE Lizard_Wizard Logan Quinn D 30 USA LQuinn Luc Von Richard LW 30 GER TheMemeMaestro Mac Miller G 30 USA WHEELsnipePARTY Matt Lahoosascoots LW 30 USA mjl3475 Matt Macleod D 30 CAN Mattmacleod63 Michael Meier C 30 YUK CHE Dario44 Miro Pastrnak RW 30 USA ihlevi Nathan C 30 CAN Natedawg6413 Newton Paul C 30 BGD NewtonianBoots Nicholas Sunderbruch C 30 LVA USA NickSunderbruch Patrick West C 30 CAN Pwest7788 PierLuc Besner RW 30 CAN Pier-Luc Besner Quinn Hutson LW 30 USA bhs7902 Requis The Demi God RW 30 KAZ Require The Demi God Richie RW 30 SSK USA malone on coke Riley Thorosen D 30 USA JORANNEXTDOOR22 Robert Sellard C 30 HFX USA HersheyBears Rocky LaGarza RW 30 USA SwagSloth Rylose D 30 SWE Bailey Saint Stamkos LW 30 IRN TPEWhore Sam Morgan LW 30 USA crazytexanfan Samuel Porter C 30 USA FenPo Santeri Koskinen C 30 FIN Santeri Koskinen Send It For Frank C 30 CAN TheDrunkDrew SK Thirumala RW 30 USA IceSK Slummy Wololo RW 30 OTT HND Wololo Sugo C 30 BGR ShadierGalaxy100 Sven Svensson RW 30 SWE expensivebaton Tiler Cogswell C 30 OSL CAN Tiler94 Trenton Kramer C 30 USA Kramer Ty Hutchison G 30 OSL USA Hutch445 Wesley Walker RW 30 USA vesku842 William G 30 CAN WTB Wilson Jeffreys D 30 AUS Wulfen Wola C 30 CAN wola Zach Swintz LW 30 USA Swintzy Sauce19 Z9 C 30 CAN Big thic Z For this first Mock, I will just be doing two rounds, but will be doing three rounds for my later mocks. 1 – New York Americans Ryan Sullivan Jr. - D Very much in a similar situation to last season's draft, the TPE rankings are currently being led by a re-creating defenseman with a lot of history in the league plus the added bonus of creating at the deadline gave him access to more TPE than most of those below him. Where there is a big difference though is that Tzuyu (who wound up going fifth overall) was predominantly a welfare player, meaning that those below him found it easy enough to catch and then surpass her in TPE. Sullivan on the other hand is earning max TPE every week and looks set to continue in that manner for the foreseeable future which will make it near impossible for anyone below him to catch up to his TPE before the Season 64 Draft starts. Sullivan will join last season's second overall pick Joseph McWolf on the blueline to form what could potentially become one of the league's best ever defenseman pairings. 2 – HC Davos Dynamo Mark Gebauer - C Potentially the first shock pick of this draft sees the player currently ranked fifth in TPE and not currently the highest TPE at his position going second overall. While Gebauer currently is 35 TPE behind Zabby, he has gained 40 TPE on Zabby since the first weekly rankings and while Zabby has been a very solid earner, he has never earned 12 capped TPE in a week, something that Gebauer has done in each of the last three weeks. Piotr Jerwa would also be a good option for Davos here at number two, but with two defensemen already on the roster who may not be moving (Alvaro Jokinen is a devout Dynamo player while the trade price on Jacob Smith may be too high right now given his earning rate), it may make more sense for Davos to look towards building up their forward core for the future. 3 – Toronto Legion Ryan Zabby - C To kick things off, if Toronto do not win the lottery and therefore can't draft Ryan Sullivan Jr., it would not surprise me one bit if this pick was traded off to another team. It's pretty unclear looking at Toronto's roster what the intention is for the future especially with the uncertain future of Sebastien Ironside as we still don't know if he will be able to play for the Legion next season, if at all. If it winds up that the Legion do lose Ironside, they are going to need a center, and Ryan Zabby can come in and be a solid earner for the team who should make the pro roster immediately. There are some players with less TPE but earning at a slightly greater rate than Zabby, but not to the same extent that Gebauer currently is. 4 – New York Americans Elias Dahlberg - LW With the Americans selecting Sullivan, that gives the team a full lines worth of actives on both the forward line and the defensive line. The difference between the two lines however is that while they have two defenseman that currently look set to be earning max capped TPE per week for the foreseeable future, that isn't the case on the forward line as Scott Shawinganen and Roctrion King are consistently around the 6 capped TPE mark per week. Therefore they may look here to someone who could potentially one day replace either of these two on the first line and, while he's quite a few TPE off of replacing them just yet, Elias Dahlberg is currently displaying the potential required to do just that. The last three weeks, Dahlberg has earned 10 capped TPE per week, so is just one weekly activity away from consistently making the maximum in capped TPE per week and given that he has been one of the standout VHLM prospects this season, his current build is clearly having success in the sim engine. 5 – Quebec City Meute Piotr Jerwa - D  While the lineup that they currently have should be capable of still competing in Season 64, the Meute have some potential holes in the future that they will want to have cover for. They will either want to draft a center to replace the retiring Sergei Komarov and perhaps even potentially jump straight on the third line (given that Rauno Palo's build has had little offensive success in the sim) or a defenseman given that Colton Rayne and Casey Jones will be in their final season in Season 64 and they still don't have Samuel Gate locked up to a contract for next season either. While the loss of Komarov will be a more pressing need to fill, I think they will look to address that in other ways and instead bring in Piotr Jerwa to make sure that they at least have one young talent ready to jump in on defense once Rayne and Jones retire. 6 – Calgary Wranglers Brick Wahl - G Given that the Wranglers are the only team that do not currently have a long-term plan for the goalie position in place, some people may believe that taking a goalie this high would be too early. However, this is Calgary's only pick in the first two rounds and, while this is a solid draft, I doubt that Wahl would fall quite as far as the late-third round selection that Calgary owns. Calgary are in a situation where they can continue to give it a go next season, but with Louth and Stopko retiring after that season concludes, it may be worth it to start looking towards the future after Season 64, and that would start by bringing in Brick Wahl in this draft who, as a player who regularly hits the 12 capped TPE mark, will be more than ready to fill in once Stopko retired and frees up Bushito to make another first class skating prospect. 7 – Riga Reign Eric Parker - D Like with Toronto, it wouldn't surprise me to see this pick traded later down the line given that the Reign have already had to trade players this season to let them have decent playing time, and they have three other players set to move up from the VHLM next season as well. If they do stick around though, I'll have them take a defenseman as, while they do already have plenty of young talents there like Ryan Kastelic and Shawn Glade, they don't currently have any defensemen in the VHLM. With that being said Eric Parker will give them another young prospect on defense who can aid the team and perhaps even make the jump to the VHL immediately given that he's a solid 8 capped TPE per week player. 8 – HC Davos Dynamo Gucci Garrop - C Garrop's current TPE level is deceptive of how much TPE that he's currently earned as, while he's listed as having 125 TPE, I've counted that once he updates all his missing TPE from previous weeks, Garrop will at the very least be at 151 TPE, which is good enough to be the fourth highest TPE player in this draft class. While having not updating in a while may be a cause of concern for some General Managers, Garrop has as of late been earning around eight capped TPE per week, sometimes stretching to ten with reviewing, so it's not that he isn't active, it's just that the numbers don't currently show it. 9 – New York Americans Joel Ylonen - C For very much the same reasons that I had the Americans selecting Dahlberg with the fourth overall pick, I have the Americans selecting Joel Ylonen here with the ninth overall pick. Ylonen has been earning more and more capped TPE as the weeks have progressed and is one 150 word VHL.com article away from acheiving max cap for the first time ever this week. If he continues that earning, he will make a good challenger for Scott Shawinganen's spot as first-line center. 10 – HC Davos Dynamo John Madden - RW Madden has a similar story to that of Sidney Crosby last season, he was a player eligible for the VHLM Draft but wound up going undrafted and, after being signed post-draft, has gone on to become a very active player who has every chance of becoming a first-round prospect with continued activity, having hit ten capped TPE in the last two weeks and is a VHL.com article away from doing the same this week. Combined with Gebauer and Garrop, this gives Davos a lot of good young forward talent to work with in the future. 11 – Helsinki Titans Pat Svoboda – RW This might be very bold given that Svoboda only joined the league last week, but in his first week in the league, he earned the maximum 12 weekly capped TPE, something that very few players in this draft class have done. Should he keep that up, he'll definitely wind up in contention for a first round selection further down the line and will be a great addition down the line for a Titans team that already has very strong young forwards. 12 – Toronto Legion Jagger Philliefan - D While defense is not neccessarily a need for the Legion, it seems like Philliefan would like to play with Rush teammates Zabby and Nathan N if possible and, given that I have Zabby already going in this draft, I'll have them take Philliefan who isn't a super high TPE earner (usually earning around 6 capped TPE per week) he has been consistent with earning around that mark. There is also the option that Toronto realise that Rift (who to my knowledge has only been earning 6 TPE per week) isn't neccessarily the best long-term option as goalie and move him to forward and instead draft Finn Davison who has proven to be a very high TPE earner, getting at least 10 capped TPE in the last four weeks. 13 – New York Americans Kyson Blake - LW Like Svoboda, Blake hasn't been in the league for a long time, but he's already demonstrated he has the potential to become a great player for a team, as last week he earned ten capped TPE. This also gives New York two full lines of offensive talent, which should set them up very well for the future. 14 – Quebec City Meute Evgeni Komarov - D The Meute already have the older Komarov on the team and with him retiring before this draft, they can now replace him with the younger Komarov, Evgeni. He's pretty consistently earning seven capped TPE per week which will be enough to become a solid contributor for a team and will look to fill the same role that Jerwa will for the team. 15 – Riga Reign Finn Davison - G Because why not? We already discussed earlier that the Reign have already had problems with having too many players and at this point in the draft, there isn't really anyone available who would challenge anyone on their top two lines for places on the team in the near future, so why not draft a goalie that's earning at a very strong rate who won't count against the cap through the backup goalie rule and give him opportunities to play with one of the league's strongest teams from day one. 16 – Seattle Bears Dan Baillie - LW With no active prospects in the VHLM and McAllister retiring, probably the best option for Seattle would be a forward prospect. Nathan N has the highest TPE of those available, but has only really been earning 4 TPE per week as of late, so Baillie, who has been earning 6 capped TPE per week, would likely be the better long-term option. @Alfred Corey @Camcall @Advantage @JSS @WHEELsnipePARTY @Molholt @IceSK @NathanN @RyanZabby @Philliefan @wiggo @JG10 @Froobydoo @Steroid Monster @majesiu @Cyberwolf32 @kerryj13 @Radio @wcats @hookemhorns @mjl3475 @ATaylor27_ @NightHawk_787 @Escott @NewtonianBoots @VenomBlast500 @WTB @Owen Borah @Bailey @TMG1017 @crazytexanfan @bhs7902 @Austin Kenobi @austendeven @ShadierGalaxy100 @Erik Flyyn @Wololo @Saclord @ihlevi @Slipperybutter @jackt815 @Kip Baier @FenPo @#LOLER @Big thic z @Basehockey @The_nameless_man @Eparker24 @TimNig @IniquitY @Alexander McMaster @DucksFan64 @Progamer5432137 @Rollzey @Kotkaniemi sucks @JonnyU95 @CurtisG93 @JORANNEXTDOOR22 @malone on coke @Lizard_Wizard @Salemsix @Tiler94 @Eddyconqs @Charles Blades @Nykonax @Esso2264 @TheDrunkDrew @Brock Boeser @Pwest7788 @auston matthews #34 @Julien Venezia @TheEpicDuck @Johnthegod21 @Brandon87 @xela @Require The Demi God @Lare @Alexhockey8 @Isaac46362 @dora @Hersheybears @Sturg @Dario44 @Zeniaz @NikEhlers27 @Hutch445 @Maladus42 @Mattmacleod63 @BladeMaiden @hitmess @Bobby Power @Koutsi @vesku842 @Sova @Ashvinan Sivasambu @wola @Rocketman04 @DilIsPickle @DingmanGeorge @Kramer @Sohva @Poptart @Jayden Bender @Gooningitup @Fowll @Natedawg6413 @LemonPig @Savoire Faire @Levangy @Swintzy Sauce19 @K13R4N @Quietknight @tequbs @TMI @Wulfen @FlyersLord29 @Pier-Luc Besner @Jon @Kachur @JaysFan26 @LQuinn @theMooseKing @NickSunderbruch @Lancelot @dylanlib @Dylan Donald @expensivebaton @caltroit_red_flames @ocbeezilla @jonnysauce22 @StamkosFan @DangerGolding @kayfabe @Santeri koskinen @Ninetyfourgoalie @Tangledgoat34 @TPEWhore @SwagSloth @edonnelly30 @Cj. @Bigwood17 @TheMemeMaestro
  6. Tagger

    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    November 8th Update Name - TPE Added Last 2 Days Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden - 5 Diljodh @DilIsPickle - 11 Finn Davison @Poptart - 2 Kyson Blake @TMI - 5 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 5 Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax - 2 Mark Gebauer @Sova - 4 Nathan N @NathanN - 6 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan - 9 Piotr Jerwa @majesiu - 2 Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby - 4
  7. Tagger

    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    October 6th Update Name - TPE Added Last 2/3 Days Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden - 13 Diljodh @DilIsPickle - 10 Divaani Sohva @Sohva - 8 Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup - 7 Finn Davison @Poptart - 12 John Madden @Thranduil - 10 Kyson Blake @TMI - 12 Ryan Sullivan Jr. @Advantage - 12 Bolt Vanderhuge @kayfabe - 9 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 8 Dan Baillie @wcats - 10 Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax - 4 Eric Parker @Eparker24 - 10 Jagger Philliefan @Philliefan - 8 Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 - 25! Mark Gebauer @Sova - 14 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan - 14 Piotr Jerwa @majesiu - 8 Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby - 6 Sven Hitz @JayF - 18
  8. Hi there and welcome to another edition of the VHLM Newsletter! There's a lot of people who will be getting tagged into a newsletter for the first time, so here's a quick breakdown of what we look to cover in each edition: - Uncapped TPE Opportunities (None This Week) - Any time there's a one-off or once-a-season point task available to enter, you'll find out about it in the early headlines of the article. - League Recap - The middle of the Newsletter is generally based around keeping you up to speed with what's going on around the league, be that changes to how the league works, new features or how the current VHLM season is progressing. - TPE Earning Guide - The bottom section of the Newsletter follows the same format each week. There, you will be provided with the links you need to get to the regular TPE earning activities. First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lateness of this weeks VHLM Newsletter, I'd been waiting on the trivia results so that I could give you guys hints to next week's questions, but unfortunately they haven't been posted up yet. I had typed up a lot of this to release on Sunday (So if any of the VHLM section is a little janky, it's because I've been editing a piece that was already written), but as I was writing, I realised a lot of the point tasks I would be linking to would expire within hours of posting (so after many people may have read it for the first time). Instead, I figured I would leave posting this till today (Spent all my free time yesterday helping the Pajodcast Crew with their 24hr stream) so that the point tasks would be more relevant. I'll be looking to post up my first Mock Draft tomorrow and from then, hopefully return back to the usual schedule. As always, I’d like to kick things off by telling you all about the VHL Discord. A lot of you are already in this and can probably attest to how helpful it’s been, but if you aren’t in it already you should definitely give it a shot, especially if you have any questions about the league as that will be the quickest place to get them answered! Like the last VHLM Newsletter, some of this newsletter will re-tread on old ground as, with this being a VHLM newsletter, there will inevitably be new members reading this for the first time that won’t be aware of what was in previous newsletters. So what I’ll do is put a bold *NEW* next to any information specifically made for this newsletter so players who have read these before know where to go to find the new info! What's Going On In The VHLM VHLM Season *NEW* We're now just over a third of the way through the season and it's been a close race at the top of the table. On top of the standings are the Halifax 21st, who are two points clear of their nearest rival, the Yukon Rush, but in spite of how close they are, they couldn't be more different in the style of hockey that they play. The 21st are playing a very open style of hockey that sees them lead the league in goals by a considerable margin, but as a result of their open play has also seen them face more shots than any other team in the VHLM. Interestingly for a team that leads the league, they've actually faced more shots than they've taken! Cole Mertz has been the man between the sticks for the 21st and while dealing with so many shots has taken a toll on his goals against average, his save percentage of .898% is even more than Kallis Kriketers (one of the league's standout goalies last season) save percentage last season. The top three skaters for the 21st all lead the league in different statistical categories; Nathan MacKinnon currently leads the league in points, defenseman Jesse Wilson leads in assists and Nikita Flipachyev is the league's top goalscorer with 26 goals. On the other hand, the Yukon Rush have played much more defensive hockey, allowing the second least amount of shots in the league but, perhaps more surprisingly given their offensive talent, have attempted over a hundred shots less than the rest of the teams in the VHLM. Part of their problem seem to be as a result of some struggles on the powerplay where, despite having more powerplay attempts than any other team in the league, they have the least amount of powerplay goals. The main reason for the Rush being in the position that they are despite their lack of shots is through the stellar goalie play of Rhett Stoffiday, whose .908% save percentage is a figure very rarely reached by a modern day VHLM goalie. While it's unclear why the Rush are shooting as little as they are, they're still getting some decent performances out of some of their skaters; Kisshan Shan leads the team in goals and points, with his 32 points being the seventh best among wingers, while Ryan Sullivan Jr. is currently sixth in defenseman scoring while also having the second-best tally for a defensemen in hits. Kronos Bailey currently leads the league in hits pretty comfortably, although he'll want to see better offensive production to make sure he wins the award for best two-way forward as, after a very strong start, he's fallen off that pace quite a bit and is currently 32nd in the league in points. Two points behind the Rush are the Saskatoon Wild, who have climbed up from last place when I covered them in the last Newsletter. Like the Rush, the Wild have showcased some very strong defensive play, having allowed the least shots in the VHLM. However, while the Rush are low in their total goals tally through lack of shots, the Wild have had plenty, they've just not had as much luck putting the puck into the net and as a result are currently second from bottom in goals scored. While they were struggling at the start of the season,. Rylan Peace and Chace Trepanier both had individual performances that showed they had the potential to turn things around, and sure enough, they have! Rylan Peace is the one putting in especially productive performances, currently scoring over a point per twenty minutes and is actually the best non-Halifax player in that category. Brick Wahl made the move to Saskatoon earlier this season and since joining the Wild, his save percentage has been exactly the same as it was at the Aces at .893%, but he has recorded significantly more wins and a much better goals against average as a result of playing on a more competitive team. It will take a lot to compete with Stoffiday after the start he has had, but should Wahl keep this form up, he'll at least be a close runner-up for goalie of the year honours. Speaking of runners up, Piotr Jerwa has had a very good season in the VHLM to this point and is currently second place in points for a defenseman and third out of all skaters in assists. In fourth place are the Las Vegas Aces. One of the big moves that the Aces made recently was bringing in goalie Kevin Weekes from Saskatoon in exchange for Brick Wahl and, while Saskatoon have so far gotten similar performances from Wahl than from his games with the Aces, Weekes hasn't transitioned quite as smoothly, as his save percentage on the Wild was .023% better than his save percentage in an Aces jersey. Weekes is still a talented goalie though so hopefully he can turn things around and help what is still a solid group of players to success. Leading the way in points for the Aces is Jorgon Weyed, a second round pick from the Season 63 VHL Draft. The winger is currently seventh in the league in points and has a very respectable +/- of 13 for a player that isn't currently competing. The teams next best scorer is Joel Ylonen, who has 35 points to his name. Ylonen is a player who will enter the upcoming Season 64 VHL Draft and is currently third in points out of all players who will be entering that draft. Fifth place belongs to the Oslo Storm, a team who have elected to focus more on what the team can potentially become next season with a few of the trades they have made. One player who is rumoured to be on the move from the Storm is Wlodzimierz Zajaczkowksi, and should he continue his form to this point of the season (He's currently eighth in the league in points and joint third in goals) with whichever team he joins, they will be very happy customers! Zajaczkowksi also stands to be Kronos Bailey's toughest contender for the two way forward award as Wlodzimierz is currently second in the league in hits. Finally in last place, the Ottawa Lynx, who despite their standing in the VHLM have still had some strong individual performances. The main talking point for the Lynx is the incredible performances they've gotten out of the first-gen prospect Elias Dahlberg. Despite not long joining the league, Dahlberg is currently third in the league in points, along with having the highest point tally of anyone entering the Season 64 VHL Draft. He's been very well rounded on the ice as well, as he's fourth in the league in goals and fifth in assists. Chance Matthews has also been right up there, currently sitting in sixth in total points, while the German center Mark Gebauer is currently joint-seventh in goals. While the team is currently in last place at the minute, they've managed to beat the Oslo Storm in their last three matchups with the Norwegian side which has helped them cut the amount of points they were behind from six to just one, putting them in a much stronger position to make the Wildcard Round of the VHLM playoffs. Season 63 World Juniors *NEW* The Season 63 World Juniors tournament is set to begin shortly and the rosters have already been picked. If you want to find out if you made the cut for your team, you can find the tournament rosters in the threads posted HERE VHL Brands New for Season 63 are VHL Brands, an opportunity that allows your player to earn some extra money by representing a brand! If you want to see the brands that are available to represent, which players currently represent them and who the brand executive of each brand is, you can find out HERE. If you have yet to be approached by a brand executive about representing a brand, you can send them a message to let them know of your interest in representing their brand, they are (usernames are clickable to go to their profile): Haterade - majesiu Jolt Juice - Stoffiday NETFLEX - Romaris True North Gear - AndrewWarren13 Ubuyalot Games - Joubo VIKING - Tfong Alternatively, you can post in this thread HERE to register your interest in finding a brand. S64 VHL Draft Rankings *NEW* If you are in the Season 64 Draft, you can keep track of how you are comparing in earning TPE in comparison to your fellow prospects by going HERE to the LIVE Season 64 Draft Rankings, which are updated as close to daily as possible. We also have released the third weekly draft rankings which focused on what holes teams will potentially be looking to fill in the Season 64 Draft, you can find the article HERE. TPE Opportunities First Generation Bonus - Some of you will soon be reaching the point where you will surpass 100 TPE and to offer some thanks for sticking around with us for that long, we give you guys 10 Free TPE! If you are over 100 TPE or have an update that will take you over 100 TPE, you can claim your 10 Free TPE by going to the Player Management screen, going to Claim Other TPE and filling in the box that pops up as displayed in the image below using this link (https://vhlforum.com/topic/49868-first-generation-bonus/) in the link box. Recruitment Recruiting new members to the league not only helps the league by filling out team’s rosters, but it also sets you up to earn some lucrative TPE! To find out more about the rewards for recruiting members, go HERE. On top of that, there is a 1 uncapped TPE reward for posting a VHL advert on another website that can be earned every week. Weekly Capped Point Task Opportunities (You Can Earn Up To 12 TPE From The Following) - You can submit either a Media article of 500 words, a Graphic or a ten minute Podcast for 6 TPE. If you don’t have time to submit for any of these this week though, there is Welfare available to claim for at least 4 TPE. - You can submit either a 150 word article/Player Card for 2 TPE or you can submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE. - You can get a maximum of 2 TPE by answering and asking questions in the Press Conferences. If you are short of answers, you can answer questions in the VHLM Press Conference for 2 TPE. - You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts. Check out the guide to reviewing HERE. - It's not up yet this week, but once the season gets going, there will be weekly VHL Trivia where you will be asked two VHL-related questions, answer both correctly and you will earn 2 TPE for the week. In addition, players will be able to earn up to 6 uncapped TPE at the end of the season, 1 TPE for every week they submitted for trivia. Uncapped Point Task Opportunities - *NEW* There is 2 TPE to be earned from posting in this week’s Practice Facility - *NEW* There is the VHLM Pickem and Predict The Score, if you correctly guess the results, you will earn uncapped TPE for your player! - The lottery allows you to enter the poll that gives you a chance of winning 3 uncapped TPE this week and enters you into a monthly draw for even bigger prizes! - You can submit a 500 word Rookie Profile for 8 TPE and a 1000 word Biography for 10 TPE. These two are one time only point tasks. - *NEW* If you haven't already, make sure to spend some of your contract/sponsorship money on the First Generation Package in the Player Store. It's an exceptionally cheap purchase that gives you five uncapped TPE Video Tutorial This is a video tutorial of how to improve your player through point tasks that I made about two months ago. The idea was that we were going to have this edited to a better standard before the Season 64 Draft, but that hasn't come to pass yet, so I'll just release the raw footage for now. If you need timestamps for something in particular, here they are: Capped TPE 0:27 - Overview of Capped TPE 1:38 - Media Spots 2:39 - Graphics 4:16 - Podcast 5:09 - VHL.com/Player Cards/VHL Radio 7:06 - Press Conferences 9:00 - Trivia 11:59 - Reviewing 13:22 - Jobs 14:13 - Welfare Uncapped TPE 16:14 - VHL/VHLM Fantasy Zone 17:08 - Practice Facility 17:44 - Yearly Award Predictions 18:35 - VHFL 19:33 - VHL Lottery 20:35 - Rookie Profile 21:21 - Biography 22:30 - Donations (Now out of date) Adding TPE to your Player 24:00
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    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    November 3rd Update Player Name - TPE Added Today Connor McDavid @Rocketman04 - 6 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 2 Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax - 8 Kip Baier @Kip Baier - 4 Mark Gebauer @Sova - 2 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan - 23! Apologies again for not posting up the Newsletter yet, I just really want to add the Trivia help to the end of it so you all have the best possible chance at getting TPE for it. It will DEFINITELY be up Sunday though regardless of the trivia situation.
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    If you've already answered enough questions in other press conferences to reach 2 TPE for this week, then you do not need to answer these questions (These questions here do NOT grant an additional 2 TPE on top of the 2 TPE you've already earned from asking/answering questions in other conferences). 1) I'll be doing my first Mock Draft for the Season 64 Draft this coming week. Based on the VHL season so far, which team do you think will hold the first overall pick in that draft? 2) There's been a lot of VHLM trades happening recently, are you surprised by how many trades there have been this early in the season? 3) About a third of the way through the season, who would you say has been the VHLM's MVP? 4) Which other VHLM player would you consider to be your closest rival? 5) Play the role of GM of your team, who is the one player on another VHLM franchise that you try to bring in? 6) How do you feel about your current TPE levels?
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    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Yeah it'll include all of the stuff that happens today.
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    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    November 1st Update Player Name - TPE Earned Today Finn Davison @Poptart - 22! Kyson Blake @TMI - 18 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 4 Eric Parker @Eparker24 - 16 Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 - 1 Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan - 2 Btw, anyone wondering where the next VHLM Newsletter is, I'd been waiting on this weeks Trivia to be posted so I could provide the appropriate hints for the trivia answers. The Newsletter will be posted tomorrow regardless though.
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    The "Help Jardy Buy a Laptop" Thread

    I remember seeing him as online on the discord once within the last few months, he didn't post anything on the VHL discord though.
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    S64 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    October 31st Update Anton Edvin @caltroit_red_flames - 26! Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden - 5 Connor McDavid @Rocketman04 - 2 Diljodh @DilIsPickle - 8 Divaani Sohva @Sohva - 2 Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup - 2 John Madden @Thranduil - 6 Kyson Blake @TMI - 4 Curtis Gary @CurtisG93 - 4 Dan Baillie @wcats - 8 Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax - 4 Eric Parker @Eparker24 - 6 Mark Gebauer @Sova - 23! Nathan N @NathanN - 18 Piotr Jerwa @majesiu - 12 Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby - 10 Sven Hitz @JayF - 8
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    (S64) RW - Anton Edvin, TPE: 30

    Welcome to the league @caltroit_red_flames! If you need any help getting started, you can ask any questions you have either on here or on the VHL Discord, and we also have a weekly VHLM Newsletter that covers what's going on and how you can earn TPE, best of luck!