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  1. . The draft has come and gone. If you were drafted, are you happy with the team that selected you? If you were a waiver signing, why did you choose the team you did? Yeah Im happy that Calgary drafted me 2. If you could sign with any VHLM team based purely upon their logo, where would you go? I would say The Marauders one looks alright 3. Who's winning the cup this season? Take a look at the teams here if you're unfamiliar with them. I hope that it will be Calgary that wins 4. Are there any VHL teams that look interesting to you? Where do you hope you'll be drafted? If
  2. 1) Calgary started slow this season, did it concern you? I'd say so, we had some losses I definitely wouldn't have expected 2)the rookies are making an I mediate impact, do you think that this will bring some competition inside the team? Well, they're certainly competing with me for points already at least. 3)our Goalie has been on point this last couple games, has the team ambience has anything to do with that? I think it's mainly that Lafontaine is very good at what he does. 4)what's Calgary's biggest threat now that we proved we could beat Seattle? I t
  3. Tagger


    The most uneducated rambling you'll hear about the VHL this millennium.
  4. Tagger


    If you're looking for eight minutes of well-researched material then by god is this not the place for that.
  5. 1. You lost in game 7 vs Seattle. How painful was this loss compared to others you have experienced ? Given that we've lost two finals, this isn't as rough as those. 2. The VHL finals are upon us. Who are you rooting for ? I would've been rooting for Helsinki but hey ho. 3. The S74 draft is right around the corner. Who is someone you would like Calgary to select ? I've heard good things about this Eoin Byrne chap 4. What are your plans for the off season? I'm going to rest in a vegetative state
  6. 1. How do you think your team has played throughout this series vs NY so far? I get the feeling we're going to win this one 2. A Texas Holdem cash game was played on your team's private flight to New York. Who was the big winner ? Gambling was the big winner 3. Whats your favourite tourist attraction in New York City ? The gigantic apple they have in the middle. I've heard it's huge. 4. What VHL team was your favourite city to visit this past season ? London because it's nearest to home. Oh hang on, I'm Dominican aren't I?
  7. I’d planned on using a proxy server at least until being signed so that should at least prevent any advantages from occurring
  8. That’s pretty much exactly what I planned on doing
  9. Well, when I say another one of those weeks I mean it's only the second week I've had to do this since THE Encarnacion was created (which, crazy to think, was over 10 months ago now) but I won't be hitting the 12 TPE cap this week due to lack of time and an annoying decision to post the trivia answers earlier than the official end of the week. At this point, I don’t think it really matters that much how often I’m hitting the cap given that this week will take me to 1000 TPE with still one full season to go before regression, but with how easy it is to squeeze in everything before the deadline
  10. 1. Its that time of the season again. The playoffs are around the corner. Your team has clinched a spot. Are you ready ? I've always been ready for the playoffs 2. What are your expectations for your team going into the playoffs ? I think we've got another good chance at a final appearance but it's not guaranteed by any means 3. Who do you think makes the finals out of the Euro conference ? Haven't paid too much attention to EU, maybe Riga? 4. What two teams make the NHL stanley cup finals ? The Hartford Whalers and the Boston Red