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  1. 7. Which Wranglers jersey sold the most at the pro shop last season ? It was probably mine given I was the first overall selection of the previous draft and I rewarded them with a very rough first season 8. Bana's attempts to bash Jubis in the Seattle Press Conference whenever he can. Serious question tho, how truly envious is Bana of Jubis's greatness? I don't look in other team's press conferences, so I couldn't tell you. 9. What is more full of $hit this truck or Bana? I've yet to find a way to quantify metaphorical shit to a real world metric. 10. Ok ok I'll play nice now! What are your top 3 tv shows, that you recommend binge watching ? I don't watch much TV so am not a binger, but I got through to start of Season 5 in GoT, and I've enjoyed that. 7. In s70 Calgary finished 41-24-7. Predict Calgary's record for the s71 season ? I'll go with 44-24-4 9. What part of your game will you try to improve going into next season ? I improved my experience a lot using secret aging techniques,
  2. While many had Calgary Wranglers defenseman Edwin THE Encarnacion down for a big improvement over his rookie campaign, not many will have foreseen the impact that the Dominican has had over the first ten games of the season. With 12 points to his name, THE Encarnacion currently ranks joint-4th in the VHL in points and joint-1st in points for defensemen, along with some solid defensive contributions that have helped the Wranglers into a place near the top of the standings through the early going of the season. Given that THE Encarnacion is already a mere five points off his Season 70 points tally, if he were to continue at his current rate of production then he would have to be in strong consideration for the Most Improved Award, although he’d likely face stiff contribution from one of the defensemen currently equal with him on points. Moscow Menace’s Oskar Lagesson has already beaten his Season 70 total and, like Encarnacion, is surprisingly leading his team in points.
  3. F Phil Marleau D Guillaume Fontenette @DMaximus
  4. F - Scott Greene G - Rayz Funk @DMaximus
  5. Pretty much. Not to spoil the other parts, but I don't think any of the changes made were bad and there is only one that I personally would have argued in favour of keeping as it was but can also see the argument behind the change.
  6. 1. Are you well rested for the season ? It starts in a few days !!!!! I am, I'm more than ready now for the start of a new season. 2. What is the best VHL player name you have ever seen? Most unique or favourite is ok too. I liked Francis York Morgan cause it referenced the video game Deadly Premonition and I wasn't expecting that. 3. Prediction: Which Calgary Wrangler will score the first goal of the season ? I'm going to go myself, because if I'm wrong I was just being biased, but if I'm right I bet well on the underdog 4. Prediction: Which Calgary Wrangler will drop the gloves first and record their first fight of the season ? LaFontaine, I don't think I've ever seen a goalie fight and I wanna see it. 5. Prediction: How many goals does Jacques Lafontaine allow in his first game of the season ? ( 0 to 9 ) I don't know who we're playing first, so I'll go 1. 6. With everything going on in the world, should you play in an empty arena ? Go even further, play without the players, let the wind decide who is the greater team.
  7. - For the second week in a row I've found myself somewhat scrambling to make the TPE cap, but it will be made regardless. I think largely the main reason for this is getting more familiar with my new surroundings as I've moved house recently, so I haven't really wanted to podcast during what is a less familiar drive to and from work. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can get my schedule sorted so I'm not partaking in another Sunday Night Scramble. - I've been asked questions in regards to a Job Audit regarding my time as an updater. I'll be interested to hear the outcome of it since a big reason for leaving the role was to do with the pay not lining up with the amount of work I was doing. - Portal Idea: Put a tab of player's purchased items in the Manage Player section,. Put a button next to each one that, upon being clicked, submits a claim for that item to the update queue. On the player's purchase page, add a tick box next to "Approved" labelled "Claimed" so that it is easier to track when a pruchase has/hasn't been claimed for.
  8. Removing All Star Game uncapped This is a change I can get fully behind because, quite frankly, I don’t understand how such large amounts of uncapped TPE were given for it in the first place. While the All Star game is a fun enough side thing that allows us to see the league’s best players compete in the appropriate EA NHL game, there was no good reason for players to be allowed to earn up to 5 uncapped TPE for their performances in a glorified exhibition match. This was especially true in the era where VHL GM’s were allowed to guarantee a player made the All Star game, which usually led to players who would have rightly stood no chance of participating in the game if their fate was decided by a public vote gaining access to a game that was supposed to celebrate the best of the VHL. More than happy to see these rewards dumped. Lowering Award wins from 2 TPE to 1 A change that, given the introduction of All VHL teams, I have no problem with. While I’ve mainly been against giving awards for performances in the sim, I was generally fine with awards TPE given that it was a minor reward for the best of the best and I don’t think there’s anyone in the history of the VHL who can claim that Award TPE alone made them as good as they were. Reducing it to 1 TPE won’t effect a players uncapped TPE too much, but the reasons for the change are solid. A couple of things though; first I would like to see the return of the old rule where a player could not add Award TPE to his new player earned from his old one (as once that player is gone, the purpose of rewarding TPE goes with it). Secondly, I wonder what is set to happen with the All VHL payout, specifically for the second team. It’s not really the same as a tied award, so the same TPE award given to first and second All VHL would be a little weird. Removing Trivia uncapped end of season reward It’s a shame for Trivia to lose some of it’s rewards given that it’s one of my favourite tasks to partake in (I’m probably one of three people who finds the answers for themselves), but I can also fully understand the reasoning behind the removal of the uncapped benefit. Given that a lot of people will now submit answers based on team-mates/GM’s providing them, trivia has become by far the easiest mini-PT to participate in. Therefore, rewarding a task which requires the least effort with a large amount of uncapped TPE no longer made much sense. Removing Weekly/Monthly Lottery An interesting removal given the amount of people who were behind a “Fix the lottery” movement when it was at it’s most flawed. The lottery has been around in the VHL for a long time, but in a lot of different formats. We had the old magazine lottery where members picked a unique three digit number, it’s successor which had members participate with a simple poll vote, the very controversial Quik lottery format which rewarded members with lottery entries based on posts in game threads and finally a format that awarded tickets based on capped TPE earned in the week/month. While it’s a bit odd to cite “lack of engagement of the current format” as a reason behind the change given that, for the most part, the lottery didn’t require much engagement in the first place (the lone exception being the game thread lottery, although the engagement required was actually it’s biggest flaw), I’ve never been a fan of luck-based rewarding of TPE, so it’s removal works for me.