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  1. The pairing that I was hoping we'd be similar to in production was the Wolf-Thomassen combo (since that was my peak activity era) so I'm very happy that we managed to top that together! Feels like our partnership was kinda like the Sturridge(Me)-Suarez(You) partnership for Liverpool back in the day. Both put up big numbers together but even in that period, you were still very much the better performer and you continued after leaving whereas I became injury prone/inactive and barely seen for the remainder of his career.
  2. Was thinking this the other day while recording my upcoming podcast series, I'd like to see them make a return as well for certain. Also it's pretty funny in retrospect seeing New York be the team mentioning not taking retired numbers given that I think my jersey was the third #10 retired ๐Ÿ˜‚! But it's a cool touch by Esso for sure.
  3. Only a minor thing but figured it's worth bringing up since people may get thrown off if using the page for research. On the Individual Leaders page of the portal, if you go to past seasons, it uses the position the player is currently or retired playing rather than the position he played that season. E.g. Edwin Preencarnacion is listed as leading defensemen in scoring in S65 and S66, however he didn't move to defenseman till S67.
  4. Yeah like DollarAndADream says, the 2 TPE articles go into the VHL.com Articles section of the forum (on the home page between VHL Hall of Fame and VSN). Since I've seen you've claimed this for 2 TPE, I'll move it for you accordingly, but all future 2 TPE articles should go in that section.
  5. Tagger


    I don't have a player in the league at the moment (he's coming at the deadline) but I'd be interested in the position of updater and taking up the role prior to my player's creation. When I was in charge of the LIVE Player Rankings as Recruitment Crew, I would go through the update queue prior to updating those rankings and put through everyone's update free of charge, often on a daily or every other day basis, so I have experience with the job (and actually still have the powers leftover from that period). I'm very alert to what is and isn't considered valid in terms of TPE claimed (No complaints were ever levied my way in regards to incorrect updates) and in the past have spotted errors that other updaters had not.
  6. Tagger

    League Changes

    I guess I just don't understand why it couldn't just have followed the same path as the media, which kept pretty much the same requirement but allowed you to do that much (500 words) multiplied by however many weeks you wanted to do, given that nobody has ever made a complaint about the minimum required for a podcast previously. Like I don't understand why the TPE:minutes ratio gets better value once there's three or four people given that it's much easier to do a podcast with more people as that gives you more people to bounce off of, more follow up question opportunities, etc as opposed to having to come up with all the discussion topics yourself as a sole podcaster.
  7. Tagger

    League Changes

    So for the most part, excellent changes. Even as someone who was more in favour of crossover, I can understand the limits the sim presented and I think a decent compromise has been made. HOWEVER... Im really confused by the changes made to the podcasts. As someone who puts more than enough information into their 10 minute podcasts to warrant the 6 TPE, I donโ€™t understand why the required length of a one week PT has now gone up by five minutes, especially given the more relaxed approach that has been taken to other PTs (e.g the quality required of graphics) across the league. Is there an explanation for this?
  8. Think the issue is known already but figured I'd post in here just to make sure it was brought up in the right place. Seems like players are no longer having retirement threads posted by the BOT when they manually declare retirement, most recent example was this one, who I believe retired yesterday.
  9. Good stuff, will give it a listen when it's done. If you fancy a question for it: The last time that Team Scandinavia won the World Cup was in Season 48 (10 tournaments ago), given the amounts of Scandinavian talents featured in the first round of this last draft and some top prospects for Season 69 Draft, do you think Scandinavia could break that spell sometime in the near future?
  10. Woo, I got myself even though I realised after the fact I messed up one of my answers (put that I'd been here 10+ years, but I was thinking of sim leagues in general rather than VHL ๐Ÿ˜„)
  11. The thing to bear in mind in regards to doing order of draft picks by regular season is that we operate in a league that gives an incentive for teams to grab players later on in the season through a reduced salary hit based on when they come in, therefore their regular season record isn't neccesarily a great indicator of how good the team is come the end of the season (which in turn would be closer to how they will look at the start of the following season), because some of their star players could have been playing elsewhere for 2/3 of the season. If the trade deadline had been more akin to say the NFL one (less than halfway through the season) I could see more of an argument in favour of regular season playing more of a part in the draft.
  12. Talking about Preencarnacion's retirement and the plan with the next player
  13. Nothing wrong with offering, but I'm putting all my offers through Random.org to see which teams gets me. TBH, I got the feeling pretty early on that I was more going to be a Jody 3 Moons big-stats/no-awards kind of player rather than a HOFer, which I'm still more than happy with given some people didn't have those expectations of me pre-draft.
  14. Posting up a thread because I'm not sure if something's affected the BOT but no thread was posted when I retired. Retired to save Riga from cap problems and my stats from plummeting even further. Recreating at the deadline.
  15. This is some good shit! Think the most telling thing about the struggles we had pre-Beaviss/Spade recruitment/retainment is that only 6 stuck around from 2014, given how hyped up those S40 and S41 draft classes were (in part because of their first-gens).