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  1. It's not burnout, if I had as much free time as I did when I was active, I would still be just as active as before. I do still check on the site every once in a while.
  2. Rank Change Player Name TPE Team Nat. Member 1 C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley 356 YUK USA Beaviss 2 LW - Shane Mars 323 MIN USA Spade18 3 LW - Julius Freeman 261 HFX USA rjfryman 4 RW - Mikko Aaltonen 258 LVA FIN GRZ 5 C - Jet Jaguar 256 HFX UKR gorlab 6 LW - Dimitri Volosenkov 241 HFX RUS SirRupertBarnes 7 Up 2 RW - Arnor Sigurdsson 235 YUK ISL bluesfan55 8 C - Maximilian Kirbsson 234 HOU SWE Kirby 9 Up 1 LW - Bert Meyers 231 MIN USA RunnerBert11 10 Down 4 RW - Shawnomir Jagr 230 SSK CZE TheLastOlympian07 11 D - Aron Nielsen 222 MIN FAR solas 12 Up 1 D - Jerry Garcia 210 HOU USA GustavMattias 13 Down 1 LW - Kari Jurri 209 HOU NED hockeyis66 14 Up 1 G - Owen May 206 HOU SWI FacebookFighter 15 Down 1 D - Charlie Paddywagon 204 LVA USA DMaximus 16 Down 1 LW - Kyle Sabertooth 199 LVA USA uphillmoss 16 Up 2 C - Ludvig Sederstrom 199 HOU SWE aleks 18 Down 1 LW - Chico Smeb 197 MIN SKR xDParK 19 LW - Valeri Morozov 192 YUK RUS Dangles13 20 Down 1 D - Codrick Past 188 OTT UK Kylrad 21 Up 1 LW - Hans Gruber 185 SSK GER TheFlash 22 Down 1 D - Rhye Tyr 177 HFX CAN Plate 22 Up 4 D - Apollo Hackett 177 SSK USA Renomitsu 24 Down 1 RW - Nethila Dissanayake 175 SSK SRI nethi99 25 Down 1 D - Rusty Shackleford 172 SSK USA K1NG LINUS 25 G - Clayton Park 172 YUK AUS leafssteen 27 RW - Mat Tocco 164 MIN CZE Matmenzinger 28 RW - John Frostbeard 159 YUK LAT FrostBeard 28 Up 6 RW - Aleksander Rodriguez 159 OTT USA Jtv123 30 G - Wendy Kandee Cain 158 MIN USA SlashACM 31 Down 3 LW - Jordan Joshua Tonn 157 LVA CAN MexicanCow123 32 Down 1 RW - Emil Passerelli 153 SSK USA SparrowLTD 33 D - Beau Buefordsson 152 HOU SKN Radcow 34 Down 2 LW - Edgar Tannahill 144 SSK CAN Gregreg 35 LW - Hunter Wagner 138 GER GER Inf1d3l 35 Up 1 D - Edward Vigneault 138 HFX CAN Patpou22 37 LW - John Perdue 135 SSK USA johnnyhockey42 37 Up 4 D - Andreas Sundell 135 MIN SWE VisualDarkness 39 Down 1 D - Samuel Sparrow 132 HOU USA Birdman 40 Down 1 G - Juan Jaundice 131 SSK USA Jus 40 G - Kolur Bjoernsson 131 PHI ISL jab3 42 Up 3 C - Rhys Chism 129 HOU USA Jake Levine 43 Down 2 C - Raphael Nazarians 128 SSK ARM LIL V O D AK 44 Down 1 D - Anthony Amberback 127 SSK USA Oost 45 Down 1 C - Nacho 125 HFX USA Nacci25 46 Down 1 D - Richard Hejtsel 123 YUK LAT hejta 46 Down 1 D - Cody Parkey 123 SSK PRK SaltyTalty 48 Up 1 LW - Blake Laughton 120 HOU CAN Grape 49 Down 1 G - Luke Derion 112 LVA USA Barracuda 50 LW - Cody Smith 110 HFX CAN cody73 51 D - Duncan Jeffers 94 LVA USA Tophdaddy 52 D - Titus Stone 90 YUK USA MD9 53 C - BALLS McZehrl 89 OSL GER Rent A McZ 54 D - Guillaume Fontenette 88 OTT FRA okocha5 55 D - Papa Gage 87 HFX USA PapaGage 55 G - Sunny Burst 87 LVA USA Sunburst 55 C - Pascal Batz 87 OTT SWI efiug 58 Up 2 D - Dean Clarke 86 PHI USA Kyle 58 Up 6 LW - Dylan Doyle 86 PHI USA zepheter 60 Down 2 RW - Sami Van Den Dreissche 82 YUK BEL TsarPeter 61 Down 2 LW - Devin Gabella 80 HFX USA Gabella19 62 Down 2 C - Eeli Harju 79 OTT FIN Teztify 62 Up 2 RW - AJ Axelsen 79 HFX SWE littleboi 64 Down 2 D - Dwin Championship 78 SSK SWE Award97 64 Down 2 D - Srraxxarrakex II 78 OTT JAP flan 66 Down 2 LW - Blake Gaudette 77 HFX CAN Gaudette 66 Down 2 C - Walter Clements 77 PHI SIE cpetrella 68 Up 1 D - MORPHEUS DESTRUCTIOUS 68 PHI IM Abaddon 69 Down 1 LW - David Clarkson 63 PHI CAN Jacob Kundrat 69 LW - Ben Hafkey 63 PHI USA itsmclovin 71 D - Dave John OQuinn 60 YUK CAN JohnOQuinn 72 LW - Jean ClaudePaul 55 HOU FRA Yusuf Abdul-Latif 73 D - Hiromu Takahashi 54 MIN JAP O4L 73 D - Finn Theismann 54 HOU GER StaticShocked 73 C - Charles Alderson 54 HFX USA Kithoo 76 C - Thomas Kennedy 52 OTT AUS Walter Fizz 77 D - Fabius Adomaitis 51 HFX LTU Claire 77 LW - Micheal Rasmussen 51 LVA CAN Connor mcdavid 79 LW - Joakim Sederstrom 50 HOU SWE Samee 79 C - Adama Traore 50 PHI USA Adama Traore 81 LW - Thomas Vancheck 48 LVA AUT Thomas Vancheck 82 C - Markus Lulic Descheneaux 46 LVA CAN mxld17 83 RW - Karlis Liede 43 MIN LAT DoubleCarl 84 RW - Alexis Lafreniere 42 SSK CAN Yehboi 85 D - Londortharl 41 LVA CAM MattyG 86 D - Yuri Kalerov 40 SSK SWI Camel 87 D - Jack Logan 39 YUK USA WeaponX 87 D - Quinton Collins 39 OTT CAN Jepox 89 C - Logan Swallow 38 PHI USA TriaL Exotic 90 D - Jakobe Puffalump 37 LVA CAN Puffalump 91 RW - Fudge Popsicle 36 HFX CAN LaprasRuler 92 LW - Waluigi De Rossi 34 OTT ITA Kitras 93 C - Matthew Tolsma 33 SSK CAN matthewtols 94 D - Anthony Griffis 32 USA Tygrzz 94 G - Marchello Mirabella 32 MIN ITA Wandering_Buffalo 94 LW - Tim W 32 USA Spadesy 97 C - Gervais Bulhoes 31 CAN HOCKEYBEAST9000 Ordinarily I would have used the up/downs from last week, but as I didn't have the time to do one of these last week, this is a straight Copy/Paste of the current VHL Rookie Class as it stands. For this week, I'm going to focus on Capped TPE per week that each rookie has earned. A players ability to consistently earn TPE on a weekly basis is arguably the greatest focus for any GM in the VHL, as this will likely be a strong determining factor in how quickly a player is going to progress once he finds his VHL team. Here is a graph breaking down how much capped TPE per week the Top 50 TPE players (I will likely update this tomorrow with active players below 50) have been earning. Raw Data
  3. April 17th Update Beaviss +14 TPE Spade18 +14 TPE rjfryman +12 TPE GRZ +13 TPE gorlab +14 TPE SirRupertBarnes +11 TPE bluesfan55 +11 TPE Kirby +9 TPE RunnerBert11 +11 TPE solas +12 TPE GustavMattias +4 TPE FacebookFighter +7 TPE aleks +8 TPE xDParK +1 TPE Dangles13 +8 TPE Kylrad +4 TPE TheFlash +9 TPE Renomitsu +13 TPE nethi99 +1 TPE K1NG LINUS +3 TPE leafssteen +6 TPE Matmenzinger +6 TPE FrostBeard +3 TPE Jtv123 +20 TPE SlashACM +6 TPE MexicanCow123 +1 TPE SparrowLTD +5 TPE Radcow +11 TPE Gregreg +1 TPE Patpou22 +1 TPE johnnyhockey42 +2 TPE VisualDarkness +7 TPE jab3 +1 TPE Jake Levine +6 TPE Grape +17 TPE cody73 +14 TPE Kyle +7 TPE zepheter +9 TPE littleboi +2 TPE Abaddon +6 TPE itsmclovin +1 TPE
  4. First off, sorry updates haven't been happening this week. Had longer hours at work and as a result was too knackered to keep up with this as regularly as I have been. April 13th Updates Beaviss +16 TPE Spade18 +14 TPE rjfryman +16 TPE GRZ +14 TPE gorlab +30 TPE SirRupertBarnes +19 TPE TheLastOlympian07 +25 TPE bluesfan55 +15 TPE RunnerBert11 +17 TPE solas +18 TPE GustavMattias +22 TPE DMaximus +14 TPE FacebookFighter +8 TPE uphillmoss +12 TPE xDParK +33 TPE aleks +10 TPE Dangles13 +1 TPE Kylrad +38 TPE Plate +18 TPE TheFlash +17 TPE nethi99 +8 TPE K1NG LINUS +16 TPE leafssteen +10 TPE Renomitsu +24 TPE Matmenzinger +12 TPE FrostBeard +2 TPE MexicanCow123 +18 TPE SparrowLTD +6 TPE Gregreg +20 TPE Radcow +10 TPE Jtv123 +10 TPE Inf1d3l +8 TPE Patpou22 +12 TPE johnnyhockey42 +10 TPE Birdman +10 TPE Jus +12 TPE jab3 +13 TPE VisualDarkness +6 TPE Oost +12 TPE Jake Levine +6 TPE Grape +8 TPE cody73 +6 TPE okocha5 +12 TPE Sunburst +4 TPE efiug +6 TPE Gabella19 +10 TPE Kyle +7 TPE cpetrella +8 TPE littleboi +9 TPE zepheter +17 TPE Jacob Kundrat +6 TPE itsmclovin +18 TPE Walter Fizz +8 TPE
  5. There's still plenty of time before the draft, I'm just taking a little break from these cause the Mock Draft took a lot of effort.
  6. April 7th Update GRZ +8 TPE bluesfan55 +2 TPE RunnerBert11 +6 TPE solas +12 TPE DMaximus +4 TPE uphillmoss +2 TPE GustavMattias +2 TPE Dangles13 +18 TPE nethi99 +2 TPE xDParK +16 TPE leafssteen +17 TPE K1NG LINUS +18 TPE Matmenzinger +6 TPE Renomitsu +6 TPE Radcow +14 TPE Inf1d3l +6 TPE Jtv123 +7 TPE Gregreg +2 TPE Birdman +3 TPE Oost +2 TPE Grape +8 TPE Tophdaddy +8 TPE cody73 +6 TPE Rent A McZ +10 TPE Sunburst +9 TPE efiug +6 TPE okocha5 +2 TPE Kyle +14 TPE Gabella19 +2 TPE littleboi +10 TPE Abaddon +8 TPE zepheter +10 TPE Kithoo +4 TPE Walter Fizz +6 TPE
  7. Nice listen! Gonna be a very entertaining off season for sure! Just on the part who took over from me, it was actually Devise!
  8. April 3rd Update Beaviss +28 TPE Spade18 +20 TPE rjfryman +38 TPE Kirby +10 TPE GRZ +17 TPE gorlab +22 TPE SirRupertBarnes +8 TPE bluesfan55 +26 TPE TheLastOlympian07 +21 TPE RunnerBert11 +16 TPE FacebookFighter +22 TPE DMaximus +22 TPE uphillmoss +31 TPE GustavMattias +22 TPE aleks +25 TPE solas +10 TPE nethi99 +8 TPE TheFlash +22 TPE FrostBeard +5 TPE xDParK +4 TPE Kylrad +4 TPE SparrowLTD +8 TPE Matmenzinger +16 TPE MexicanCow123 +10 TPE K1NG LINUS +4 TPE Renomitsu +21 TPE Nacci25 +10 TPE Patpou22 +16 TPE SaltyTalty +4 TPE Jtv123 +2 TPE Gregreg +30 TPE Birdman +4 TPE Jus +18 TPE Jake Levine +6 TPE Radcow +6 TPE jab3 +32 TPE Oost +18 TPE cody73 +2 TPE Sunburst +10 TPE okocha5 +12 TPE Gabella19 +8 TPE Jacob Kundrat +6 TPE Yusuf Abdul-Latif +6 TPE zepheter +6 TPE itsmclovin +8 TPE TriaL Exotic +2 TPE 46 players updated these last three days!
  9. Like has been mentioned above, the cutoff was towards the end of the week (would have been unfair to add any of the TPE from this week into consideration given people will potentially opt to do the same tasks later in the week), so only a small portion of that would have been included and prolly wouldn't have influenced the order of the Mock Draft. There'll likely be another one in two weeks which, if you continue that form, could see you rise up the draft board though!
  10. So I thought we'd agreed on that as well, but I noticed the last post in the BOG mentioned that Moscow would need to be in it (although in hindsight, it looked more like they were talking about if we were adding more than one team) and since I didn't see any specific mention in the announcement to say they weren't going to lose a player (something I figured would have been added when explaining the expansion rules), I figured I'd best add them in.
  11. Rank Change Player Name TPE Team Nat. Member 1 C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley 298 YUK USA Beaviss 2 LW - Shane Mars 275 MIN USA Spade18 3 Up 1 C - Maximilian Kirbsson 215 HOU SWE Kirby 4 Down 1 LW - Kari Jurri 209 HOU NED hockeyis66 5 Up 1 RW - Mikko Aaltonen 206 LVA FIN GRZ 6 Down 1 LW - Dimitri Volosenkov 203 HFX RUS SirRupertBarnes 7 LW - Julius Freeman 195 HFX USA rjfryman 8 C - Jet Jaguar 190 HFX UKR gorlab 9 RW - Shawnomir Jagr 184 SSK CZE TheLastOlympian07 10 Down 1 RW - Arnor Sigurdsson 181 YUK ISL bluesfan55 10 Up 1 LW - Bert Meyers 181 MIN USA RunnerBert11 12 Up 1 D - Aron Nielsen 170 MIN FAR solas 13 Up 1 G - Owen May 169 HOU SWI FacebookFighter 14 Up 3 LW - Valeri Morozov 165 YUK RUS Dangles13 15 D - Charlie Paddywagon 164 LVA USA DMaximus 16 D - Jerry Garcia 160 HOU USA GustavMattias 17 Down 5 D - Rhye Tyr 159 HFX CAN Plate 18 Down 2 RW - Nethila Dissanayake 156 SSK SRI nethi99 18 Up 4 C - Ludvig Sederstrom 156 HOU SWE aleks 20 Down 2 LW - Kyle Sabertooth 154 LVA USA uphillmoss 21 Down 1 G - Wendy Kandee Cain 152 MIN USA SlashACM 22 Down 1 RW - John Frostbeard 149 YUK LAT FrostBeard 23 Up 1 LW - Chico Smeb 143 MIN SKR xDParK 24 Down 1 D - Codrick Past 142 OTT UK Kylrad 25 Up 1 G - Clayton Park 139 YUK AUS leafssteen 26 Up 1 C - Hans Gruber 137 SSK GER TheFlash 27 RW - Emil Passerelli 134 SSK USA SparrowLTD 28 Up 3 D - Rusty Shackleford 131 SSK USA K1NG LINUS 29 Down 5 C - Raphael Nazarians 128 SSK ARM LIL V O D AK 29 Up 3 C - Jordan Joshua Tonn 128 LVA CAN MexicanCow123 31 Up 2 LW - Hunter Wagner 124 GER GER Inf1d3l 31 Up 6 RW - Mat Tocco 124 MIN CZE Matmenzinger 33 Down 4 D - Richard Hejtsel 123 YUK LAT hejta 33 Down 3 LW - John Perdue 123 SSK USA johnnyhockey42 35 D - Andreas Sundell 122 MIN SWE VisualDarkness 36 Up 1 RW - Aleksander Rodriguez 120 OTT USA Jtv123 37 Up 2 D - Cody Parkey 119 SSK PRK SaltyTalty 38 Down 4 C - Nacho 115 HFX USA Nacci25 38 Up 4 D - Samuel Sparrow 115 HOU USA Birdman 40 Up 22 D - Apollo Hackett 113 SSK USA Renomitsu 41 Down 5 G - Luke Derion 112 LVA USA Barracuda 42 Down 1 C - Rhys Chism 111 HOU USA Jake Levine 42 Up 2 D - Beau Buefordsson 111 HOU SKN Radcow 44 Down 5 D - Edward Vigneault 109 HFX CAN Patpou22 45 Down 1 G - Juan Jaundice 101 SSK USA Jus 46 Up 3 D - Anthony Amberback 95 SSK USA Oost 47 Up 2 LW - Edgar Tannahill 91 SSK CAN Gregreg 48 Down 5 D - Titus Stone 90 YUK USA MD9 49 Down 3 D - Papa Gage 87 HFX USA PapaGage 49 Up 5 LW - Blake Laughton 87 HOU CAN Grape 51 Down 3 D - Duncan Jeffers 86 LVA USA Tophdaddy 52 Up 4 G - Kolur Bjoernsson 85 PHI ISL jab3 53 Down 6 RW - Sami Van Den Dreissche 82 YUK BEL TsarPeter 53 Up 7 LW - Cody Smith 82 HFX CAN cody73 55 Down 6 C - Eeli Harju 79 OTT FIN Teztify 55 Up 2 C - BALLS McZehrl 79 OSL GER Rent A McZ 57 Down 5 D - Dwin Championship 78 SSK SWE Award97 57 Down 5 D - Srraxxarrakex II 78 OTT JAP flan 59 Down 5 LW - Blake Gaudette 77 HFX CAN Gaudette 60 Down 1 C - Pascal Batz 75 OTT SWI efiug 61 Down 3 C - Walter Clements 69 PHI SIE cpetrella 62 Down 1 G - Sunny Burst 64 LVA USA Sunburst 63 Up 6 D - Guillaume Fontenette 62 OTT FRA okocha5 64 Down 1 D - Dave John OQuinn 60 YUK CAN JohnOQuinn 64 NEW LW - Devin Gabella 60 HFX USA Gabella19 66 Down 2 D - Dean Clarke 58 PHI USA Kyle 66 Up 17 RW - AJ Axelsen 58 HFX SWE littleboi 68 Down 3 D - Hiromu Takahashi 54 MIN JAP O4L 68 Down 2 D - Finn Theismann 54 HOU GER StaticShocked 68 Up 5 D - MORPHEUS DESTRUCTIOUS 54 PHI IM Abaddon 71 Down 4 D - Fabius Adomaitis 51 HFX LTU Claire 71 Down 4 LW - Micheal Rasmussen 51 LVA CAN Connor mcdavid 71 Up 5 LW - David Clarkson 51 PHI CAN Jacob Kundrat 74 Down 5 LW - Joakim Sederstrom 50 HOU SWE Samee 74 Down 5 C - Adama Traore 50 PHI USA Adama Traore 74 Up 11 C - Charles Alderson 50 HFX USA Kithoo 77 Down 5 LW - Jean ClaudePaul 49 HOU FRA Yusuf Abdul-Latif 78 Down 5 LW - Thomas Vancheck 48 LVA AUT Thomas Vancheck 79 Down 4 C - Markus Lulic Descheneaux 46 LVA CAN mxld17 80 NEW LW - Dylan Doyle 44 USA zepheter 81 Down 4 RW - Karlis Liede 43 MIN LAT DoubleCarl 82 Down 4 RW - Alexis Lafreniere 42 SSK CAN Yehboi 83 Down 4 D - Londortharl 41 LVA CAM MattyG 84 Down 4 D - Yuri Kalerov 40 SSK SWI Camel 85 Down 4 D - Jack Logan 39 YUK USA WeaponX 85 Down 4 D - Quinton Collins 39 OTT CAN Jepox 87 NEW C - Thomas Kennedy 38 OTT AUS Walter Fizz 88 Down 5 D - Jakobe Puffalump 37 LVA CAN Puffalump 89 Down 4 RW - Fudge Popsicle 36 HFX CAN LaprasRuler 89 NEW LW - Ben Hafkey 36 USA itsmclovin 89 NEW C - Logan Swallow 36 PHI USA TriaL Exotic 92 Down 5 LW - Waluigi De Rossi 34 OTT ITA Kitras 93 Down 5 C - Matthew Tolsma 33 SSK CAN matthewtols 94 Down 5 D - Anthony Griffis 32 USA Tygrzz 94 Down 5 G - Marchello Mirabella 32 MIN ITA Wandering_Buffalo 94 Down 5 LW - Tim W 32 USA Spadesy 97 Down 5 C - Gervais Bulhoes 31 CAN HOCKEYBEAST9000 As with all weekly updates, Up/Downs relate to progress from last week. These TPE rankings were correct as of Sunday 3PM EST and were the rankings primarily used for this Mock Draft. First off, for those who haven't seen the status updates, sorry that this is later than originally announced. I thought I would be able to submit a mock with an unnamed expansion team since it seemed pretty inevitable across the board that we were expanding, but was asked to hold off till the announcement of expansion was made. When the announcement was made though, I then had a run of birthday's and Mother's Day that meant my free time wasn't as much as usual. Hopefully I should have next week's rankings up at a swifter time next time around. One thing to note for the Mock Draft is that I have not added anyone who hasn't added TPE to their player in a fortnight. This does not mean that they cannot re-earn their way back onto later Mock Drafts by adding TPE to their player, but given that prospects are generally going to be ranked on their earning rate, a player that hasn't earned TPE in two weeks does not offer anything a prospective team would be looking for. The following Mock Draft has been done based on the VHL Standings as of yesterday (Monday) morning and with the expansion team Malmo Nighthawks picking sixth overall. First off though, to get a gauge on what they need, here's the mock expansion draft. Expansion Draft Selections for Malmo: From Moscow: Lew Bronstein Moscow have seven active players currently on their roster, so they’ve got an interesting decision on their hands; protect all them and lose an inactive + a 3rd in likely this season’s draft or free up an active. So Moscow offer up Lew Bronstein (their oldest active) for selection, ADV considers trying to get Von Moltke back active from EFL, but does wind up going with Bronstein. From Calgary: Callum MacElroy Calgary have seven actives on their pro roster at the minute and elect to protect all of them, leaving a pick between Brian Strong and Callum MacElroy, a pick decided by MacElroy having a chance at earning TPE through the recruitment of Ludvig Sederstrom and Finn Theismann From Vancouver: Jorgon Weyed Another interesting scenario, I can actually see Vancouver leaving starting goalie Tristan Iseult being left unprotected here but I don’t think Malmo will have much use for a goalie with only two seasons remaining, so they go with Jorgon Weyed. From Davos: Jack Lynch I originally had Malmo picking Cayden Saint here, but since Malmo don’t want to completely overload on defensemen in this draft, they take Jack Lynch, who has shown solid bursts of activity and could be a very good winger in the future. From New York: Paolo Nano/Vaydar Odinsson I couldn’t tell from Boom’s topic if he intended to leave the league after this season or later on than that, but I think either way, he’s unlikely to be protected. If he doesn’t retire, I could see ADV taking a punt on him for certain, but if he is retiring, it will likely be Paolo Nano who, for the second consecutive expansion draft, finds a new team. From Helsinki: Dan Montgomery Vesto Slipher’s retirement has at least provided the Titans with an extra protection for this expansion draft, that I think they will intend to use on Orion Slade. This leaves Helsinki a choice between Dan Montgomery or the younger David Harrison, but I think he’ll go Montgomery. From Toronto: Chace Trepanier Toronto would have the option of either Trepanier or Lespineau-Lebrunette, but I don’t foresee Malmo having much need for a defenseman entering his final season in the league, so they take Trepanier who regularly submits for welfare. From Riga: Anthony Matthews I think this will be between Matthews and Basaraba Moore, two players who I think Riga would rather keep, but will likely have to expose to keep up their championship aspirations. I’ll say that, while Moore has displayed better TPE earning than Matthews as of late, Malmo takes Matthews mainly because they could use a center. From Seattle: Gucci Garrop I think Seattle will be picking here between Sergei Kovalev and Gucci Garrop for their seventh protection. While Kovalev is considerably older than Garrop and not that far ahead in TPE, the GM Blake Campbell --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST ROUND 1st Overall Moscow Menace select Center Hunter Hearst Helmsley Victor may have announced that his GM player for the Moscow Menace is going to be a centre, but should they win the lottery, I would highly doubt they would be looking at anyone else with their first overall pick. Helmsley gets a guaranteed 12 TPE per week through his recruitment work that winds up also receiving the benefits of TPE-events automatically, so there's very little chance that anyone is going to catch Helmsley in terms of TPE. Don't be surprised to see Victor hold off of adding faceoff points to his GM player until after the lottery is decided. 2nd Overall Calgary Wranglers select Left Winger Shane Mars Calgary already have a couple of very promising wingers in Brady Stropko Jr and Diljodh Starload, but with players like Aksel McKnight and Bryce Zhields either retiring or purely filling in as depth on the second line, they will definitely have a place for Shane Mars in that offense. Like Helmsley, Mars benefits from earning a capped 12 TPE per week from his recruitment job, so unless he leaves abruptly, the pieces are in place for him to become one of the best players in the VHL once he enters his prime. 3rd Overall Vancouver Wolves select Left Winger Julius Freeman One of the bigger reasons for not just reposting the Mock Draft I made a week ago is the dramatic change in the VHL standings. In my previous mock draft, Vancouver were picking seventh overall but after losing eight of their last ten games, they find themselves picking with one of the first three picks. Vancouver will already have two full lines of offense before this pick (even with losing Weyed to expansion, they’ll still have Matthew Kai promoted to the pros), Freeman offers them a second winger other than Beau Louth who regularly hits the 12 TPE cap. Not only that, Freeman has earned an absurd amount of uncapped TPE through the lottery, which has helped catapult him to seventh in TPE despite joining late on in the process. 4th Overall HC Davos Dynamo select Center Jet Jaguar I remember back in Season 49 that Gorlab’s last player Bobby Digital was selected by the Dynamo and he demanded a trade because he didn’t want to play for them (In fact it was myself who wound up trading for him), but history shouldn’t repeat itself here as he’s talked on the discord about how that wouldn’t be the case this time. Depth at center is probably the main weakness for Davos as Connor McDavid (their current second line center) only earns a max of 6 capped TPE per week while every other forward on the top two lines regularly hit the max 12 capped TPE per week. Adding Jaguar to that and Davos have an incredibly dangerous forward line to keep an eye on. 5th Overall Riga Reign select Right Winger Mikko Aaltonen Reign were likely expecting a top four pick when they traded Leph Twinger for this selection, but with the Wolves falling down the table, the Americans currently find themselves in the wildcard slot. They still get one of their primary targets though in Mikko Aaltonen who, like General Manager Benjamin Zeptenbergs, is Latvian (or at least GRZ is) and will both now represent a Latvian team. Aaltonen has been max capping very consistently and will be a very good winger for the future, likely replacing the now inactive Kisshan Shan down the line. 6th Overall Malmo Nighthawks select Goalie Owen May I had to think about this for a bit because there’s a lot of very good skaters still available here and there are some good goalie prospects outside of Owen May, however May is the only one who is consistently capping out at 12 TPE per week and if you were to let him fall to Moscow at 11th, it could wind up becoming a decision you regret in the future. Norris Stopko’s playoffs just last season showed just how important getting the very best goalies can be and, if he continues on his current pace, May can certainly get up there. 7th Overall HC Davos Dynamo select Defenseman Jerry Garcia Davos will be waiting till the fourth after this round is over till their next picks and, with only three defensemen on the roster currently, they’ll probably want to make sure that they can get the best available defenseman in case Riga decide to snap him up with their two consecutive picks. While it’s extremely close between Garcia and Charlie Paddywagon, I’m giving the edge to Garcia here as he’s got the more VHL ready build of the two (which will be ideal for a Davos team that should be looking to compete in Season 66), but both are consistent 12 capped TPE per week earners and this is definitely the closest race for best player at their position. 8th Overall Riga Reign select Defenseman Charlie Paddywagon While Riga don’t necessarily need a defenseman right away, they will likely want to snap up one for the future as, while they do have very active defenseman like Ryan Kastelic, Shawn Glade and Basaraba Moore, they’re currently getting inconsistent activity out of Dylan Nguyen and Bolt Vanderhuge is purely a welfare player. Paddywagon can therefore potentially be the fourth super active defenseman for the team and will rise to prominence once the likes of Glade and Nguyen start to regress after Season 66. 9th Overall Riga Reign select Center Bert Meyers With Matthews gone in the expansion draft, Riga don’t currently have a young center prospect in their system and, with Podrick Cast and Mikka Pajari both hitting regression prior to the start of Season 66, plans need to start being made for their replacement. Meyers, like Freeman, has had an exceptional start to the league and could very well go quite a bit higher than this depending on GM member preference. He may not get many minutes out of the gate, but Meyers will go on to be a key player for this Reign team in the future. 10th Overall HC Davos Dynamo select Right Winger Arnor Sigursson Davos think about snagging another defenseman before they go silent for the next three rounds, but wind up going with the best player available. That would be either Shawomir Jagr or Arnor Sigursson, who are both very similar right now, but they wind up going with Sigursson. While I think Jagr may be the better prospect, it seemed from his media article that Jagr really wanted to go to Moscow, so I think the fact he’s very likely to go there with the next pick would make him extra disappointed if he goes here. Sigursson is still a very good player though, capping at 12 TPE the last few weeks and gives a more physical edge to the Davos forward line. SECOND ROUND 11th Overall Moscow Menace select Right Winger Shawnomir Jagr As mentioned above, Jagr mentioned that this would be his favourite team to be picked by in the draft and this will fill a need for the Menace as they have just two active wingers right now in Matteo and Dan Bailie. I think they would also consider defenseman as well as, after losing Bronstein in the expansion draft, they’d only have Evgeni Komarov and Mitch Matthews who are active, but I think there’s a player he can potentially snap up in the third that fits what he’s looking for at that position. 12th Overall Calgary Wranglers select Defenseman Aron Nielsen Calgary could still use another active forward to add to their roster even after the addition of Mars, but I think they’ll make sure to fill up their second line of defense with this pick. After having his last five players in the VHL being taken no later than second overall, Solas re-enters second round territory for the first time since Season 27. Out of all of the top three defensemen I've had selected this draft, I'd say Nielsen is likely the most VHL-ready player and, while it has been a while since he's made a defenseman, his general understanding of the sim will likely see him distribute TPE a little better in the early goings. He is progressing at a solid rate TPE wise, currently flipping between 8-10 TPE per week, which is good, but not quite the rate of the other defenseman ahead of him. Hopefully this is a return to form for a very good member who has made the Hall of Fame once before with the powerful two-way forward Theo Axelsson. 13th Overall Riga Reign select Center Maximillian Kirbsson It might be surprising to see a player who is currently third in the rankings occupy this space in the draft, but ultimately this was triggered by the fact that I feel like his recent TPE earnings have been off the pace in comparison to the remainder of his forward competition, only earning six capped TPE this week. If he were to return to the form that got him this high up in the rankings though, then Riga have an absolute steal here and, like Meyers, an eventual replacement to the aging pair of Cast and Pajari. 14th Overall Vancouver Wolves select Left Winger Dimitri Volosenkov Another player who is ranked very high but is picked later than maybe anticipated due to recent TPE earning, Volosenkov has already demonstrated he can earn TPE as he’s already set to enter the VHL next season. However, he’s not quite at the same TPE earning pace of the other players taken ahead of him here. I mentioned it in another article I believe, but he really is just 150 words away from capping each week (VHL.com articles), and given that he’s done media articles before, he’s got that capability in him, he just needs to do it to prove he belongs with those taken ahead of him. 15th Overall Helsinki Titans select Left Winger Kyle Sabertooth With losing Dan Montgomery in the Expansion Draft and Bald Guy not having done much to improve his player as of late, Helsinki are desperate for defenseman help, but there’s a lot of depth at this position set for the third round, so they’ll hold off till then. In the meanwhile, they’ll pick the most talented offensive player available in Kyle Sabertooth, a podcaster for the VSN who is more than capable of hitting the 12 TPE cap pretty comfortably with his current radio job. This gives the Titans a player to potentially fill the hole that the retirement of Vesto Slipher creates. 16th Overall Malmo Nighthawks select Right Winger Mat Tocco This may seem like a very early selection for the Nighthawks based off of the rankings, but for an expansion team such as Malmo, this makes a lot of sense. In reality, the Nighthawks are unlikely to be competing for the next couple of seasons, so their prerogative should be less focused on “who is going to help us most in our first few seasons?” and more focused on “who is going to help us most in our third season onward?”. That’s where a player like Mat Tocco comes in, someone who is reaching the TPE cap super consistently (moreso than the players still left to be picked ahead of him in the rankings) and provides a great future offensive threat for the Nighthawks. 17th Overall Vancouver Wolves select Defenseman Rusty Shackleford Vancouver do already have four defensemen on their roster, but I believe they’ll want to have more future talents in mind for the position given that Samuel Gate has long been inactive and both he and Marvin Harding are entering regression after this season. Rusty Shackleford has been either capping at 12 TPE or getting very close to doing so since creation and should he keep that form up, he would likely continue on to be a better player than Gate was, even though the fifth year defenseman was taken second overall. 18th Overall Vancouver Wolves select Right Winger Nethila Dissanayake Aiming to be to hockey what Murali Murilitharan was for cricket, the Sri Lankan Dissanayake had a bit of an off week last week, only earning 6 TPE, but he’s been an active contributor in discussions and has shown max TPE potential in the past. 19th Overall Riga Reign select Right Winger John Frostbeard Like GRZ taken previously, John Frostbeard is another Latvian member who I’m sure Hedgehog will have an interest in. Frostbeard hasn’t been hitting the cap lately, hitting 7 TPE the last couple of weeks, but he’s certainly shown the potential to be earning much more than that. He’ll still be a very solid player even if he maintains the earning of the last two weeks, but returning to his previous form will be the factor that can turn him into a star. 20th Overall Vancouver Wolves select Left Winger Chico Smeb A member who has made several solid players in the past, Smeb will hope to improve upon those players performances with Chico Smeb. So far he’s on the right track, hitting the pension cap on quite a few occasions. Won’t likely feature on the top lines out of the gate, but will be competing with Volosenkov and Dissanayake for second line minutes down the line. THIRD ROUND 21st Overall Moscow Menace select Defenseman Codrick Past Does Victor take the player who is named after one of his current players? Yes he does. Past has been pretty good at hitting 11 TPE per week with his player and it fills a need for Moscow who, like stated above, only have two active defenseman on the roster. 22nd Overall Helsinki Titans select Left Winger Valeri Morosov Morosov is an interesting case as his TPE per week has varied drastically week-on-week (been anywhere between 4 and 9 capped TPE per week). He’s proved with Otto Axelsson that he can make a solid player, let’s see if he can do the same with Morosov. 23rd Overall New York Americans select Center Hans Gruber Gruber is a player who I think could climb in later Mock Drafts as he’s very regularly hitting his welfare cap of 10 TPE. Gruber will provide a good backup solution for Odinsson down the line should the winger decide to leave New York this off-season. Edit: Noticed after writing that Gruber changed to Center, but he can still cover for Odinsson for the time being. 24th Overall Riga Reign select Center Ludvig Sederstrom A player who has been earning solid amounts of TPE since joining the league, Sederstrom really only falls here because after the first few centers are taken, their isn’t that much clamour for a center. Riga have already drafted two, but they will play one/two of those on the wings until the retirements/transactions that end Pajari/Cast’s stay with the team. 25th Overall Moscow Menace select Goalie Clayton Park Moscow need a backup plan at goalie to challenge Chase for the number one spot in case he goes missing for a period like he did earlier this season. Park has less TPE than other alternative Wendy Kandee Cain, but has displayed greater potential in earning TPE, so I think he’s more likely to take this spot. 26th Overall Malmo Nighthawks select Defenseman Apollo Hackett Very much like the Tocco pick, this is quite a bit higher than Hackett sits in the rankings, but he’s earning max TPE per week, something that Advantage is going to want out of his star defenseman. Hackett looks set to rise in future Mock Drafts with continued activity as well. 27th Overall Helsinki Titans select Defenseman Cody Parkey The first defenseman Helsinki take to address their need at the position, Parkey has shown capabilities of hitting the 12 TPE cap and has a couple of recruits (Dwin Championship and Duncan Jeffers) that he will gain lots of recruitment TPE from should he reach the required milestones. 28th Overall Helsinki Titans select Defenseman Beau Buefordsson Buefordsson had an off-week that saw him only claim two capped TPE, but bounced straight back with one that earned him 12 capped TPE, demonstrating his capabilities to earn TPE. Another defenseman, Buefordsson and Parkey could be a very good combination down the line should they hit their potential earnings more regularly. 29th Overall Riga Reign select Left Winger Emil Passerelli Riga pick up a solid winger to finish off the third in Emil Passerelli. While he’s occasionally hit the welfare cap of 10 TPE, one thing he’s had that worked in his favour was the recruit of Juan Jaundice, netting him some extra recruitment TPE. 30th Overall Vancouver Wolves select Center Jordan Joshua Tonn Vancouver have Beau Louth entering regression, so can start to plan for the future depth of the position with Tonn. Tonn has yet to hit the TPE cap since joining, but is a solid earner nonetheless. 3554 Words.
  12. 4. Riga Reign , Edwin Preencarnacion 36 (Ryan Kastelic 53, Podrick Cast 46) at 15:405. Helsinki Titans , Vesto Slipher 20 (Jasper Canmore 38) at 15:446. Riga Reign , Edwin Preencarnacion 37 (Ryan Kastelic 54, Podrick Cast 47) at 15:50 That was quite the ten seconds!
  13. It's probably something that I can pretty easily implement into my weekly rankings, I'll see if I can add it in for next week's.