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  1. Tagger

    Pod Cast Press Conference (PCPC)

    1. You made a comment on the site (can't remember where) where you said you'd have to kill me to overtake me, but you're now six points ahead. Is this some kind of Black Mirror shit where I'm actually dead but I don't know it? 2. Given that Aamo and Stromberg haven't been on in two-three weeks now, do you think Riga now has to make sure they address defenseman and goalie in the draft, or do you think you just go best player available? 3. Thoughts on how the Word Cup Final went?
  2. Tagger

    Mats Johnsson Press Conference

    If you need any questions at any point since you asked me some: 1) With Ay Ay Ron set to be subjected to some sizeable regression next season, do you believe that makes you the front-runner for the top defenseman award in Season 62? 2) It's been a weird year for defenseman with Casey Jones and Colton Rayne falling short of expectations and third and fourth place in defenseman scoring held by an inactive Jake Scheel and Pablo who missed a chunk of the season, as a defenseman yourself anything you think this can be attributed to? 3) You mentioned about Seattle playing their backup goalie against Helsinki, a move that could potentially hurt Keaton Louth's award chances. Do you think he'd have a right to be aggrieved if for example he were to miss out on the Brooks/Szatkowski award by one?
  3. Tagger

    Edwin Preencarnacion Press Conference

    1. I've been fading as of late but yes I was definitely surprised with my form given that my expectations/hopes was for a point per game season and I was sitting quite comfortably over that. I'm aiming for an 80 point season now, hopefully I can hit that mark. 2. Chicken and Sweetcorn, Ham and Pineapple (I think that makes me a monster), Pepperoni 3. Depends, if we're heading to the same place, then I'll stick with the driver but if I'm just getting a lift from them then yes I'd probably jump out. 4. Yeah I think it's a problem you're going to find with any point task of this format that depends on users submitting stuff for other users. I feel like more GM's should be asking questions in their team sections to make sure that no-one is without or left begging for questions. Questions Asked: Pod Cast Mats Johnsson
  4. Tagger

    Preencarnacion Fading

    Preencarnacion is fading pretty heavily as of late, at one point he was tied in third for points and second in goals, but now he's not even in the top 10 in points and has fallen to tied-fifth in goals, and has gone from leading his team in points to being six behind Cast. I have a few theories as to why this has happened, but I feel like the main one that's hurt Preencarnacion is the last updates that were processed in the sim saw Cast lean more towards shooting whereas Preencarnacion led more towards skating. Since the timing of those updates seemed to have coincided with Preencarnacion's downswing and there haven't been any line changes to my knowledge, I have to imagine that's a big reason for it. It's not something that I'm disappointed by; at the end of the day my TPA levels show that my mid-season burst was more of an over-achievement than my current form being an under-achievement and ultimately Cast has more TPA and so deserves to have more points. Additionally, my aim heading into this season given the poor performances of rookies over the last three seasons was a point per game season and, barring a dramatic downturn, Preencarnacion should comfortably meet that target.
  5. Tagger


    If we want to talk injustices involving backups though, we need to talk about how DAV G has MORE TPA than any of the leagues other backups! CRIME!
  6. Tagger


    I would say Reign will counter this with us playing our backup against Calgary so @Beaviss has just as fair a shot at the awards, but then I remembered Aamo has less TPA anyway 😂
  7. Tagger

    VHL Lottery Week 2 July

    I did yeah
  8. Tagger

    VHL Monthly Lottery; May Draw - WINNERS HERE

    Although I guess in your instance I'd need to know which player it's for?
  9. Tagger

    VHL Monthly Lottery; May Draw - WINNERS HERE

    I add it in automatically
  10. Tagger

    World Cup Bracket: The Finals

    Username: Tagger Final ranking of the last 4 teams: (France, Belgium, Croatia, England) 1. England 2. France 3. Belgium 4. Croatia
  11. Tagger

    GM 148: Reign vs. HC Dynamo

    Noo, my 24 game point streak is over
  12. Tagger

    VHL Predict the score (S61W4)

    2-1 Wranglers
  13. Tagger

    VHL Pickem (S61W4)

    Meute Reign Wranglers Dynamo
  14. Tagger

    VHL Predict the score (S61W3)

    3-1 Reign