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Claimed:Oslo Storm Say Their Final Goodbye's


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With the start of the VHLM playoffs approaching shortly, numerous teams who have been eliminated from playoff contention, have begun emptying their locker rooms. The Oslo Storm, who had astronomically high expectations for this season, are one of these select teams. Storm general manager Thomas Landry built an impeccable team, but the talents of other teams in the heavily contested European Conference, was simply too great to overcome. He maintained a positive, and entertaining environment for the entire season, which greatly aided the skills for the young men on his squad. Players such as Kimmo Salo, Luke Riggs, Sami Kravinen, and Ashton Galbraith quietly packed their equipment, and offered each other a sincere goodbye.


It’s unfortunate for the forenamed players to conclude their VHLM journey together rather swiftly, considering they were improving dramatically after every game. The amount of effort, and dedication this team displayed cannot be possibly described with words. However, even the VHLM teams that win the Founder's Cup have to eventually separate, it’s the inevitable truth of the VHLM in general. With that being asserted, sometimes the most dedicated, and hardworking teams don’t find relative success for their respective season. Before leaving the Oslo Storm locker room for the final time, we caught up with goaltender Kimmo Salo who stated:


‘’Words cannot possibly attest my disappointment, and sadness for the outcome of this season. My teammates and I couldn’t possibly have placed more efforts into this VHLM season. Unfortunately, this is simply the nature of the business, and more time than not, you fall short of your expectations. I have little doubt that my teammates will find great success in their futures, and I look forward to hopefully stopping their shots at the VHL level.’’



Some of the bags the Oslo Storm players have packed.


Salo’s words couldn't possibly be truer, and he must say goodbye to his teammates, because he was a waiver claim this season. He will be entered into both the VHL, and VHLM Drafts. Before leaving the Oslo Storm practice facility, we were able to encounter the general manger Thomas Landry for his final statements on the season. When asked to comment on the season, he proclaimed:


‘’I’d be a liar if I didn't state that I am disappointed with the outcome, but that’s not the important factor here. I was able to manage, and direct the careers of numerous talented young hockey players, and for me, that is the ultimate success I could possibly achieve. It’s a shame to lose some great members of this team, but I will do everything in my power to find more great players to fill this squad. Hopefully next season I can both direct more great young careers, and win a Founder’s Cup.’’


Only time can now determine if Landry’s words will come to fruition, but the Storm’s season has ended, and so has a journey for an impeccable group of young hockey players. 

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Content: 3/3 - It's a shame Oslo was in the European Conference as they would have made the playoffs in the North American Conferece. You guys did have a pretty good team going, it helps when you sign a beast goalie on waivers.


Grammar: 2/2 - Giroux>Tavares


He maintained a positive, and entertaining environment for the entire season, = He maintained a positive and entertaining environment for the entire season,


Appearance: 1/1 - I felt like you could have done a bit more, but it aight.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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