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John Madden Chosen to Represent Team World


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It was announced on Monday that John Madden of the VHLM's Halifax 21st would be representing Team World at this year's World Junior Championship. Madden, left winger for the 21st, was passed over in the S63 VHLM draft and he found himself in free agency where he signed with Halifax. A big part of his decision was the support coming from 21st General Manager Shawn Glade, who will be representing Team USA as one of the top players in the tournament this year. Madden is nonetheless excited to face-off against one of his biggest role models. He showed immense pride in being chosen for Team World, having only played 32 VHLM games in his entire career.

"I'm honored and frankly a little surprised that they entrusted me with this responsibility after seeing so little of me this season," says Madden, "They have faith in me and so I shall put my best foot forward in this year's WJC."

Though he's a very reserved person, especially when talking about positive aspects his game, Madden broke his usual modesty by saying he has quiet confidence in his skill set and believes he has the ability to make an immediate and lasting impact on the team this year. He will be sharing ice-time with some very talanted players, Gucci Garrop, Mark Gebauer, Shawn Mendes, Piotr Jerwa and Mountain Thunderfist to name a few, as well as Team Captain Jordan Weyed, and teammates Tyler Smith and Nathan MacKinnon (Whom with he shares a line in Halifax).

It will be interesting to see what Madden can do come tournament time. Is he all talk, or does he really have what it takes to keep up with some of the world's biggest stars?

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