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S27 VHL Entry Draft


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Season 27 VHL Entry Draft Board
Season 27 Draft Discussion

Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S27, S28 = S27, S28 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Satan S31
2. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Alexander Chershenko S30, S32
3. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION: Nic Riopel S29, S34
4. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Riga): Elijah Incognito S28, S29, S33
5. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Helsinki): David Smalling S31
6. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Seattle via Calgary): Phil Rafter S31
7. :s24nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Emerson Byer S31
8. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Vasteras): Ying Qin S31

Round Two
9. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (via Riga): Shane Lynch
10. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Klaus Muller S30
11. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (via Helsinki): Damon Wolfe
12. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Riga): Kraphf Dringus S31
13. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Helsinki via Riga): Roger Fenzing
14. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Seattle): Xavier Joyal
15. :s24nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Rick Metcalf
16. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Vasteras via Seattle): Jesper Jakobsen

Round Three
17. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: James Hall
18. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Luukas Laaksonen
19. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION: Lennart Hartikainen
20. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Riga): Darkwing Duck
21. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Helsinki): Dean Colt
22. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS (from Seattle): Reggie Maxwell
23. :s24nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Marcus Hall
24. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Vasteras): Filip Frk

Round Four
25. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Sanka Coffie Jr.
26. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Leroy Jenkings
27. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION: Jonathan Floyd
28. :rig: RIGA REIGN: PASS
30. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: Rick Ross
31. :s24nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Alexander Kovalchuk
32. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES: Alexander James Murphy

Centers (8)
Alexander Chershenko, 248 TPE
Aubrey Graham, 0 TPE
John Ramsay, 0 TPE
Jonathan Floyd, 26 TPE
Lennart Hartikainen, 29 TPE

Leroy Jenkings, 13 TPE
Phil Rafter, 159 TPE
Rick Ross, 0 TPE

Left Wings (10)
Alexander Kovalchuk, 0 TPE
David Smalling, 166 TPE

Dean Colt, 26 TPE
James Hall, 15 TPE
Jesper Jakobsen, 49 TPE

Lucas Batt, 0 TPE
Luukas Laaksonen, 13 TPE
Mathias Carlson, 0 TPE
Rick Metcalf, 27 TPE
Ying Qin, 157 TPE

Right Wings (7)
Alexander James Murphy, 0 TPE
Damon Wolfe, 56 TPE

Darkwing Duck, 14 TPE
Joffrey Bouwmeester, 0 TPE
Marcus Hall, 14 TPE
Pavel Kuznetsov, 1 TPE
Roger Fenzing, 31 TPE

Defencemen (10)
Elijah Incognito, 215 TPE
Emerson Byer, 206 TPE
Klaus Muller, 119 TPE
Kraphf Dringus, 100 TPE
Nic Riopel, 229 TPE
Nicklas Eriksson, 0 TPE
Reggie Maxwell, 3 TPE
Sanka Coffie Jr., 4 TPE
Shane Lynch, 128 TPE

Xavier Joyal, 48 TPE

Goaltenders (2)
Filip Frk, 0 TPE
Satan, 214 TPE

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