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S31 VHL Entry Draft


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S31 VHL Entry Draft Board
S31 Draft Discussion

Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S31, S32 = S31, S32 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Quebec City): Josef Heiss Jr. S33
2. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS: Kameron Taylor
3. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Riga): Nikita Lebedev S38
4. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Till Lindemann S34
5. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES: Samu Heiskanen S32
6. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION: Remy LeBeau S37
7. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES (from New York): Malcom Spud S32, S33
8. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS (from Davos via New York): David Poulin
9. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from Seattle): Felix Leiter S33, S34
10. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE (from Calgary): Sergey Brovalenko S36

Round Two
11. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Steven Stamkos
12. :s30nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Cologne): Chris Bourque
13. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (from Riga): Teemu Lehtinen
14. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Lucas Smith
15. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS (from Vasteras via New York): Reggie Dunlop S37
16. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Toronto): Dale Kent
17. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES (from New York): Valery Zhirenkov
18. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from Davos): Arik Shielder Jr.
19. :s30nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Seattle via Vasteras): Haggard Slobban
20. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from Calgary): Edwin Ask

Round Three
21. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Mini Uzy
22. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS: Zach Cuff
23. :rig: RIGA REIGN: Don Rudd
24. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Paul Wheeler
25. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from Vasteras): Yousuf Scherbluk
26. :s24tor: TORONTO LEGION (via Vasteras): Chris Serpe
27. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from New York): Dominik König
28. :hcd: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: Chris Sgroi
29. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES (from Seattle via Toronto): David Ferrari
30. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Oliver Closoff

Round Four
31. :que: QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: John Troy
32. :col: COLOGNE EXPRESS: Layton Eritar
33. :rig: RIGA REIGN: Connor Karlsson
34. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: Jordan Hall
35. :vas: VASTERAS IRON EAGLES: Peers Patterson
37. :s30nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: Ron Dayne III
39. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: Captain Bacon
40. :cal: CALGARY WRANGLERS: Tony Starks

Centers (10)
Chris Sgroi, 4 TPE
Layton Eritar, 0 TPE
Mathieu Perrault, 0 TPE
Nikola Stastny, 0 TPE
Paul Wheeler, 1 TPE
Rehn Miller, 0 TPE
Sergey Brovalenko, 99 TPE
Steven Stamkos, 78 TPE
Valery Zhirenkov, 10 TPE
Yousuf Scherbluk, 3 TPE

Left Wings (11)
Alexander Martin, 0 TPE
Captain Bacon, 0 TPE
Felix Leiter, 76 TPE
Henrik Skadhauge, 0 TPE
Josef Heiss Jr., 164 TPE
Mini Uzy, 6 TPE
Peers Patterson, 1 TPE
Reggie Dunlop, 66 TPE
Tony Starks, 0 TPE
Zach Cuff, 10 TPE
Zack Gunner, 0 TPE

Right Wings (9)
Don Rudd, 28 TPE
Bossman Johnson, 0 TPE
David Ferrari, 2 TPE
Haggard Slobban, 46 TPE
Lucas Smith, 37 TPE
Meek Mill, 0 TPE
Nikita Lebedev, 177 TPE
Ron Dayne III, 0 TPE
Teemu Lehtinen, 61 TPE

Defencemen (12)
Ben Mical, 0 TPE
Chris Bourque, 75 TPE
Chris Serpe, 0 TPE
Connor Karlsson, 0 TPE
Dale Kent, 53 TPE
Hap McCord, 0 TPE
John Troy, 2 TPE
Kuprik Bäckman, 0 TPE
Malcom Spud, 137 TPE
Oliver Closoff, 1 TPE
Samu Heiskanen, 112 TPE
Till Lindemann, 153 TPE

Goaltenders (6)
Arik Shielder Jr., 43 TPE
David Poulin, 71 TPE
Dominik König, 0 TPE
Edwin Ask, 4 TPE
Jordan Hall, 0 TPE
Remy LeBeau, 178 TPE

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