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Toronto Keeps At It Despite Aging Roster


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The Toronto Legion found themselves on the outside of the playoffs looking in last season. While Toronto GM Ryan Power wasn't overly thrilled with that, hoping to at least see the playoffs and the chance at the 3peat, winning in a parity filled league has it's trials and tribulations. However despite struggles last season, Power has steered Toronto back towards competition in Season 67. When asked about some of the recent moves Toronto has made, and what his plans were for the rest of the off-season Power had the following to say.



Yeah it's tough going in the VHL these days, everyone can ice a roster, everyone generally has a star power player or two. We make no excuses though we didn't cut the mustard in Season 66. That said, it's no secret that our offense wasn't the reason we didn't make it, and with such a young goalie I made a calculated move, ultimately a mistake, in trying to saddle Rift with starting duties. The amount of practice and time it takes to make an competent level goalie, not just an elite one, has changed as the season have gone on and getting away with the younger goaile in net, something that has become a bit of a trademark play of mine. Well we didn't get away with it last season, and our offensive firepower couldn't quite carry the load. 

That said, it's been pretty good off-season for us. We quietly signed Ryan Sullivan Jr to an extension and are excited to bring him back into the fold in Season 67. We lost two of our older centers to retirement, with both The Charm and Ewan R Lawson moving onto greener pastures. Our big splash obviously come as we traded for Rylan Peace, the signal along with Sullivan returning that we are still in this. At least full on for another season. I think with the shakes up happening in the league, with Rift only growing, and us improving ourselves at center we have some of the better all around starpower as it stands, even without a full roster. We'll be hounding free agency to fill the roster out, see what we can get out there it's pretty much all eyes on that for Toronto. 


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