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Xander Hughes becomes official Malmo Team Baby


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Similarly to how many NHL teams such as the Blues, Islanders and Rangers have adopted team puppies, the Malmo Nighthawks have decided to have a team baby. Who better to be the team baby than future VHLer Xander Hughes? Much like the puppy sparked the Blues second half run and Stanley Cup Championship, Malmo hopes that having a team baby will get the team into the playoffs next season. Xanders first role was at the local Malmo Nighthawks charity event, where the team hosted a friendly Ball Hockey tournament. Xander was on the Grinders, where he carried the team to the finals where he faced off against the entire Nighthawks team. Despite Xanders best efforts, the Nighthawks won easily. 


Xander also participates in the on ice and off ice activities with the Nighthawks, and is an active part of their team practices. Even the team gauntlet, where you go through four body checks, skate a lap, go through more body checks, do a series of hockey stops. and then shoot on the goalie. Xander willingly dishes out hits, and during a team scrimmage he laid out Blake Gaudette as he skated up the ice. MORPHEUS attempted to fight Xander for it, but Xander skated away. What a beast this kid is. For a five year old, he can play hockey. This kid is a surefire S72 first round pick for sure. Scouts should start looking at him now

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