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Orion's plan just chugging along

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Orion Slade is about to enter his second season in the VHL. He is on a roll of epic proportions. How epic? Well he has three championships in three seasons. How could this be? Well in his two seasons in the VHLM he had two cups. Add those to the cup he just won in Helsinki, it would make it three cups in three seasons.


If you are new or you just plain forgot/ignored Robbie. Orion’s goal is to win as many cups as possible before he wins. He calls it his “Cup Tour” If everything goes correctly, Orion will have a cup in every season played. He also intends to play for as many VHL teams as he possibly can. Which can and should make the chances of many cups harder. Orion will have to choose carefully about which team he picks to play for. Only the top teams in each season actually have a shot at him.


Which is why he picked up his player option for his second season in Helsinki. The Titans already on a historic run in the finals, finally got the monkey off their back and won it this past season. Now that the monkey is gone they are going for it again and by the looks of it will be the favorites to win and repeat as champions. This is most likely Orion’s last season in Helsinki because the team will probably enter a rebuild and he already gave up the shot at the last ever “Robbie 1, 2” just so he can stay on and win another cup.


If you are not sure what the Robbie 1,2 is, you must be new because even if you hated Robbie you knew that he liked to sign his rookie contract with a kicker at the end. The kicker was a player option on the third season. A option that was more likely not to be picked up, that way his player can hit the open market and find a team better suited for his player and was closer to winning a cup. Basically fucking over the team that just drafted him, for his players own gain. This lead to teams not drafting any Robbie Agency player high because out of fear that they would leave in two seasons.


Hell Orion Slade was like a Third round pick (refuse to look into it, may have been a 4th) I think now that the dust has settled and someone would do a redraft, Orion would go much higher in the draft. Or at least listed as the steal of the draft. Both Robbie and Orion are very happy with where he was drafted because the favorite to win the last few cups saw enough in him to draft him because they knew when it came to the upcoming season, the last season in their cup window they will have the young gun just entering his prime. It was a smart decision by the team and by Orion to stick around another season. Both moves will most likely be paid off with another cup.



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