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In-Depth Interview With Centerman Travis Boychuk


We are currently 37 games into the season in the VHLM, and it has been a very interesting season at that. One team has received a ton of attention since the draft because of the number of picks they had for it. That team is the Turku Outlaws. The Outlaws had a good amount of additions in the draft, and everyone knew heading into the season that Turku would be one of the main clubs to watch.


One player in general has received great deal of focus this season, as many scouts had looked into him after his year in Ottawa with the Lynx. He was acquired in the Dispersal Draft at 8th overall by the VHL's Calgary Wranglers, and with that came a lot of pressure. That player is Travis Boychuk, the 1st line center for Turku. As soon as he dawned the green jersey, he made a quick impression to his teammates. 


At the 37 game mark, he currently leads the team's forwards in points with 44 respectively. 19 of those points are goals. Interestingly enough, he sits 4th in points for the Outlaws, who's first 3 leaders are defencemen. This far into the season, we approached Boychuk on his thoughts towards his team and his personal progress in the season. He managed to find some time to answer some questions:




Interviewer: First thing's first, I would like to ask you how you feel about the team's progress?


Travis Boychuk: I think we are doing great. We had a bit of a rough patch a week ago but we have picked things up as of late. I believe we are what? 8-1-1 in our last 10? Yeah, I think that's it. I've never seen such offensively minded defenders on any team I have been on. Vojczek Svoboda is truly a superstar, especially. The league is very competitive this year. 




Interviewer: We have noticed since we interviewed you last, that you have gotten better at face offs. How much have you worked on that?


Travis Boychuk: I have worked on it every day. Last year with the Lynx, my coach and I did not feel I was performing up to par in the face off circle. I have focused on that plenty since the off-season and I feel a lot more comfortable in the position. It has definitely been exhausting working on it all the time. Hard work pays off though.




Interviewer: How do you feel with all the success your team is having compared to last year in Ottawa


Travis Boychuk: In Ottawa, it was a process. As much as I wanted the team to do well, it was a great experience to have and it gave me time to work on my game. I had nothing but good times on the Lynx, and I loved my teammates. Here in Turku, it is obviously a different atmosphere. People expect a lot more out of you and there is more media attention. I do not mind it at all. I am glad to be on a competitor like the Outlaws and I believe we can achieve great heights. I have not forgotten about my Lynx team though, as I still keep in contact with Konstantin Azhishchenkov!






Interviewer: Not everyone knew what to expect out of you on a team with so much depth, and being on the top line. Last year, you played in the shadow of Konstantin Azhishchenkov. What is it like in Turku?


Travis Boychuk: Yeah, on the Outlaws it was a different story than it is here. I was playing my first year in the minors over there and nobody expected much besides myself. I was just trying to make a name for myself. Here on my current team, I am on the top line. People expect me to make a nice pass or to score on my own. The fans are cheering when I carry the puck, and it is very nice to hear. Obviously, I technically still do play in the shadow of Svoboda. He can be a forward if he wanted to. I try my best here to live up to the expectations. It has been a fun ride so far.




Interviewer: Any final words to say to the readers?


Travis Boychuk: Keep watching the Turku Outlaws. We have a magical team this year and we love to hear what the fans think. I will keep trying my very best to perform day in and out. There is still another half of a season left, and plenty of hockey to watch.




There you have it. That concludes our insider interview with star centerman Travis Boychuk of the Turku Outlaws. We can only look ahead to the rest of the season in Turku, and the excitement he may one day bring to Calgary in the VHL.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Awesome stuff man. Nobody is in my shadow, the success of the team is had as a collective unit with everyone buying in. You are my equal.

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Content: 3/3 - I'm a big fan of yours! It's still been a short amount of time since Boychuk stepped onto the scene and so far he's provided some solid offensive support! You're going to be a huge building block for Calgary's rebuild.


Grammar: 2/2 - I didn't find much.


Dispersal Draft - Entry Draft (Dispersal = VHLM Draft)


dawned - donned


who's - whose


Appearance: 1/1 - Nice colors coordination!


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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