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Looking at my fantasy team


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Matthew Materazo was taking a trip into the great outdoors for a week, and wasn't on the VHL much. He was sitting at 666 tpe for quite some time, yet still recorded a hat trick while sitting at this magical number. Lets look at my fantasy team for fun.



Rylan Peace- 20G, 20A, 40P | Projections: 45G, 45A, 90P, 65H, 29SB

Oyorra Arroyo- 17G, 15A, 32P | Projections: 38G, 34A, 72P, 20H, 29SB

Matthew Materazo- 18G, 15A, 33P | Projections: 41G, 34A, 75P, 34H, 34SB


Safe to say my forward core is really good. All are producing at great rates, and all three sit in the top 20 for points in the VHL. True feasting hours are upon the Group 6 fantasy group. Now lets look at my defenseman.


Dan Montgomery- 5G, 22A, 27P, 58SB | Projections: 11G, 50A, 61P, 131SB, 252H

Ryan Kastelic- 4G, 22A, 26P, 63SB | Projections: 9G, 50A, 59P, 142SB, 185H


My defense is pretty good as well. I'm hoping Kastelic picks it up and finishes the year with 70 points, but having two good offensive defenseman that block a lot of shots is nice. I got Montgomery in round 4, he was a steal for me. Now lets look at goalies:


JB Rift- 24-2-2, 0.921sv%, 2.44GAA, 3SO, 812 saves


Rift has been killing it for me, and he was the last goalie available when I made my final pick of the draft. Safe to say he was a steal as well, and is putting up great numbers on an insanely good Toronto team that went from maybe making the playoffs to championship favorite within three weeks. Lets see how my team is projected to finish the season:


144G, 213A, 365SB, 556H


55W, 7SO, 1827 saves


This brings my total points to 1122.1, if I did it right. That is very pedestrian, and only two points higher than what I did last year, when I finished fourth place. This actually surprised me, I thought I would calculate the points and have an insane team, but perhaps not. I need Kastelic to pick it up and score some more points, and I need either Arroyo or Materazo to finish with 80 points, or Peace to try to go for 100. 





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