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Claimed:Turku Outlaws Finding Thier Way

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Turku Outlaws Finding Their Way


It was no secret that during Season 35 and 36, the Turku Outlaws were building towards this season in anticipation for the most successful VHLM campaign in their shortened history, culminating in a possible lengthy playoff run to boot. Having made several deals to acquire various assets of the draft pick variety, Turku found themselves sitting with three first round draft picks, the entire second round of the VHLM Dispersal Draft (minus the last four selections), and five third round selections to finish it all off. At the conclusion of the VHLM Dispersal Draft, the Turku Outlaws, a team struggling to find that winning identity, came away with a glut of players, including some depth guys and others that would end up being first round VHL Draft selections in the future. All-in-all, Turku made away just fine in what could only be categorized as having one of the best VHLM Dispersal Drafts in the VHLM’s history.



Turku celebrating a goal against the Minot Gladiators


While adding players of star magnitude and players that would account for the depth at every position, the one area where the Outlaws failed to address just happened to be in goal. Heading into the season, the Outlaws were poised to move on with the additions that were made through the draft and through the free agency period, where they added Fernando Pergher to be the stop-gap between the pipes (that is before the Outlaws added starter Brock Waldron). With all of the talent featured on the club, it was only a matter of time before the chemistry took on a force of its own. During the first three games of the regular season, the Outlaws dropped two of those decisions, and while equally early in the season, the attitude remained upbeat and positive as the team as a collective unit figured out the kinks.


After that 1 and 2 start, the Outlaws then went on an 8-2 run to bounce back in the tough European Conference to keep pace with the upper echelon teams, mainly the Bern Royals and reigning Founder’s Cup champion Bratislava Watchmen. Now, following that 8-2 run, the team found themselves facing a bit of adversity, going 4-5-1 and on a little bit of a slide, which saw them fall back in the standings, putting a small dint in their confidence as a unit. Thanks in part to the strong leadership contingent that exists in Turku, the Outlaws were able to rally around each other, maintain a positive outlook and persevere, staring adversity in the face, while in the same process, saying “fuck you” to it as well.



The Outlaws now have a capable goaltender in Brock Waldron, a Season 38 VHL Draft eligible player


During the last 18 games here, the Outlaws have found the consistency that the team was looking for earlier on in the season. Having gone 14-3-1 during that 18-game span, the team appears to be getting key contributions on all fronts from several different sources including starter Brock Waldron, Dimothenis Vlasis, Travis Boychuk, Azi Ali, and Kez Kincaid to outline a few. Even though the talents of this team have enabled the Outlaws to be successful in various facets, one of the main success reasons outside of that stems from each player buying into what the General Manager and the leadership group is selling. Vojczek Svoboda, the Turku Outlaws’ captain, reiterated some of those sentiments stating, “Everyone on this team can take solace and credit for our success because of the work that is being done on and off the ice. What you are seeing is the culmination of all the hard work and effort, and having been preaching that since the beginning of the season, it’s nice to see everyone being rewarded for that. Everyone that we need to is showing up to practice on a regular basis and by doing that consistently, we are going to see the results. I strongly believe we have a championship calibre team here,” echoed Svoboda.



The Outlaws hard at work during practice, the teams’ mantra this season


Right now, the Outlaws are finding their groove and are playing some of the best hockey that the organization has ever played. Come post-season time, as Svoboda stated earlier, if everyone is on the same page consistently, the Turku Outlaws might be a real tough draw come playoff time and could very well shock and surprise a lot of people around the league. The main thing circulating around Turku is that nobody inside that dressing room is surprised with the amount of success the club is enduring. “From the start of the season, everyone came together really quickly and we’ve all developed some really strong chemistry from one another. When you can always rely on the person next to you for advice or you can go out of your way to make positive suggestions, it shows the character that we have on our club. It’s kind of a special group of players and I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be amongst this group of guys,” exclaimed Walt Pringle, another member of the clan that has flourished during practice lately.


If there is anything aside a championship that the team can take away from this season, it is that developing strong work habits can constitute in the desired results, as well as that creating an active foundation and a fun atmosphere can also be equally as rewarding based on everyone being involved in the process.

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Content: 3/3 - Perhaps Turku has a shot, but I have a feeling that Kimmo Salo and Blaine Olynick will be dictating the playoffs this season. Even the juggernauts can fall, however, so keep fighting!
Grammar: 2/2 - Only really one error besides a misspelling in the topic title.  ;)
the teams’ mantra = the team's mantra
Appearance: 1/1 - Colors, pictures... she be purty.
Overall: 6/6 - Bwaaaaaah yiss!
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