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Hello out there in the VHL I honestly have no drive to make anything original this week. In the film industry we had a death about a week ago of great person. He was the a great man, i never directly worked with him in his department (SPFX) but from what I know he was a very nice person and just a great person to be around. This has really put a damper on the whole industry which leads to today when we had the celebration of life for him in our newest studio that is about to open. Thus making his celebration of life the first thing in there. It was a nice gesture by the union and the studio to do it. But I did not go because it would have been a somber affair with people speaking and telling stories about him. Which is all fine and dandy, but I had none. I may have seen him in passing a few times. His face i for sure knew, but does knowing a persons face warrant going? just because they were a union brother? I didn't think so. So I didn't go and now I will have to face questions of why I didn't go and such. Going would make me wonder when I die will I get a studio celebration of life. Will I have done enough to warrant one? so basically I would have had to face my own mortality. I rather not go and do that. It sucks what happened and everyone in the union and the industry are just downright blown away it would happen to him. It was a stunt gone wrong and something hit him in the head. I know people who were there and saw it. They offer grief counselors to people and that's great but... I don't even know where I am going with. I guess I am trying to voice why I didn't go today... but to a bunch of people that don't work in the industry... Anyways nothing new from me this week because of this. This is not anything to do with VHL so sue me.  

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