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Pat Svoboda on Season


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Pat Svoboda engaged in further comments about the current season to the local media. “I think I really like being part of Riga. I like the players, the management, the atmosphere. What’s important is being on a team where you fit in and can be happy, so it’s really a good direction and path for the last bit of my career before regression. Things are going well, I can easily hit 20 goals this year which I didn’t quite do last year. Last year I had 15 goals and now I have 14 so I’ve almost passed that. It is very good to be moving past that embarrassing stuff last season, I believe I’m a much better player than that so it’s good to be posting better numbers. It’s just been a year that has been going a lot better and has had a much different feel to it. I’m very happy that I ended up here in Riga and I’m hopeful the second half of the season can be even better. Anything can happen in hockey so we just need to work hard on and off the ice. Perseverance pays off, you have to believe that or none of it is worth it. The Reign have what it takes to win, we just have to bring it to fruition,” said Pat Svoboda.

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