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Moscow GM talks about season so far


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Moscow Menace GM Victor Alfredsson made some statement moves in the off-season with the acquisition of veterans Podrick Cast, Randoms, and Roger Sterling. After an iffy start to S67 his ambition was rewarded with a lengthy win streak which propelled the Menace to their current position of third in the league as we approach the halfway mark of the season. Mr. Alfredsson gave us a few of his thoughts on the season so far.


“Certainly it's nice to not be sweating about falling behind in the playoff race 34 games in, but there's also not much room to breathe this season. I think a few GMs pencilled in the likes of Seattle and New York as gimmes, but I think it says it all that we may be in third place but we're closer to tenth place than we are to first. Now granted Toronto's had a lot of shootout luck so far, but it just goes to show that anyone can beat anyone in this league today.


“We can't rest on our laurels but we have to be proud of what we've achieved so far. Everyone's contributing in some way, we've got three lines all capable of turning a game around and two goalies of starting quality who have shared time in net like true gentlemen. It would be easier for my health if we conceded fewer goals but we're a young team despite the trades, especially with three rookie defencemen – we have to play to our strengths.”

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