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Interview with Van Lagen


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Rachel Snyder of the Toronto News caught up with Malmo rookie Trevor Van Lagen and asked him about his rookie season and life in Malmo.


Rachel: it has been a while since we’ve had you on! How have you been?


Van: I’ve been great! Thanks for having me again!


Rachel: How has your first season been so far as a rookie in the VHL?


Van: It’s been so much fun and I have learned a ton so far! The league is so tough.


Rachel: What are your thoughts on your production for the team in your rookie season?


Van: I think I’ve been doing well, considering that it’s my first year here after making the jump following just one year in the VHLM. I started out slow but I’ve been consistent for the rest.


Rachel: You’ve been getting a ton of penalty killing time this season, which is not something that anyone would have envisioned for you as a player. How does this speak of your improvements on the defensive side of the puck?


Van: Honestly I think it speaks more about the depth of our team and our GM’s attempts at getting everyone some ice time. I have definitely improved a lot on the defensive side though as well so I have been embracing this challenge.


Rachel: What is your expectations for the rest of the season?


Van: I hope I can improve on my production pace and continue to contribute offensively and defensively for our team. This year is about development and getting ready for what I hope is a breakout year for me next season.


Rachel: we look forward to continuing to cover your career and hope to catch up with you again sometime!


Van: Thanks for having me, Rachel!


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