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Quik Interview With Michael Johnson


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Gerald: This is Gerald Scott of the Burnaby Now Newspaper. I'm here today with the rookie, Michael Johnson of the Malmo Nighthawks, who is in the middle of his rookie year in the VHL.


Michael: Hello! Thank you for having me here, it's always been a personal dream to get on here since I was in high school when I'd get a copy before I hopped on my bus!


Gerald: Well, I'm glad to have made a dream come true for you! How has your rookie year been?


Michael: It's been pretty alright, we could obviously improve as a team but I think we're working really hard and getting better everyday. I don't think there was any huge expectations on the team coming into the season. We're young and we know it'll take us some time to showcase our skills.


Gerald: Makes total sense. Since you guys are young, would you say that theres some partying involved thats creating bad habits with the team?


Michael: If I'm honest, yeah we're having some fun on the side but we're working hard as well and it's not a main priority to us. We also think we're in our young years so life is also precious but we're willing to sacrifice a lot.


Gerald: Thank you so much Michael for answering our questions. I hope you have a strong showing this season!



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