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Blueberg: We talk enough about your play at the VHLm level. Going in, the expectations were high, and you have met those expectations. The real question is, "Will LeBlanc be able to perform at the next level?"


LeBlanc: I'm putting in work. I'm getting better every day. I believe I have a skillet that will be needed in the VHL. I believe I'll certainly be able to perform.


Blueberg: That's what we want to hear. Obviously, all of us here are rooting for you. Any talks with the Davos management regarding the plans for you.


LeBlanc: It's been pretty quiet. Haven't heard to much at all from Davos really. Basically, they welcomed me to the pipeline and that was it. Who knows, I might not be in their plans... Anyways, I'll keep working, and they'll have to make room for me in their plans. 


Blueberg: That sounds like the right way to go about this. Make them notice. To go away from hockey for a moment, how's your personal life been since joining the VHL?


LeBlanc: I have great teammates and they've made the transition easy. I am never at a loss for something to do. I've been having a blast.

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