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A Pokémon....League?!

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Sup boys! If you clicked this post then it means that you were interested about this right? As can you see, yes a Pokémon League? First off, yeahhh I know it sounds like a stupid idea and that some people won't see how would it work, but don't you worry! We had some amazing idea to make this fun for everyone and competitive, so buckle up your seatbelts (I don't think anyone is in a car right now lol) and listen up!



We will have 8 Gym Leaders, like in normal Pokémon games, with 2 Leaders in each. Afterwards, the elite 4, seems still normal right? Then after that, the best players will compete each other to become the Champion or beat the current Champion after a tournament! And the current Champion can challenge anytime for his current spots trough the officials and he could lose his spot each two weeks in a tourney. That's only one side of our league tho!





The second side of our league is weekly tournaments with a lot of different kind of rewards! You can prove to everyone who is the man. The tourney will be different each time though (Monotype, Standard, Double Teams, etc!). It will be a big deal each time, but we will have preliminaries to only have the best of the best compete.





We will also have a media side of it! If you are a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. Welp this would benefit us and yourself if you know what I'm talking about. ;)



To conclude! We still have spots for more Gym Leaders in our league and we will set up an Elite 4 Tourney between Gym Leaders to seize the spot each month! Join fast and let us become big together. #OneForAll

Discord link: https://discord.gg/MNHKJDW


**To those wondering how we would be battling each other. We will use Pokémon Showdown ! It is super ez to use and isn't time consuming so no lame excuses! (We can also track stats that way and ANYONE can play it)


~Ty Quik for letting me post it here

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We have a whole pokenerd sub-community here already :P we've got a little pokemon showdown tournament going on right now, I can send you an invite to the discord if you'd want to join in on the next one

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