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  1. D - Leon Gutzweiler F - Guy Lesieur @dasboot
  2. League of legends will do that to ya
  3. I guess for claiming purposes it's simpler to post this here. Actual content starts around 58 minutes in, leaving over 2 hours of content. @Esso2264 and I get 4 weeks apiece. 01/17, 01/24, 01/31, and 02/07 for me.
  4. Nice first graphic dude, keep it up
  5. Just extend but then retire 5head
  6. I guess so. Why didn't you do it sooner? Is that time travel tampering?
  7. Made these a while ago but forgot to slap em in this thread
  8. He completely forgot about the condition though. I was the one that had to remind him.
  9. 15th overall though. We originally were thinking either an early 2nd or a late 2nd + more, so the value is essentially the same.
  10. @ my haterzzzzzz Davos did not make conference finals, so the 2nd/3rd pick swap is reversed. You owe me one @GustavMattias.
  11. @omgitshimbeen a long time coming. Welcome to D.C.!