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  1. AB InBev produces a shit ton of beer brands. Corona, Budweiser, Stella, Keith's, Busch, Kokanee, Labatt, Michelob, Modelo, Rolling Rock, Shock Top, and a buttload others.
  2. Did you know Busch and Stella are owned by the same conglomerate though?
  3. @Horcrux I hope you enjoy the billion sigs you randomly got tonight, more than a lot of players get in a full career This song came up on my recommended and I just flashed back to high school so now you have to too
  4. Enorama


    Catch him on the side of Latvia's highways bbno$ in drag:
  5. Enorama

    DCD/WAR; S80

    gg @dlamb hello @KaleebtheMighty, welcome to the retirement club
  6. Regular members can't use the members tag, since the Hogan permaban incident
  7. Right click and copy image address, then paste it here
  8. @Vice Martinez may not be Latin American, but he's of Spanish descent, his name fits the bill, and he's actually a dman, so I figured he was close enough. Probably too much bbno$ lately
  9. Some guys getting older and taking a step back in team role due to depreciation means we've got room for the newbie to step into the assistant slot. Here's the Dragons captains for Season 80: C - Groovy Dood @bigAL A - Kristof Welch @Juice A - Aloe Dear @Renomitsu
  10. Note to @VHLM GM, player has been swapped to D. Not sure if that affects any of your pitches.
  11. To be clear here, I didn't demand my way out of Vancouver and let Nyko know I'd be happy to stay. That being said, I'm glad to see essentially the trade I was trying to get done on draft night come to fruition here and that we were able to come up with something everyone involved was happy with.
  12. D - Mikeal Keef F - Isabella Campbell Now @GreenGato is otc
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