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  1. Ah you mean you regret doing welfare in a previous week. Makes sense. Godspeed.
  2. You did welfare this week? You can usually just to a PT and claim it as 2, but check with @Quik or @Beketov first.
  3. I've always gone back to Mexico City if we're committed to stay on this side of the pond. The Sicarios, Luchadores, or Despedaros would be great mascots/names. I think we should have maintained a European presence though, so I'd like to see teams in France, Germany, Switzerland, and/or Spain. Asia is a good option too, with China, Japan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mongolia all being interesting options.
  4. Andreas hit 100 TPE +4
  5. It also isn't my player, so I'm not just tooting m own horn 😛 it's an article for a new-ish hall of fame entrant.