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  1. Where's Robbie when you need him?
  2. I'm astonished you left that out of the article tbh
  3. Boring generic questions because we're in the dog days of the season. 1. What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this pandemic? 2. If you had to watch any sport other than the big four North American ones, which would it be? 3. Who would win in a fight, Charles Drumm or Hulk Hogan? 4. If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 5. Stranded on a desert island, what's the one thing you bring with you? 6. What is your favourite video game you have ever played?
  4. ^ Also my yearly cue to put @Cxsquared forth (don't say you're too busy this time, everyone is just shut into their homes rn)
  5. 1. Face too dark, mask out whatever layer is above him where his face is 2. I would make the render a little bigger still, but the way it is now is fine too 3. I am not a fan of the font, cruise through dafont and grab some script fonts there to start with (like Mistral and Kinescope) 4. I would grab two colours (two of the orange, blue, and purple), and run with it. Three colours is uaully too much imo. You can put a gradient map of the two colours over either the stock, the render, or both, to make them all meld a little better.
  6. I guess @Victor isn't worth his own salt then eh
  7. D A V I O I'm sorry, I can quit roasting these since they're better than my shit