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  1. Enorama

    Name that Brand!

    Are we just posting these as comments in this thread or what?
  2. Enorama

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    And mine the worst. I dig this league though because 20 GMs is going to be fuuun.
  3. Enorama

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    Says Beaviss, because he landed the first overall pick.
  4. Enorama

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    Our conversation was way way up in the discord general chat somewhere, I can try searching for some keywords to dig it up but it might be based on whether he or anyone else remembers this happening.
  5. Enorama

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    I was under the impression that it was, Will said I could run the 'official' one about a month back. I never got confirmation though, which is why I asked someone to tag him here because it wasn't letting me tag anyone.
  6. Enorama

    Official VHL/VHLM Logos

    I did, I must just be blind, stupid, or some combination of the two. I legit looked it over about five times looking for it. Thanks though
  7. Enorama

    Official VHL/VHLM Logos

    Someone update this with HFX's pls
  8. Enorama

    VHL (NHL) Yahoo Fantasy 2018-19

    We're at 13 GMs, still room for some more by the draft on Sunday!
  9. Enorama

    Enorama's recruits

    Zabby hit 75 TPE +3 Jagger hit 50 TPE +1 Nathan hit 50 TPE +1 +5 total
  10. Enorama

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    3. The Rush just added a bunch of exciting new prospects, so I think they'll bring it in. Having the experience of battling back into the playoffs would also be great for the morale of these new players. 4. The 21st are OP. I think they win out and the Aces are forced to be swept in the semis by the Lynx nerf the expansion draft 6. 1. Tzuyu 2. Borwinn 3. Kastelic 4. McWolf
  11. Enorama

    Beau Louth Card