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  1. @JigglyGumballs
  2. You joke, but I've campaigned for removing job pay for a while now.
  3. F - Pistil Stamen D - Tom Eagles @bigAL
  4. F - Gunnar Odinsson D - Matty Socks @bigAL
  5. Guy Lambert just signed and is not on my roster yet. I can put a bot in his spot though
  6. Basically this. Their roster has about the same makeup as the Dragons' now, so I think I put them both in that 6-10 range of middling contenders, but nothing frightening.
  7. Definitely very weighted to last season lol LAS being so far back despite taking a huge step forward WAR being so high up despite having the worst starter in the league
  8. Quick and easy one today. C - Groovy Dood @bigAL A - Brian Strong Jr. @Wheaties A - Kristof Welch @Juice With Al stepping into a commish role, we decided to seek out a replacement in the AGM slot as well. Thanks to all applicants for the interest, but it's @osens that will be co-leading the Dragons franchise with me for the next few years. Eno out, toodle loo!
  9. I was really hoping that you'd double down and say that BPAing is better than a list anyways.
  10. F - Groovy Dood F - F - D - D - G - @bigAL