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  1. Enorama

    [WIP] (S63 Class) Markus King

    WORK IN PROGRESS Markus King - Class of S63 Position: G Birthplace: Victoria, B.C., Canada Height: 6'4" Weight: 202 lbs Jersey Number: 50 Drafted: S54 9th overall, Calgary Wranglers Username: Kendrick Career Awards S56 Aidan Shaw Trophy (Top Goalie) S57 Continental Cup S57 Aidan Shaw Trophy (Top Goalie) S58 Continental Cup S58 Daisuke Kanou Trophy (Playoff MVP) S59 Greg Clegane Trophy (Lowest GAA) S54 Regular Season 54 (COL) | 64 GP | 17 W - 40 L - 7 OTL | 0.925SV% | 2.8 GAA | 5 SO S55 S56 S57 S58 S59 S60 S61 Career Totals
  2. Enorama

    Enorama's recruits

    Nathan hit 200 TPE +10
  3. Enorama

    Regression Pt. 2 - HITS, PIM, SB, Shots

    Reverse causality? Someone who spends a lot of their points on checking will get more hits and penalty minutes, but might contribute less to their team's success, which leads to them getting fewer experience points across their career? Just throwing it out there. Also, I would assume this has something to do with higher scoring individuals having their team do better and therefore the puck spends less time in their end.
  4. Enorama

    Danny Boy

  5. Enorama

    (S65) RW - Tyler Robertson, TPE: 30

    Seems like an odd job to hand off to an intern, no?
  6. Enorama

    literal spam

  7. Enorama

    HOF Articles

    I'll take over Markus King then, should be done by Monday.
  8. Enorama

    Keaton Louth Rule

    More like Beaviss is a filthy cheater, amirite?
  9. Enorama

    I'm Pink Now!

  10. Enorama

    D Scoring leader