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  1. First time I can confidently say I've been lucky as a GM lol
  2. Race for playoffs 1. 6 points to catch up and 6 games to do it. What are the chances we make playoffs? 2. Who's responsible for turning around this team that seemed hopeless just a week ago? 3. Do you have any big plans for the off-season? 4. Would you want to play for one of the new expansion teams at some point? 5. If When we make playoffs, our likely opponent is Calgary. How do you think we match up? 6. Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  3. Oh dear, a Marlins logo looks similar to other logos of the same kind of fish
  4. Not a cardinal sin, but when you're specifically looking for GMs and commissioners, probably better to just tag them. Otherwise you're tagging a couple hundred people that have nothing to do with the post. That being said, as a GM, I am open to any questions you have.
  5. W!!! And a shutout to boot @DollarAndADream
  6. Canadian high schools will occasionally have exams right up until June 30th
  7. Also, A+ for green background, representing the green parts of Moscow's logo.
  8. None of those are any Raleigh Ritchie, that's for sure
  9. Germany's gonna be a powerhouse soon enough