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  1. Yo I heard you wanted to fight. Name a time and a place man
  2. >Bruins fan >Canadien Pretty much doubly awful
  3. >Bruins fan >Canadian Who hurt you?
  4. Ye I know, just the way you phrased it made it sound like Oslo made the VHLM basically Pitbull. I'm happy with my Mexican team for now though so I won't stir the pot yet Give me Shanghai or Hong Kong eventually though
  5. TIL Canada + US + Norway = Global
  6. I think he means how do you import players' updates into the game itself. That would be the most tedious part of it all.
  7. I didn't actually think of this earlier for my own post, but NYA's bots should be all just dead presidents. @Esso2264 doesn't Teddy Roosevelt scoring from George H W Bush and John Adams sound good?
  8. SHL big succ because of text updating, which some of their members still insist is superior to any portal system despite the VHL, SBA, and now even EFL switching over to a portal. The members are generally ok, but the Discord is literally just 2-3 guys spamming the same shit. I also prefer the weekly TPE cap over the money system, but that's just personal preference. I won't fault anyone for arguing the other way. And yeah Cassie Campbell sucks assholes, but I've heard plenty of fine woman announcers as well, they just aren't as popular. Before you say they're not popular because they're not good, allow me to introduce you to Pierre McGuire or even the analysts like Milbury, Cherry, and Kypreos.
  9. Come on up to the big league and meet the real Ryan
  10. I think it's just a hidden message for the actual names he's suggesting: TPE Reward, Necessary Adjustments, and Iwcttriefm Tnatlycbn.