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    News Manager

    You shouldn't answer anything that quickly or else I'm gonna start expecting that from you all the time 😜
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    News Manager

    @Beketov @Quik Any update on this?
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    VHL Predict the score (S63W5)

    Quebec 5-2
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    TPE: Post on other websites

    I've always stuck with places that don't normally get copypastas like this, such as kijiji or craigslist. They're all getting a couple dozen hits so people are at least opening them up.
  5. Enorama

    (S62 Class) Apollo Skye [WIP]

    Apollo Skye Class of S62 Position: G Birthplace: Bellingham, Washington, USA Height: 6'2" Weight: 200lbs Jersey Number: 42 Drafted: 1st Overall (S51) HC Davos Dynamo Username: Velevra A clerical error nearly cost Skye the chance of even being on the ballet for the VHL Hall of Fame, until a member noticed that nobody had been added to the ballot in S59, the first year in which Skye would have been eligible. Once he was added to the ballot for the S62 HOF induction voting, he was practically a shoo-in for the Hall. Although his career began and ended with questionably-performing teams, Skye still cemented himself as one of the top goalies in VHL history, and he currently sits at 4th on the all-time shutout leaders list. Career Awards: S51 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (Top Rookie) S53 Scotty Campbell Trophy (MVP) S53 Dustin Funk Trophy (Most Improved) S56 Continental Cup (League Championship) S57 Scotty Campbell Trophy (MVP) S57 Aidan Shaw Trophy (Top Goalie) S51 Regular season: 51 (DAV) 64GP | 20W - 37L - 7OTL | 0.913SV% | 2.79GAA | 3SO | 180GA | 2065SA | 3870MP Playoffs: 51 (DAV) 4GP | 0W - 4L - 0OTL | 0.913SV% | 4GAA | 0SO | 16GA | 183SA | 240MP Breaking out of the VHLM, Skye immediately sought out the same type of dominance he had enjoyed there in the big league. He quickly discovered that things would not be so easy. After taking the promising goaltender 1st overall, the struggling HC Davos Dynamo came in well below .500 PPCT on the season and squeaked in to the wildcard playoff round, only to be sent packing in just 4 games. Skye himself posted a respectable .913SV% in both the regular season and the playoffs, performing well enough to earn the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy as the top rookie of S51. S52 Regular season: 52 (DAV) 64GP | 19W - 40L - 5OTL | 0.923SV% | 2.74GAA | 4SO | 174GA | 2264SA | 3811MP Playoffs: 52 (DAV) 5GP | 1W - 1L - 3OTL | 0.936SV% | 2.48GAA | 0SO | 17GA | 267SA | 411MP Even as Skye improved both his SV% and his GAA from the previous year, HC Davos' performance slumped even further from S51 to S52. As a result, they once again limped their way into the wildcard round and were bounced in quick fashion. Skye's .936SV% helped his team pull out a single win in the series and forced an additional three games into extra time, but it was clear that Davos was trending in the wrong direction for the young star. Insiders reported that Skye's interest in the league was fading and, not wanting this young talent to go to waste, HC Davos shipped Skye off to the Québec Meute for a pair of 2nd round picks. At the time, it was seen as a necessity, as HC Davos took a deeper dive into the rebuild, but it would go down as one of the most lopsided trades in VHL history. S53 Regular season: 53 (QUE) 64GP | 31W - 28L - 5OTL | 0.931SV% | 2.22GAA | 11SO | 132GA | 1925SA | 3564MP Playoffs: 53 (QUE) 5GP | 1W - 4L - 0OTL | 0.946SV% | 1.98GAA | 0SO | 10GA | 185SA | 302MP For his first season with a competitive VHL roster, Skye wasted no time getting into the win column, earning his first winning season of his career. The Meute didn't exactly blow the league out of the water, however, and still only succeeded as much as they did thanks to Skye's .931SV%. Come playoffs, Skye would unfortunately see his third straight 1st round defeat. Once again, he managed to nearly single-handedly steal a win, but it was to no avail. He was heading into his fourth VHL season with only 4 playoff wins under his belt to that point. S54 Regular season: 54 (QUE) 64GP | 52W - 8L - 4OTL | 0.933SV% | 1.5GAA | 17SO | 96GA | 1427SA | 3833MP Playoffs: 54 (QUE) 12GP | 7W - 2L - 3OTL | 0.938SV% | 1.93GAA | 0SO | 24GA | 385SA | 746MP S55 Regular season: 55 (QUE) 66GP | 48W - 11L - 5OTL | 0.924SV% | 1.58GAA | 14SO | 104GA | 1360SA | 3938MP Playoffs: 55 (QUE) 12GP | 7W - 4L - 1OTL | 0.931SV% | 2.25GAA | 0SO | 28GA | 406SA | 745MP S56 Regular season: 56 (QUE) 65GP | 48W - 11L - 6OTL | 0.923SV% | 1.78GAA | 15SO | 116GA | 1514SA | 3909MP Playoffs: 56 (QUE) 13GP | 8W - 3L - 1OTL | 0.925SV% | 2.35GAA | 1SO | 31GA | 412SA | 792MP S57 Regular season: 57 (QUE) 64GP | 42W - 14L - 8OTL | 0.931SV% | 1.63GAA | 14SO | 105GA | 1524SA | 3872MP Playoffs: 57 (QUE) 12GP | 6W - 6L - 0OTL | 0.913SV% | 2.54GAA | 0SO | 31GA | 358SA | 731MP S58 Regular season: 58 (QUE) 66GP | 15W - 43L - 8OTL | 0.933SV% | 2.88GAA | 5SO | 192GA | 2887SA | 4006MP Career totals: Regular season: Totals 517GP | 275W - 192L - 48OTL | 0.927SV% | 2.14GAA | 83SO | 1099GA | 14966SA | 30803MP Playoffs: Totals 63GP | 30W - 24L - 8OTL | 0.929SV% | 2.37GAA | 1SO | 157GA | 2196SA | 3967MP
  6. Enorama

    Joseph McWolf's Press Conferences

    1. How much do you miss playing in the VHLM? 2. Why is Sid pulling away from you in both blocked shots and hits? 3. How much longer until you're in a Cup final again? 4. What's the over/under on how long until @BladeMaiden attempts a mutiny for the WJC reins? She's been pretty feisty lately. 5. Who is the best prospect outside of the NHL right now? (Ignoring the Hughes of the Jack variety, my money's on Cale Makar or Filip Zadina)
  7. Enorama

    Pod Cast Press Conference (PCPC)

    1. Were you expecting this step back in production from Pod or did this come out of the blue? 2. Who's winning the Continental Cup this year and why is it Riga? 3. What's the single biggest change you could see coming to the VHL within the next year or so? 4. How do you feel about the lottery changes for the upcoming draft? 5. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Preencarnacion, Bassolino, Kriketers. @Victor
  8. Enorama

    S63 VHL All-Star Defenceman Vote

    You have more than double the votes that Penny does, so obviously someone wants you in
  9. Enorama

    S63 VHL All-Star Game

    Nice! Thanks dude
  10. Enorama

    Finn Davison Press Conference

    1. Who's winning the VHLM Championship this year, and why? 2. Who are some dark horses to look out for in this year's VHL draft? 3. How is the locker room for the Lynx this year after their Founders' Cup win? 4. Taking into account scoring, personality, defending, and whatever else you want, who do you think is your favourite player in the VHLM at the moment? 5. Should Milan Lucic be suspended for what he did last night? Video
  11. Enorama

    Elias Dahlberg Pre-Draft Press Conference

    1. Where you do you see yourself going (round-wise) in the next VHL draft? 2. Who's winning the Founders' Cup this year (VHLM championship)? 3. Similarly, who's winning the Continental Cup this year (VHL championship)? 4. Is there anyone that isn't currently on your team but that you would like to get the chance to play with sometime in your career? 5. Where do you see Team Asia finishing in this year's WJC?