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  1. I wanna say 34-35 @tfong care to chime in?
  2. If he genuinely was Fong's son, fong would have been a 23 year old father.
  3. TIL S68 through S77 is just 6 drafts To continue your analysis though across first rounds: S68: Luciano Valentino (first gen) S69: Benny Graves (actually one of the only two established members I've ever selected early) + Guy Lesieur (first gen) S70: No 1st S71: Stone Wolski (the other established member)
  4. Enorama

    DCD/MOS; S77

    Confirm condition.
  5. I was never a huge mac guy, so I just heard this a few weeks ago actually. Found out Disclosure was behind the beat today so that explains why I like it so much lol
  6. @qripll you've seen it already but here it is again Little old. RIP Mac
  7. Update logs for Kastelic are still visible. You can see every single TPE and where it came from.
  8. Because of r a i n b o w f l a v o u r e d u n i c o r n s?
  9. Thanks for the input, less fun alcohol.
  10. On a more serious note, I know you're kinda getting doggy piled a bit already, but I get the feeling that this poll would likely devolve into non-BOG members voting YES because they believe they're deserving of it and would be next in line (or close to it).
  11. Buncha turnover in the leadership crew this season: C - Groovy Dood @bigAL A - Alex Letang @Spartan A - Defenz Mann @Mike Also, our dearest fonzi departing for the graveyard that is the Vancouver Wolves (long may he prosper) means we've got a new AGM on the block. Welcome @bigAL to the VHL GM factory that is the Assistant GM office here in D.C.