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  1. You choose who to sign with for the rest of the season, then you'll enter the VHLM draft next season. You should start getting PMs or offers in this thread from VHLM GMs shortly. Just noticed this isn't your player thread, you've already got some GMs commenting in there. Until you make a decision on where to sign, you can start earning TPE. Make sure you join our discord server so you can find some help getting started if you need.
  2. "We won the game." Passes all three of your guidelines. Did it contribute to the conversation at all? Nope.
  3. If you haven't already checked out my previous article on ELO, introducing the concept and taking a look at last year's VHL, be sure to do so here. For anyone who's been following the VHL standings so far this season (S66), you've probably noticed some trends just on the surface level. Primarily that Helsinki has been relatively strong all year, but really come into their own around game 15, Moscow isn't nearly as bad as last season, and Malmo has a nice arc to their trajectory, probably peaking around the same time Helsinki separated themselves from the pack. Well, I'm here to tell you those same things, but in chart form. First of all, I've charted the cumulative winrate for each VHL team to see kind of a blanket absolute marker of how they've done so far this season. Apologies for the colours, I can't be bothered to fix them here (they'll be fixed on the ELO chart). You can see Moscow started off abysmally, but climbed past Seattle as the latter fell harshly later on. Then there's Helsinki with a degree of separation from an absolutely crowded pack right in the middle of the league. Now here's the same timeframe represented in ELO form: You can see that because Moscow has been beating such strong opponents lately, they actually deserve to be right up in the middle pack with the rest of them and they also passed Seattle slightly earlier than on the winrate chart. You can also see a very poignant drop from Malmo starting at the ~25 game mark, it's in the jumble of the pack, but you can pick out the mid-blue line peaking around game 15, briefly in first place, before zig zagging around a bit and eventually falling to just above Moscow. So far, these ELO rankings have been done with a K value of 32, which is a moderate number. Next week, I'll be kicking the K value up to 64, which will bring out some harsher fluctuations and show something more akin to power rankings. 343 words.
  4. In case anyone cares about the rankings thus far: User: @Enorama @Abaddon @Advantage @Beaviss @tunedtorock @DilIsPickle F1 Oyorra Arroyo Matt Thompson Rylan Peace Beau Louth Veran Dragomir Elias Dahlberg F2 Jake Davis Julian Borwinn Dimitri Volosenkov Ryuu Crimson Sebastian Ironside Kronos Bailey F3 Podrick Cast Leph Twinger Teagan Glover Diljodh Starload Dan Wilinsky Pat Svoboda D1 Ryan Kastelic Robert Malenko Joseph McWolf Shawn Glade Maxim Kovalchuk Elasmobranch Fish D2 Tzuyu Marvin Harding Ryan Sullivan Jr Sidney Crosby Dan Montgomery Vaydar Odinsson G Kallis Kriketers Brick Wahl Johnny Havenk Carison Ismond Kingfisher Roger Sterling Alexander Pepper F1 60.2 80 58.6 77.8 73.6 67.2 F2 97.6 76.2 69.4 68.2 93.4 68.2 F3 52.6 79.6 62.8 54.4 59.8 42.4 D1 115.2 90.8 107.6 92 107.2 89.4 D2 75.2 94.2 86.4 98.6 111.8 96.2 G 107.37 79.42 96.07 90.02 64.75 99.94 TOT PTS 508.17 500.22 480.87 481.02 510.55 463.34 RANK 2 3 5 4 1 6 TPE 3 2 1 1 5 1
  5. This ^ @Quik can we maybe lock this thread for this season at least? I'm getting a bunch of tags that I'm not going to do anything about.
  6. Enorama

    WJC Predictions

    1. Canada 2. Europe 3. Asia 4. Teagan Glover
  7. Torrenting is easy nowadays. I don't think too many of us on here actually paid full price for PS.
  8. F Dil for making me do this four times and making me re-tag everyone. No big introduction this time, here's the roster. S66 WJC Team Asia roster Forwards 1. Matthew Kai 2. Chico Smeb 3. Viktor Kozlov 4. Valeri Morozov 5. Andrei Mikhailov 6. Raphael Nazarians 7. Vladimir Pavlov 8. Kenji Hachimura 9. Acyd Burn @Acydburn Defense 1. Bald Guy 2. Cody Parker 3. Derek England 4. Kefka Palazzo Goalies 1. Michael Johnson @fonziGG 2. Evgeny Rapinsky Apologies for multiple tags, but here's the actual team. I've deleted the tags for the OG guys so they don't get tagged a billion times.
  9. I'd love to help if you just need someone to get the tedious part of it done with. @Will @Victor
  10. I like this one better. Make it a two-week window before each tournament. Of course, this means us execs should only get pay for three weeks each season (two weeks of prep plus one week of play) and I'm fine with that.
  11. I'm just here to make @tfong proud
  12. Imagine essentially trading you for an inactive capped VHLMer