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  1. I believe it's a switch that needs to be flipped manually. We can edit you guys to S72 after creation though so it's all G.
  2. Different conference, so doesn't matter. Just need to pass one of Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, or New York while staying ahead of Toronto as well.
  3. I tried to recreate the style for the expansion teams since I couldn't find who did the originals, then just decided to remake all of them so they could be available in a matching style. Then once I had the template down, it was easy enough to bring it over to the VHLM as well.
  4. No, because I only write them for my uncapped TPE packages.
  5. Much like I did with the VHL, I've put together some banners to throw in your sigs if you want em. @VHLM GM
  6. Most of my ELO articles end up being long enough for 3 it hurts me
  7. mfw I get excited for a tag only to see it's a one sentence cameo
  8. :] I'll probably hit 2k considering I won't be retiring this TDL. Bow down to the king of the TPE whores.
  9. You just had to use one of my first graphics eh smh