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VHLM Season Review - Episode 2

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We are already halfway through the season and we have seen a ton of highlights along the way, some teams have earned enough rating points to catch up in the standings while other teams have plummeted and need to change things up if they want to get a better seed in the playoffs. Chemistry has been built and players are getting comfortable with the league and we see some new and old leaders. Here's how everything looks right now.




Last time we had 3 tiers of teams formed early in the season, this time we have 4. The best teams in the 1st tier still consist of Philadelphia, Ottawa, Minnesota and Halifax but an improved and Houston joins them after going 7-2-1 in their last 10 games and are now tied with the 21st. In the 2nd tier Yukon sits alone and continue their consistent play but lack an extra goal scorer to reach the top tier. A freezing cold Saskatoon falls into the third tier and get passed by San Diego who have been outstanding of late, separating themselves and beating their counterparts multiple times since the last episode and won enough games to create the 4th and final tier of Mississauga, Mexico City and Las Vegas but this time all 3 teams are tied for dead last.




This week we saw Ottawa's Zeno Miniti continue his hot streak and stays on top, blasting off to a different planet and takes a 13 point lead in points, falling short of the goal lead by 1 this time around but got enough helpers to tie for 1st instead. Our new goal leader is Dalton Wilcox of the Houston Bulls, scoring 29 goals on 14% shooting in 37 games. The best assisting are both new players, Philadelphia's Brandon LeBlanc who jumps ahead of the Storms needle threaders and winners of last weeks episode and an already mentioned Miniti with 44, both sit 5 above everybody else. 




We see a trio of new players join the defensive machine ranks with Halfiax's Pierre Persson who has continued to play well and they are, Ottawa's Anthony Hawk, Minnesota's Danny DeYeeto and Fylo Gibbles of Saskatoon. Hawk and DeYeeto have more hits than Persson and have less penalty minutes doing so, Hawk leads the league in hits with 151, 16 above the next best hitter. We see DeYeeto reach the 50 SB mark and he was one of the best shot blockers next to 1st place Gibbles who has a total of 68 w/ 89 hits.




Not many goaltenders performed that well and we saw a lot movement with statistics.. giving us a completely different look. instead of one goaltender dominating the league we saw Halfiax's' Thorvald Gunnarsson and Yukon's A Red Guy slide into the top spot tied for the best goaltender after matching their performances from last week, being consistent enough for their teams to be in it every game they played and weather the storm the other goalies went through. Gunnarsson is the only goalie above .900 SV% and Red Guy is the only goaltender below 2.00 GAA.




This time around Zeno Miniti is the best player of the episode and he stunned the crowd with highlight performances which gave his team enough momentum to win games to keep them in the top tier and there's a good chance we'll see his name again next episode after separating himself from the rest of the league in points. Miniti is one of the best shooting and passing players in the league thus far and his all-around game helps his teammates, finishing and creating plays.


EPISODE 1 - https://vhlforum.com/topic/66515-vhlm-season-review-episode-1-12/?tab=comments#comment-647725 


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