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Michael Johnson Journals #10 (??)


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Today, I woke up with the sun blaring straight into my face which gave me a quik boost of energy from all the vitamin D. I got up and went for a 10 kilometre run and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks. I've been implementing new healthy habits into my life in order to improve my general fitness so I can live a long and healthy life as well. Okay, lets ignore the warmed up ginger molasses cookie that I've had today. Granted, you can't hold me accountable for this, obviously its their fault it tastes so good. Look, I have it once every few weeks, not every day. It's just irresistible to me okay. I will not be denied.


Anyways, enough about that heavenly cookie that I don't have every morning (haha). What was nice was that my parents decided to make a quik trip out to Europe to check on me and see how everything is doing for me. It was nice as they took some small trips around Europe while training was happening and its almost like they got a 2nd honeymoon out of it. They spent 4 days in Paris visiting all the bakeries and eating all the pain au chocolat in the city. They then took a flight to London and spent 3 nights in North London. Honestly, I'm just so glad they had so much fun here in Europe.


This past week, training has been insane. I genuinely didn't think I'd have the time to spend writing this out between my parents being here and practice/gym work but some how I found the time so far. Theres been a lot of deadlifts, squats, bench this week. Like, too much. My tiddy's hurt a lot. My butt hurts. My arms are noodles, like the fat kind of pasta. My everything hurts a lot all the time to be honest but today I aggravated my disk when I went for a deadlift. One of my best friends from my childhood is a chiropractor so I gave him a quik call up and he had a contact out here surprisingly. One of this classmates in school moved out to Malmo for an opportunity to do research on something (I don't know to be honest, I'm just a big meathead). I got into her office and we spent one hour together assessing if all my muscles were firing and not out of place and such. We did an adjustment and some type of electric acupuncture and holy hell my entire back, arms, and everything felt incredible. I felt as if I was in offseason again. It sounds like I need t visit her more often and get my body alignment in proper shape. A lot of my back was wacko and thats why I was forcing myself to do certain things. I went to training the next day like a new guy, and we had a home game against Calgary the day after and I got 3rd star of the game. I had a huge performance and I got to attribute it all to my chiropractor who set me straight. 


Well, this is where I'm going to end off.

Michael Johnson

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