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WSJ on Draft Stock, Stuff


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Wolf Stansson, Jr. is slowly approaching the 200-TPE threshold. This is great news as it shows that he has been putting in work. Despite missing out on the VHL Birthday TPE Opportunity (bummed that there was no clearly stated deadline for this task, coupled with me being on vacation) - that one probably cost Stansson Jr. a first-round pick status. Nonetheless in an ultra-competitive S68 Draft Class, Stansson appears to be a Top-10 pick, at the worst a second-rounder. For the time being, hitting the 200 TPE is the best thing that you can do in the VHLM as you're maxing out your talents for your respective team. 


WSJ has had to adjust his 200 build from what was originally anticipated. This was done purely to help the Yukon Rush team out as much as possible this season by addressing certain weaknesses of the team. While WSJ's build might be a little unorthodox compared to some of the traditional means, WSJ could care less about what other people think. WSJ will do what he thinks is the best in the present moment while also maintaining focus on further improving his game for the VHL. 


WSJ has gotten interest from several VHL teams - either their GM/AGMs are already tanking on this season and looking ahead toward next season, or they're bloody brilliant for anticipating the future while also being focused on the present. WSJ is hopeful that he will end up landing on a VHL team that will give him an opportunity to play as much as possible from the get-go. Experience is the best teacher and that's how WSJ will thrive to become a successful D-Man in the bigs. 


In other news, WSJ was recently named to the WJC World Roster for the upcoming competitions, which was a huge honor for the Icelandic D-Man. He will get to play with two of his fellow countrymen, which will be pretty cool. This will be WSJ's first international competition with his fellow VHL/VHLM folks, which should be fun. 

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