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Teemu Lehtinen Jr On End of Year and Draft


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Teemu Lehtinen Jr On End of Year and Draft


The season is nearing its end and Houston Bull Teemu Lehtinen Jr has started to hear murmurs regarding his draft stock meanwhile he seems to be stalling in production in the highest level of the minor leagues. Through 41 games he is tied in fifth in scoring goals and has shown that he has grown an immense amount from the player who tallied only two points through 26 games in the VHLm the previous season on the Mexico City franchise. Starting off red-hot, Lehtinen Jr has failed to tally points in recent games and in fact he has gone on record talking about how disappointing his performance is -- especially with the VHL draft approaching. He knows that this will be his final season in the VHLm and thus he wants to have some of the best performances of his career. When thinking about the up-coming draft recent comments by top prospect Condor Adrienne made him believe that it could have potentially jumped up his draft stock. He does not expect to go before either of the top two guys, however given the recent comments he could see a team going after a "safer" pick than Adrienne. Although it is biased, Lehtinen Jr sees himself as the third best prospect in the class. The other prospects are great however he is the best scorer in this class -- without a doubt -- and thus his goalscoring ability should be what sets him apart from other players in his tier. TLJ and the agency look forward to the draft and hopefully ending the year very strong. 

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