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Palo talks to media


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The trade deadline is today at some point, so what better moment to come out and share some thoughts about the hot topics around VHL! Let's start with the big one, recently all the players were informed about a vote that was aimed to see if former user Boubabi should be unbanned and allowed to return. To that, I can only say: who? I remember Boubabi the user, but what did he say and/or do in the past is not there with me anymore. I remember arguing with him about something in the general chat sometime before he was banned, but what was it all about? I don´t remember. I did not spend too much time in the forums back then to see what was going on, so I already had way smaller picture on what kind of user he was because I did not pay too much attention, but that does not change the fact that Boubabi is a user who has been given multiple chances and has then wasted them, when does that stop? I´m a big believer in second chances, but if you just keep wasting them like that, at some point the league needs to stop giving them to you.


My opinion on the case: whatever opinion I had about Boubabi has mellowed down, If the league thinks he is ready for another chance, I´m not 100% against it, BUT if that is the case - I hope they keep an extremely short leash on him.


That is all I have to say about Boubabi - which was not much.



Palo walking to the locker room after 5 point sim


Let's move on to the second hot topic, I´m leading the league in scoring. 30 + 44 = 74 points in 49 games, that is hot and I´m just grateful that you all here with me to see this. It´s entirely possible that I score the most goals, dish out the most assists and have the most points when the regular season is over - that is as close to dream season as you can get, but there is still a lot of games left in the season and I have to go against more than few talented players who also want to win trophies and finish high in the scoring race.


The final hot topic is the trade deadline itself, I have been in these leagues for multiple years now, but every time the trade deadline comes around I feel a bit nervous - do I get traded? I´m 95% sure I have never been traded close to the trade deadline, so it´s not that realistic when you look at my history, but at some point that day has to come, right? Getting traded close to the trade deadline is an exciting moment to get traded, you could end up into a team that wins the whole thing that season, but you could also get traded to a team that does not even make the playoffs. That last option would suck a lot and in all honesty, is the reason why these trade thoughts come up in my mind closer to the trade deadline.


That is all, that was my media hour this week!


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