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Minot Fans Treated to Something Special


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The Minot fans have been treated to top-knotch hockey this entire season, with the team performing well. The main focus on the team this year has been to load up with as much offensive talent as they can get while not even bothering improving their defense or goaltending. While it has been an exciting brand of hockey to watch, the fans were treated to something extra special when they looked into the stands at a recent home game.


Up in the stands was none other than pop sensation, Katy Perry. She had a little bit of time to burn while on her current North American tour and had decided to take in a Gladiators game on the weekend. What may have been even more surprising than her being there was the players jersey which she was wearing. Katy Perry had decided to invest in the captain himself, Jakob Linholm.


Linholm has been having a good season this year for the Gladiators, scoring 82 points in 44 games this season. Linholm has recently been seen partying it up with a bunch of the party animals from the NHL. Him, along with Tyler Seguin, were seen at a Katy Perry concert recently and he apparently caught her attention.


"Yeah I noticed that she was out there but who wouldn't? She is kind of a big deal in the world right now and were glad that she is a fan of the Gladiators. It's also pretty cool that she decided to wear my jersey to the game today. I hope that she didn't spend too much on that jersey tho because she is going to need to buy an Americans one for next year."



Good Golly Ms. perry

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