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Expansion Team Names

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Expansion Team Names


@Matt_O has made a bold prediction as to the exact two locations of the two expansions teams. I feel, as do many he may be on to something with his prediction. Washington for North America and Prague for the World. I would like to discuss potential teams names based solely on his prediction.



The VHL currently has a team called he New York Americans, so my thought is either they change their name or the new Washington stays away from a patriotic name like the Nationals. My thought is that they could be the Washington Generals, still slightly patriotic but has more of a military theme than a patriotic. 



I have no idea what the Prague team could be called so with this prediction I’m going with something that sounds good to me. Prague Prestige or Prague Pheasants. I think both have a nice little ring to it. The Prestige is always a good name for a team and Pheasants are known to live in the outskirts of Prague.


New York

Bonus paragraph here, if New York gives up its patriotic name for the Washington expansion team, they will need a new brand. New York Metropolitans, New York Empire, or New York Flying Monkeys. The last one is a reach but the other two could very much be possible solutions for them.

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