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McWolf's Season Recap


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Everyone does them, nobody reads them, but it's Sunday 10pm and I'm missing 2 capped TPE so here goes: McWolf's season recap.


As far as regular season goes, this was one of Joseph McWolf better performance. His 27 goals and 77 points, while low when compared with historically great blueliners, both rank 1st among defensemen. This is funny to me because I originally meant him to be a stay-at-home, defensive dman. Not to say he was defensively, he finished 3rd among blueliners with 239 hits and 24th with 118 shots blocked. Plus, whatever it's worth, the Reign finished first in PK%, so McWolf probably had something to do with it, when he wasn't in the penalty box himself. All-in-all, it should be enough to have him at the center of discussions for the Valiq and Labatte winners. Maybe not so much for the Wylde, which is funny because I originally intended him to be a one-way defensive defenseman. That is, until I realized it wasn't that hard to get enough TPE to build a great two-way player.


McWolf's first season out of New York was a reinvigorating for him, as he got his best performance since he won the S64 Labatte Trophy. Riga's first round win over Moscow marked the first series win for him, but it still ended up with a disappointing semi-finals loss to eventual Continental Cup runner-ups Helsinki Titans. It didn't help that he wasn't able to score even one goal in the whole playoffs. He did finish 5th in hits and 9th in shots blocked though, despite not playing in the finals.


We'll build from that though. This is still the most team success McWolf had in his whole career. The team core shouldn't change too much this offseason, bar from the player we'll be losing to the expansion draft, so S68 should be another great one for the Reign and the whole team.

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