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Draft Day Nearing


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Draft Day Nearing


Condor Adrienne is used to being on earth after spending his first 1,5 seasons with the Philadelphia Reapers. But the time is nearing where he will move homes again as the VHL Draft is nearing.  After OS1 Orbiting Death owner Anna Villani has successfully taken control of the Philadelphia Crime Syndicate in this past period, Villani is looking to expend her business further by taking control of more cities on this planet. To make that possible, she needs Condor to move.  With Condor being her superstar on Earth she realizes people will follow him blindly wherever he goes and knowing this she knows she can take over any city where he lands.

The real question remains is where Condor will land up. It’s quite obvious that he will go high in the draft and that Malmo currently is in the lead position to make a draft selection. The expansion teams and Moscow are the other locations for Condor to possibly land up, but it will likely take a lot for them to move making it not likely for them to succeed.

Only the newer VHL cities will be able to land Adrienne and now the offseason is starting, trades are possible. Will the Nighthawks hold tight? Only time will tell.

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