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Goalies in Short Supply in the VHLM S68 Draft

Erik Summers

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Goalies in Short Supply in the VHLM S68 Draft




With just a couple days left before the S68 VHLM Dispersal Draft, it appears that goal tenders are going to be a hot commodity. With only three serious contenders on the draft board, it is likely we could see all three gone in the first round. So let's take a look at these three goalies and see if we can predict where they will end up.


Bruce Grimaldi

The biggest and highest ranked goalie on the draft board, Grimaldi is an absolute monster. Although the Marlins were unable to win a playoff game this year, you can hardly pin that on the goal tending. This twenty year old is poised to be a dominate force in the VHLM this year, so who needs his services the most?


I think San Diego would love to have their star back in goal. Unfortunately, I don't think Bruce will drop far enough for them to get that shot. With goalies in such short supply in this draft, and good ones even rarer, I fully expect Bruce Grimaldi to go first overall to Mississauga.


Block Buster

Buster is easily the strangest goalie on this list. This bean pole weighs in under 150 lbs and stand over six and a half feet. Sure, he's quik, put I'm not convinces that pucks can't just go through him. Sure, Mississauga had some other problems last seasons, but it surely didn't help that their goalie was transparent without his sweater on. If Mr. Buster wants to make a serious roster, he's going to put on some weight.


That being said,  with the goalie shortage this year, I expect that the Australian will go 12th overall to Mexico City.


Solomon Crawford

Solomon was picked up by Vegas late in S67, but he had an impressive run with a SSV% of 0.885. He even managed to pull out a post season win for the Aces. Crawford has focused on becoming one of the fastest goalies in the VHLM, but he will need to work on his size this season if he wants to compete for a VHL spot next season.


With the Aces having three picks in the first round of the dispersal draft, I think it is highly likely that the twenty one year old Solomon Crawford will be returning to Vegas this season.

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