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Post Game Interview With Hugh Chan


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Hugh Chan has scored his first career goal in the Malmo Nighthawks fourth game of the season against the Calgary Wranglers. The goal came in the third period at 18:56 on the powerplay, assisted by Matthew Materzao and Joey Boucher. We spoke with him briefly after the game to get his reaction and overall thoughts on the season.


Q. " Now this must have been on your hockey bucket list since the beginning of your career, how does it feel to score your first VHL goal?


H. " It really is hard to describe, I've been dreaming about this moment ever since I was a little kid. Scoring so early into the season was a little bit of a surprise for many, but considering my success in the VHLM on the special teams, I expected my offensive abilities to translate well to the VHL.. It was great to showcase to the league what I'm capable of. there were definitely doubts on my overall game, but I'm here this season to prove everyone wrong. "


Q. " Though it's still early in the season, what are your expectations of your team, the Malmo Nighthawks? "


H. " Although it's still early in the season, I do believe we will surprise many by making the playoffs. Our team is solid up and down the lineup, we definitely will still need some time to build team chemistry, but considering the depth and talent I don't believe it should be a problem.


Q. What are your expectations for your own play, what do you need to improve on?


H " I'm expecting a solid rookie season primarily on the offensive end, I don't think that 40 points in my rookie season is off the table. What I need to improve on? ... Definitely my skating and defense. The speed at which the players play up here is really at another level, my skating will improve as the season progresses which in turn should help with my defensive positioning. I will be working with the training staff throughout the season to help tackle that, but in the mean time I will focus on my strengths which is my passing and play making ability.


Q. " How has it been playing in a new country? "


H. " It's been an interesting but amazing experience, I never thought that I would play professional hockey in Europe. The food has been amazing so far and it hasn't been too difficult adjusting to the culture, my teammates from Europe have made my transition relatively easy. "


Q. " Anything that you would like to say to the Malmo Nighthawk fans? "


H " Thank you for welcoming me to your beautiful city and beloved hockey organization! I appreciate how welcoming everyone from Malmo has been on my rookie season. Also to the ownership and management group of the Malmo Nighthawks, I appreciate you for taking the chance on a young chinese defenseman from Hong Kong. Tack själv!

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