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Since I have a 3-hour highway drive alone, I may as well put some thoughts to the metaphorical paper. 


Let's start with Seattle.

As of writing this, resetting first place on top of the entire league. Mind you it's a slim three-point gap between us and 2nd place Vancouver and a four-point gap between us and third place Helsinki. But none the less were higher than we expected, in part due to the fact that we've got lucky and some games were just playing very well as a group of young guys.

Funk has been a huge part of that play, posting the second best save percentage at .933 as well as a 2.07 goals-against average, down significantly from last season. 

Out of Seattle's 15 man roster, only four players have yet to crack double digits in points; Mars, Jenton, Underyew, Kingfisher and Funk. No one on this list expects to crack those margins considering three of them are inactive, two of them are goalies the last ones of fresh rookie who's going to take some time to adjust.


Let's move on to dear old Minnesota.

I can start off by saying I had zero expectations to do this well. Granted, a lot of this is due to the fact that the league has no goalies. Yeah I won't complain trauma Minnesota holds first place by 4 points over Las Vegas and by five points over Houston although Houston does have a game in hand. 

Everyone in Minnesota seems very happy, makes sense when you consider that the five octaves that started the season all currently have above 20 points through 18 games, as well as humorously an  semi-inactive. 

A lot of our success hangs on our goalie though, Ligriv. He's having an amazing season so far, posting a .908 save percentage and a 1.98 goals against average. those are pretty beastly numbers in the current VHLM state. Will be interesting as the cap rises the 250 next season, we could see a lot of records broken over the next couple. 


With most teams over a quarter through their season, we start to weed out the pretenders and the actual contenders a bit. That said, no one is looking to be a buyer or a seller just yet with the league being so tightly packed. But at the bottom of the league we currently see Philadelphia, San Diego, Ottawa and Saskatoon. 

Ottawa and Saskatoon both expected to be down here, with very little picks and near to know returning players neither expected to do very well. Philadelphia under Brand New management, is probably doing about what they expect. I'm sure they would love to do better but they were lacking returning players. San Diego on the other hand, came into this season looking to be a contender. As of right now I'm not sure they can make it above 5th place. Even if they're freshly signed goalie can cap, they'll have a struggle all season long and through playoffs with the current roster.


Everybody else right now is the contender, there's no one who is The pretender playing above their grade of roster. The league's very tightly packed this season as everyone came into the draft wanting to compete what's this rate class of recreates in a decent class of new people. I'm excited to see the flip-flopping that happens through this league throughout the rest of the season as I feel like it'll be a tight fought race right to the very end. 

So best of luck to everyone, let's try and keep this entertaining


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