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  1. Obviously we chatted in private but once again, Congrats man! Best of luck to you in Calgary (except against my player)
  2. Okay this is excessive on so many things. You want to know how long it took me to see what variable was thrown out? 5 minutes. It takes 5 mins to check the end of season lines across the last 3 seasons and not that they were ALL different He played with 6 different wingers and that's without going through and checking midseason games to see other line changes. You'll also notice that across the last three seasons, he was the #1 forward in overall with varying amounts of depth on the team. You'll also notice 76 is the only time he has someone on the team on o
  3. We have a process for Expansion as well as Expansion drafts in place. We expanded from 12 to 16 teams three seasons ago.
  4. https://twitter.com/FrankFunk_GM Not a pure team account but it's your source for Minnesota Storm News @dlamb
  5. Sad to see you step down @FrostBeard. You've done well with Malmo and I still remember our time in the M. Best of luck to you in whatever future endeavors you have and choose!
  6. I could've sworn I had already said feel free to hand it off. I've been having a tough time finding time.
  7. Well would you look at that, it may or may not be Sunday again and I may or may not be two TPE shy of my weekly cap again. Oh and I need it for PBE as well since I kinda want to do better there as well. It's now 11 pm my time so I'm not quite sure how much longer till time is up. Oh wait it's actually too late for that so I guess it'll be fore PBE's next week actually. I guess at this point I should actually write about something since I'm however many words in and have no clue what I want to say. So I guess at this point hi VHL, hope everyone's doing well and enjoying their time. I like
  8. 1. We recently made pair of trades that sent out John Merrick and Leo Strauss, what are your thoughts on those particular trades and do you think we got back fair value? Considering what was sent I think we did well 2. Toronto released a podcast! Have you listened to it yet? Any suggestions on how to improve it? I haven't yet but I will 3. Since the trade Toronto is 2-2-2. Is that better than you expected, or do you believe we can get more out of this squad? Solid, anytime we can get at least 50% of the points is sold 4. Do you feel like you can be yourself within ou
  9. There are much worse things that have happened that Peace deleted or dealt with in DM's but may as well put that out there
  10. Oh I'm not triggered at all lol When you're peddling bullshit I'm going to call it out just like Bana does. I never mentioned your retirement so why bring it up? I also said nothing about your last season so again, why bring it up? You're very clearly here for a reason that most of this league isn't. If you don't like me saying that then 1. You can ignore it. Or 2. You can leave. I don't give a shit how your player does, if he wins big then great! If he's ass then that sucks and better luck on the next one (genuinely). Max earning is one aspect of what a GM drafts, persona
  11. Not all that true. Gregreg called you out and chirped back at you multiple times since I got here. Your stats show that lines have changed nothing if not made it worse. P/20 is down, SB/G is down, G/G is down, your Power Play has been ass. +/- is up but that's a team stat, assists are up but are subject to your teammates. Your stats had nothing to do with lines, you complained when we opened and you had 22 mins instead of 26-28 and just ignored me at first when I explained it's just STHS and PP/PK time. When I explained further at least you acknowledged it and seemed to understa
  12. If you check the main discord lots of us are in on it and chat about it in the finance and stocks channel
  13. G - Jaxx Hextall @OrbitingDeath