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  1. Rayzor_7

    SEA/HSK; S79

    It would've been but that loses a trade partner as well as respect from every single GM in the league
  2. Rayzor_7

    HSK/CGY; S79

    Condition @Ricer13 S81 CAL 3rd becomes S81 CAL 2nd if Dan Dan resigns in Calgary prior to the S81 Draft. Thanks for the trade talks. I wish you all the best in your future @MMFLEX!
  3. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Yeah meant this, as in a respect and agreement behind the scenes
  4. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    We very well could just remove the condition and acknowledge it behind the scenes like before. That would happen rather than this condition becoming public.
  5. Rayzor_7

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Accepted Was a pleasure working with you and getting to an agreement. This helps the HSK rebuild get started fast
  6. @VictorShould use the Berlin name I was going to use for expansion
  7. Rayzor_7

    TOR/HSK; S78

    Helsinki Receives: Erik Killinger 79 TOR 4th Toronto Receives: Kate Upton S79 HSK 2nd S80 HSK 3rd
  8. The new management of the Helsinki Titans are proud to announce their captaincy squad for Season 78! Team Captain: Valtteri Vaakanainen @Jubo Assistant Captain: Patrik Laine @PatrikLaine Assistant Captain: Dan Dan @MMFLEX
  9. In fairness I was here first before I became an EFL guy
  10. I'm the Tom Wilson of the VHL