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  1. I don't trust @Sebster03. Sebster came up as suspicious and has said nothing for us all game. I say we take him, worst case we take an inactiveish townie and best case we take a Vamp, maf or WW Vote Sebster
  2. He can't be Jester as all Neutral roles are filled. If we are believing you here and still believing OMG it makes him the framer instead of a vampire which is just as bad anyways
  3. Vote Josh Vampires get another chance to strike if we don't lessen their numbers and omg hasn't been wrong yet. If we are wrong we take McWolf tomorrow
  4. yup, forgot to re-add when my chrome crashed and I had to redo it, I'll get yelled at if I edit it soooooo
  5. A couple things going bonkers with the dead. Doom (Maf) claims Eno was the OG Vamp. While believable this gives Hatter a claim to sheriff, which I don't believe from him throwing me as sus. That leads me to believe Hatter is Maf. Town Jailor - Confirmed a_Ferk Town Protective 1- Bodyguard, Confirmed ColeMrtz (Claims guarding McWolf when killed N3) Town Protective 2 - Jacobaa claims Doctor Town Support 1- Mayor, Confirmed Proto Town Support 2 - Medium, Rayzor Town Investigative 1 - Investigator, Confirmed Snussu Town Investigative 2 - Philliefan claims Lookout Town Killing - Veteran (Nyko claimed, basically confirmed) Random Town 1 - omgitshim claims Psychic Random Town 2 - Escort, Confirmed Solas (Killed by Mafia while escorting McWolf N4) Random Town 3 - Hatter claims Sheriff Random Town 4 - McWolf claims investigator Random Town 5 Neutral Neutral Evil - Witch, Confirmed Fonzi Random Neutral 1 - PennyPenny claims Guardian Angel (used) Random Neutral 2 - Vampire, (OG potentially Eno) Random Neutral 3 - DoktorFunk claims Plaguebearer Random Neutral 4 - Mafia Godfather Mafioso Random Mafia 1 - Janitor Random Mafia 2 - Blackmailer Doomsday Random Mafia 3 - Consort ContinentalCup036 Random Mafia 4 - We have 1 confirmed TI while Philliefan, Hatter, McWolf and omgitshim all claim to be TI's. McWolf has a good will but that means nothing. N1: penny - Spy, Blackmailer, Jailor, Guardian Angel N2: Jerk - Spy, Blackmailer, Jailor, Guardian Angel N3: Josh - Framer, Vampire, Jester I hate to believe McWolf but Josh being a Framer or more likely a Vampire makes him a priority target imo. If we lynch him and we are wrong then we take McWolf
  6. F - Boris the Forest D - Charlie Paddywagon
  7. A_ferk says Jacobaa claimed Doc while in jail. But at this point there's probably as many Vamps as there is Mafia left.
  8. No information and knew I'd make it to nighttime, was hoping the new guys would reveal some info I could use before I revealed. Dok seems to be the only usuable info
  9. I was controlled N2 He did not, I'm guessing he didn't get enough Intel
  10. That was next up on my list of things a_ferk believes Dok to be Mafia due to this. I would suggest a Lynch as the odds of two are low (if not impossible?)
  11. Eno was Sheriff. There is also a Witch in this town as I was controlled one night.