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  1. 1. Who wins Gold? World 2. Who wins Silver? Europe 3. Who wins Bronze? USA 4. What player will be named tournament MVP? Roadkill Steve
  2. I feel like I'm becoming an older member since I've taken to less structured articles and media spots. This just seems to be easier as I can share thoughts while actually enjoying the writing a bit as it's not so serious. I decided to write an article this week since I want to start storing up trivia again in case something happens and I can't get on to write or do a graphic. Who is this goalie for Seattle? He's performing too well to be Funk, dragging Seattle through the last week of games or so. I won't complain as I enjoy leading in SV%, third in GAA isn't to shabby either and third in shots against (27 back from 2nd with 3 games in hand), oh and leading the league in shutouts too. Seattles offence is feeling rough despite not actually struggling. Ylonen and Wilinsky lead the way while the rest of the team is fairly spread out as the next 9 players are between 30 and 16 points.
  3. Captain Morgan, they're in need of a new captain and they know I got FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY because my GM is a fool JTV, he was found lying in a gutter the next morning Dirty Hooker Am I High? High amounts of CBD and no THC "The Beard of the Bears will do you proud!" Only if he complains about my PT's
  4. A guy who would like to come back to Minnesota? We can offer you a spot on the starting line if you stay active. Best of luck wherever you go, Cheers, ~Rayzor
  5. To be fair, his partner didn't show up for either draft lol
  6. 175 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 176 Prague Phantoms @ HC Davos Dynamo 177 Calgary Wranglers @ Moscow Menace 178 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves
  7. I feel like as GM's we should be rioting
  8. The point was that you don't understand the tactics of a GM so why shit on one
  9. All I'm hearing is it's time to move to 1.5 testing
  10. Fuck yeah! Was very excited Slade not signing till season start Davos, they suck again Funk Randoms, sitting at the top for now and it'll probably stay that way Mexico City to somewhere in NA, I'd vote Winnipeg/Brandon