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  1. With the VHLM Draft coming up shortly, these players are itching to be drafted. With these players having a possibility of a two-year VHLM career they might be better picks for the success of the team in the long term. Here’s a look at the top two lines from the S67 Draftees Right Wingers #1) Bjorn Scoringsonn | Iceland | 6’1” | 190 lbs. | TPE: 133 (-11) Scoringsonn is as his name states, a goal scoring winger. He is a strong skater with some passing skills as well. He is the best forward of this draft class. However due to a mishap in training he was injured and is going to be delayed in gaining skill or will drop what he has currently. Only time will tell. He had 2 goals and 3 assists in 9 games and was -2. #2) ACL TEAR | Monaco | 6’8” | 250 lbs. | TPE: 95 TEAR is a giant of a right winger. He is the definition of power-forward. He knows how to throw the body and knows how to throw hands. Decent skater as well Centermen #1) Lucas Nygren | Sweden | 6’2” | 192 lbs. | TPE: 73 Nygren is a young Swede with an offence-oriented mind. He can score or pass and has decent speed. However, he has a weak faceoff and could lose to wingers. He is +5 in 11 games. #2) Vladimir Pavlov | Russia | 6’2” | 200 lbs. | TPE: 66 Pavlov is an average centerman. He is a two-way goal scorer. He was a scratch for Minnesota Storm for 11 games. #3) Boris the Forest | USA | 6’2” | 160 lbs. | TPE: 62 Forest makes this list due to there being no other LW above 30 TPE. Forest is currently a two-way goal scorer. Left Winger #1) Tormund Giantsbane | Finland | 6’8” | 250 lbs. | TPE: 82 Giantsbane lives up to his name and is a big burly winger. But he has a weird spread of skills. He’s mainly a playmaking winger but also has a good shot. He was signed for S65 but did not play. Defencemen #1) Kevin Low | USA | 6’0” | 210 lbs. | TPE: 121 Low is the best defenceman in this draft class. He is a quik all-around defenceman. He can do it all, shoot, pass and defend. He has 2 goals and 3 assists in 12 games and is +6. #2) Boomer Kuwanger | Australia | 6’2” | 233 lbs. | TPE: 102 Kuwanger is a heavy defenceman from a country that doesn’t usually field hockey players. Kuwanger is a very fast playmaking defenceman who exhibits strong defensive awareness. He has 11 assists in 14 games and is +6. #3) Brandon LeBlanc | USA | 5’9” | 185 lbs. | TPE: 68 Leblanc is a fairly short for a defender but is still in the weight class of one. LeBlanc is a playmaking defenceman and has the strongest passing skills of the four listed. He has 3 assists in 9 games and is -7. #4) David Lindberg | Sweden | 5’10” | 230 lbs. | TPE: 58 Lindberg is a small framed defender, but he is by no means light. Lindberg is currently a two-way defender with a bit of strength over some of the other defenceman. He has 1 goal in 13 games and is -9. Goalies #1) Wrike Chyrnoble | Russia | 6’4” | 220 lbs. | TPE: 98 Chyrnoble is a big teenager. He has good hand speed and a quik reaction time. Pretty solid all-around goalie. #2) Rayz Funk | Canada | 6’0” | 165 lbs. | TPE: 90 Funk is a comparatively small goaltender. He is very all around with a very strong rebound control and nothing overly weak. He’s not flashy but he will get the job done. For April 22-28, Posted early with permission from Beketov.
  2. Player Name: Rayz Funk VHL/VHLM Team: Undrafted Cash you have: $1,000,000 Purchase Name: The First Generation Cost of Purchase: $500,000 Cash Left: $500,000
  3. S65 Player: Rayz Funk Transaction ID: 3379-3733-4006-3211 Reward: Doubles Week (Wk. Ending April 21, 2019) Doubles Week (Wk. Ending April 28, 2019) 5 Uncapped TPE $1M Player Store Cash @Josh. VHLM Draftee
  4. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 4 -Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 5 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 3-2 Toronto Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Julian Borwinn Series leader in goals: Vesto Slipher Series leader in assists: Julian Borwinn
  5. I think everyone trusts you here. Its up to you how you want to do it.
  6. Any thoughts on the VHL Expansion? What trips do you have planned in the offseason? Does your player have any pregame routines? What's your favourite NHL team? What real player is your player easily compared to?
  7. Thoughts on your season this year? What are your expectations for the next season? Whats your goal? Championship or Personal award? Any thoughts on the VHLM Expansion? What video games do you plan on playing in the offseason?
  8. Before leaving to the training facility I was able to get some words from Rayz Funk today. Funk has expressed his disappointment in his press conference yesterday. "With the number of VHLM GMs that have expressed interest in drafting me I was hoping to have some press show up for questioning. For whatever reason no members of the press showed up and honestly that stings. Especially considering some of the other draftees had the press show up to their conferences." I questioned him on interest from any brands after he put out a call about being unsigned to a company. "I did receive interest from one brand. However with the Sponsors Shield coming up the rosters are frozen. So I'm currently going to sit and wait until after I get drafted and see if I can pull in some big offers." Funk has had a strong showing so far and seems to be headed for an early round entry into the VHLM. If he has a strong showing in the minors he could be looking at entering the VHL after only one year in the VMHL. However he may also want to sit and take an extra year and see if he can lead whatever team lands him to a championship.
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    Need to practice my editing skills some more. Maybe after the draft...
  10. wait so why not make those usable stats then? that would make a three line league and a real backup goalie viable
  11. Rayz Funk is looking for a deal as a VHLM Draftee Goalie @Brand Executive
  12. I wasn't trying to take away from his anger. I would be upset too if its season after season. I actually like his passion. Looking at some of the previous seasons I can see why he would be so pissed off about the situation. Especially in the VHL. Just seemed over the top at the time. Looking at it again and taking history into account, I totally see why he is so pissed off about the playoff sim.
  13. Its fair to bitch that the better team on paper should win in the playoffs but then whats the point of the sim. If we look at the NHL playoffs this year we can see that the paper doesn't always show who the better team really is when it's crunch time.