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  1. The brooms were brought out, sorry to disappoint you're thought of a comeback
  2. 1. Who do you think is going to win the VHLM playoffs this year? 2. What is your favourite type of wings? 3. We clinched 3rd, where do you expect us to go in the playoffs? 4. Having shorter seasons was brought up recently. What do you think about this? 5. Do you think Minnesota needs a new logo or name, and what kind of logo and name would you like over our current one? 6. If you had to compare yourself to an NHL player, who would it be?
  3. I get what you want to insinuate. If there's something there I don't know about it. If there is then the gods should let me win the next 4 weeks and monthly
  4. I wasn't employed as a GM until after the May one. So I managed to win about 1/12 times since being hired. As well as the first 2 being in the VHLM and not VHL Lotto Who would've guessed, the active members got promoted to staff or were already staff
  5. Welcome back

  6. Well I'm open to rookies being able to sign up to 3 years. The thought is that they will go to RFA only if they don't like the team or didn't want to be there in the first place. In this case the GM's do have the option of trading or not drafting in the first place. If they get to RFA there would still be compensation if they sign elsewhere. But that would be discussed upon bring it back. Yeah again, would be open to suggestions on how to level it out if we bring it back I'm just trying to push the idea out here for all of this
  7. Well then we could look at offering new things and increasing prices on some
  8. This is exactly why I want the change. We shouldn't have a league where you must take league minimum. There's no point in negotiating contracts or even FA really.
  9. My hope is a 8 team playoff with 4 missing playoffs. and god please keep the crossover