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  1. God dammit don't you love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like bear smoke honestly. We aren't doing horribly but 1 win in 9 games is fairly atrocious. Thankfully only an 8 point gap to second place at the moment still. Funk is performing as the best starter with a .922 SV% but lags behind the weird tandem play of Vancouver's Eagles (.923) and Spyro (.962). But man does the team have a cup hangover, we are getting to the point where it may be time to just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks. At least I can look to Minnesota where we sit at 8-2 and a team full of happy members. While we aren't the strongest team obviously, we are looking to compete for a cup and I'm excited to see what we can do with what we have. But it may require more than what we have, we may need people to step up.
  2. @Walter Fizz, wanna come back and be my second or third pairing?
  3. "I was asked to step down by BOD, I'm sure they'll support me for taking a VHLM position"
  4. Was a great thing, I hope it becomes annual! Lots of clothes, a fitbit and I got myself new skates Eat better and more calories, workout more Funk for dragging SEA to first place Well I just said first place so lets go with that Possible, STHS has only allowed it once in 69 seasons though
  5. Hey @BigIrish, I've seen you around on Discord and its something we like to see here in Minnesota! We are contenders and have a fairly good shot and make a run for the cup. You'd likely be on our second pairing in a week or two and we'd love to have you!
  6. @Giles Rigel Minnesota will offer you a spot on our roster
  7. I'm assuming since you were recruited by Krice that you're headed there. But as the GM of Minnesota I will throw an offer out to you to join us as we are trying to make a run for the cup
  8. Hunter Hearst Helmsley @Philliefan
  9. Hey there @Insomnia I'm the GM of Minnesota. We would like to offer you a spot on our roster. Quote this and say accepted and I can send you a contract offer