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  1. I'll be the first on to try and poach you. I mean sign you!
  2. Go Jets Go! I mean, go Wolves!
  3. Rayz Funk 7. Goalie Achievements (All APPLICABLE) WINS/5 - 8.2 40 Games Started = 5 TPE - 5 Save % Sub 0.900 = 2TPE - 2 Shutouts = 3 TPE per SO - 12 27.2 so my sad man gets 20.
  4. @Devise Swap my starter goalie for my backup please. Otherwise no change.
  5. I feel like the top players should be automatic while the GM's nominate voteable depth players. Best of both worlds
  6. Well, it's that time of the year again. The playoffs are upon us, as eight teams will battle it out for the leagues 66th Founders Cup. Last year, we saw the Minnesota Storm win it all, but it certainly looks like we will have a new champion this year. Let’s take a look at the match-up between the Lynx and the Hounds Ottawa Lynx vs. Mississauga Hounds Season series: 4-3 Lynx Offence Ottawa has the best offence in the league hands down, with 297 goals they lead the league by 11 and are 53 ahead of Mississauga. Their top 6 split time evenly which has led to a depth of scoring for them all. Aston Martin broke 100 points and was 3rd in the scoring race. All six of their top 6 are in the top 25 for points. Ottawa’s offence struggled in the last two games putting up just 3 goals in two losses after averaging 4.24 goals per game. Ottawa does however put up a massive 37.5% PP when facing Mississauga. Mississauga on the other hand, plays a very mix up style and lines change often. Despite this, they have three players in the top ten including the league leading scorer Callum MacElroy. MacElroy clinched the scoring title by 5 goals and the points title by 2. Mississauga also sports the league leading defenceman Hulk Hogan, who is built around defence but manages to be a big playmaker for Mississauga. Mississauga’s PP has been lacking against Ottawa, managing a measly 16.22%. Advantage: Ottawa Defence Defence is a weakness for both of these teams. Ottawa does manage to pull ahead letting in 26 less goals this season but this doesn’t tell the whole story. In the series Ottawa leads by 5 goals but in the last two games against each other they only outscore Mississauga by 1. In their last 10 games Mississauga has been managing a 2.5 GA while Ottawa has been averaging 4GA, including a 6-2 loss against a struggling Minnesota team. Mississauga’s top 4 defenceman have accumulated 265 Pim’s while Ottawa’s has gotten 327 Pim’s. This could be a bit of a worry for Ottawa as their PK has struggled slightly against Mississauga. When it comes to defensive capabilities these teams are a bit of a toss up. You have Hulk Hogan vs Ambrose Stark and then Sundell and DeYeeto vs Parkey and Lawn. I feel like Mississauga has been playing better defence recently. Advantage: Mississauga Goalies I’ll start by going back to the last ten games. Rayz Funk has been averaging a 2.5GAA while Pekka Pouta has been averaging a 4 GAA which is 1.66 higher than normal. Neither goalie will be all that pleased though as Funk went 5-4-1 and Pouta went 4-4-2. Pouta has outperformed Funk slightly this season overall but has faced 142 less shots. I assume that goalies will have either no effect on this series or they will be the key piece to winning. Advantage: Even Overall With the season series being 4-3 in favour of Ottawa I’m going to go the other way with my prediction. Mississauga has been hot in the last half of the season while we saw Ottawa teeter out near the end and start falling from grace. I expect this to go the distance and be a hard-fought series between the leagues leading forward and defenceman against a deep Ottawa roster. The only other outcome is that a goalie pulls a stunner and plays like Grant Fuhr to steal a quik series. This has all the makings of a memorable playoff battle. Prediction: Mississauga in 7 Other series previews: 21st vs Marlins Reapers vs Storm Wild vs Kings
  7. 1. How can I not be? I love the atmosphere and the talk it creates in the league. 2. Not even close. My season was hot garbage honestly, picked up as the season was ending though. 5. I'm hoping to make it past Ottawa, at least take them to game 7. 7. We will be losing 3 for sure. Could be losing even more. 8. The GM's are very happy, especially with the fact that we didn't buy and still played middle of the pack is more than acceptable. 10. I find it unlikely that anyone will be moved. Gustav seems pretty attached to us.
  8. Well, it's that time of the year again. The playoffs are upon us, as eight teams will battle it out for the leagues 66th Founders Cup. Last year, we saw the Minnesota Storm win it all, but it certainly looks like we will have a new champion this year. Let’s take a look at the matchup between the Reapers and the Storm. Philadelphia Reapers vs. Minnesota Storm Season series: 7-0 Philadelphia Offence Despite being the best in the league, Philadelphia is not the top scoring offence in the league. They sit in third for GF beating Saskatoon by just 2 goals. While being a strong team, that strength is spread across the team. Philadelphia has one player in the top ten so no real star players, but they have four players in the top twenty-five and eight in the top fifty. John Frostbeard is their closest thing to a star player as he is the 2nd leading scorer in the league with 48 goals and holds a 13.52 shooting percentage. Minnesota has a very lacking offence, falling to 9th in GF behind even the eliminated Las Vegas Aces. They have only two players in the top fifty points. Their top scorer Raphael Nazarians was picked up near the trade deadline and has been their leader ever since. Their next two leaders are both defenceman; Donat Szita and Khalabib Stiopic. Stiopic was picked up at the deadline while Szita is in his third year. Szita is Minnesota’s second-best scorer. Minnesota is lacking any offensive firepower after they move two of their best players to Philadelphia at the deadline. I don’t expect much out of Minnesota’s offence, but Philadelphia is threatening to light up the scoreboard with the amount of depth they have. Advantage: Philadelphia Defence As a side effect of having traded away their top defenceman and top forward, Minnesota’s defence has stepped up offensive production. Dona Szita has 19 goals and 56 points this season after managing just 20 last season. Khalabib Stiopic has 40 points this season and newcomer Ricky Johnson has picked up 9 points through 13 games. Minnesota still has regained the ability to lock teams down to a lower score during this time as well. Holding teams to 4 or less in 9/13 of those games. Philadelphia has a familiar face on it in Boone Jenton, who has managed to bring his +/- back to positive since joining Philadelphia. Jenton is the defensive leader in points as well as the team leader in shots blocked. Philadelphia’s top four of Boone Jenton, Brandon LeBlanc, Edward Vigneault and Kevin Low is the best core in the league without hesitation and will be a tough matchup for even the best of offences. Which is made very clear as they have the least GA with 134 and the next closest is Mexico at 167. I think its impossible to exaggerate Philadelphia’s dominance in the defensive game this season. Including the big 9 shutouts and numerous one goal allowed games. Philadelphia is the King (or should I say Queen?) of defence this season. Advantage: Philadelphia Goalies Surprisingly enough, Minnesota actually has a strong goalie. Wendy Kandee Cain sits tied for 5th in SV% with a .895 but sits 9th in GAA with a 3.15. This GAA may be what led Cain to announce her retirement at the end of the season after just two full seasons. On the other hand, Kolur Bjoernsson looks set to move into the VHL next season. Sitting 2nd with a .912 SV% and 1st with a 1.81 GAA, Bjoernsson is without a doubt the best performing goalie in the league right now. Two shutouts and just 10 goals against in the 9-game win streak proves just how hot Bjoernsson is headed into his first ever playoffs. Advantage: Philadelphia Overall Philadelphia is coming in to the playoffs on a 9-game win streak. Minnesota is coming in on a 3-game win streak including a blanking of Mississauga. But this series is a no contest, Philadelphia has won all 7 of their games against Minnesota. The last four games have all been within 3 goals as well as a 2-1 finish. That being the case, I expect Philadelphia will be taking this series with haste. Prediction: Philadelphia Sweep Other series previews: 21st vs Marlins Lynx vs Hounds Wild vs Kings
  9. Lines are in boys. Lets go!
  10. Mainly defence didn't work... Good game for Funk though I guess
  11. I'm seeing this correctly right? 6-2 W over Ottawa? Nazarians has a 5 goal game? I'm dreaming...