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  1. Applying. Well done in your time with the team @Jubo
  2. Rayzor_7

    TPA Recall

    Frank Funk Jr FO 70>50
  3. Fuck you quoting me for Mr. White Knight? I was actually just trying to be polite and saying we stand with RJ and who he is. I didn't say fuck all about the OG post. All I said was we as a group aren't fighting and we stand beside our fellow GM. You could've picked anyone who actually commented on his post but you decide mine was the one? Fuck outa here with that shit
  4. Based on this response I was misconstrued in what you said. From what I was reading you were saying IR had to cheat or underhandedly get his GM spot when that's not the case at all. So if I was wrong then I do apologize but if not I won't stand for the slander.
  5. I can actually tell you exactly how, why and what the discussion was that lead to the ADV and IR hirings. So stop spewing more shit out of your mouth than your ass when you don't actually know the going one behind the scenes
  6. Here's the thing though, none of us are fighting lol. We're all in unison and stand by RJ whether it be shown publicly already or discussed in our GM chat (which trust me it has).
  7. I think you mean by that is it was confirmed in GM chat, caused a shit storm and had a rule change the next day or two
  8. As a GM at the time of both of these incidents I will call you on this utter bullshit
  9. Man the good old days or the dark days the toxic days, whatever you want to call them if you were a GM in 66-69 you know what I'm referring to. Being a GM none of this is surprising to me. I never had any internal view but I knew the mindset of Philly and how the team and players felt about the league and others in it. It was a very cult like collective which we've seen before, but I don't think to the strength of this. All of that said, things have changed and people aren't the way they used to be. The VHLM has gotten away from those kind of issues (not to call it perfect but it's
  10. Before I go on my little tangent/opinion piece I'll say it for y'all: Oh look a GM and Ex-BoG member who's part of that asshole Seattle crew Okay with that out of the way A lot of what I was going to or wanted to touch on was already done or touched by another great member in the likes of Beketov, Gustav, Devise and so forth but I'll go anyways. "I think the BoG should be abolished or at least drastically downsized" ~Dmax So I don't really get this. BoG is an advisory role. Blue Team has 100% power (unless somethings drastically changed) and can ignore BoG if
  11. Fuck no lol I love them to pieces and they know that but I'll tell them that in my LR and chat with them and run through games and such. I would quite disagree with this proposal even if it came with a pay increase (on top of the 6 for MS and 2 for GM). No point to force someone to write when it's not their thing if they're doing well in other ways
  12. Mad respect to the Minnesota Storm Alumni! @GrittyIsKing09
  13. Then you'd fit in perfectly with Stevo in Minnesota. Come join us! We have the third pairing available right now