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  1. For one Feedback* For two, the negativity surrounding it was you being a prick to your GM. Not that you were going to FA (which you were up in the air about, which in turn is being a prick to your GM)
  2. So you fucked up twice already? Or three times?
  3. And how have you done so far? Barely clinging to playoff spots in an eight team playoff.
  4. Funny, didn't you still fail? All I'm hearing is he did what you couldn't
  5. Funny funny funny The GM won the cup in his first season in. Is an active member of the community and has taken on multiple jobs. Is a mature GM and is respectful and nice within the GM community and trade talks. Vs Who the fuck are you? Oh right, public dissing that same GM who got promoted. Publically asks out and threatens free agency. Shit disturber Semi-active player who calls to be the top line while have a third line player Oh and last but not least You are an attempted cheater, stealing other people work in some cases nearly word for word and have been caught twice and faced multiple PT Bans already. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
  6. Funk, Frostbeard and probably Kovalchuk @FrostBeard the man, the myth, the legend. @HenrikZoiderberg and @Rayzor_7 (Deal with it) No luck, we are a highly skilled team. We will keep chugging. Gotta be Thompson (Fuck) Nill
  7. Well in that case I'll keep mine simple. Join Minnesota!
  8. Aye that's true, just bites to miss out on the 13 uncapped TPE difference.
  9. All I'm reading is that old guys got 15 TPE and now the new guys get 28 (4 writeups* 5 + 8 Bio)?
  10. Hey Shawn, You know who I am already so I'll cut to the chase. We only have 2 active Dmen, so I can offer you second pairing on the second place team. We want to make another run at the cup. Cheers, ~Rayzor
  11. Hey Beketov, I'll forgo the spiel and just get down to the obvious. Minnesota can offer you second line minutes on the second place team. Maybe we can get your career off to a decent start for you Cheers, ~Rayzor