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Claimed:Waldron's Draft Drama

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The Disarray of the Draft




With the 37th VHL season rapidly winding down (I think), observers are starting to look at the possibilities of the upcoming VHL Entry Draft (I assume).  This draft should be more interesting than most, but not necessarily for the usual reasons.  Unpredictability tends to rule the day in the VHL, but in this draft the oddity should be the consistency, at least so far as it concerns the name of the team doing the drafting.


There are ten teams in the VHL, but as of this moment six of them are taking the first round off.  Yes, sixty percent of the league is lacking a first-round pick.  Why is that?  Well, to put it one way, the Season 38 VHL Entry Draft is like an Italian at a bar: too much Cologne.


One team is getting half of the first-round pie, and another is getting over half of what's left.  Cologne picks third, sixth, seventh, eighth, and tenth.  Helsinki picks second, fourth, and fifth.  The other two teams picking in the first are Calgary, picking first, and Quebec, picking ninth.




So what does that mean for Turku Outlaw and Season 38 draftee Brock Waldron?  As the only goaltender in the draft (or at least the only one who's worth a damn), the list of teams that he's likely to wind up with is more limited than the other prospects.  The VHL has seen a surge of young goaltending talent over the last couple seasons, and as a result many teams (including the aforementioned Helsinki and Cologne clubs) don't have a need for a goaltender.


So where does that leave Waldron?  There are a lot of possibilities as to what could happen to the budding star come draft day.  Here's a look at the likely outcomes.


One: Quebec Takes Waldron at Ninth Overall

Of the teams with a first-round pick, the only one with a need at goaltender after this season is Quebec.  Tuomas Tukio has already announced his retirement, and the cupboard is bare when it comes to their few VHLM prospects.  If Waldron is available at nine, Quebec would have a lot of trouble saying no to the guy who would be a mainstay between the pipes for years.  Waldron's first season would be spent in the VHLM, and the Meute would be able to grab another talented player in the following draft to help prepare for their rise back up the standings.


Two: Toronto Trades Up to Take Waldron Earlier

The only other team with a question as to the future of their goaltending is Toronto.  Remy LeBeau has been a mainstay, but he is facing a mandated retirement after next season.  Since Waldron won't be ready for the show by then anyways, he could easily be stashed in the VHLM while LeBeau makes his retirement tour.  The problem is that Toronto is lacking their first-round pick.  Therefore, in order to land Waldron, they would either have to hope that Quebec passes for some reason, or they would have to put together a package to entice either Helsinki or Cologne to part with one of their picks.  The price for that could be higher than they'd be willing to pay.


Three: Cologne or Helsinki Drafts Waldron to Flip For Picks

Another possible scenario is that one of the two teams that owns the first round picks Waldron, hoping that he builds enough hype and talent in the VHLM that he can be flipped to one of the previously-mentioned goalie-hungry franchises for a king's ransom.  There's also the added benefit of having an insurance policy, on the off chance either Kimmo Salo or Blaine Olynick falters on their path to the VHL.  The risk here is that Waldron could be put off by such a move, especially if the team ends up driving the price so high that he can't be moved and ends up wasting away on the bench or in the minors.


One of these three situations will play out on draft day.  Whatever happens, however, Brock Waldron is looking forward to spending another season working on his game in the VHLM, and with any luck he'll be ready at the start of Season 39 to take the league by storm.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

709 words. As you pointed out, two teams own the draft board. Obviously the scenario surrounding Waldron is a bit dicey and that the possibilities are endless right now as you have eluded to. Great job with this.

Grammar: 2/2

Appearance: 1/1

Nothing wrong here.

Overall: 6/6

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