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Redemption 1


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Road to Redemption




Redemption. What does it mean to be redeemed? To change the image people see when looking at you? To better yourself on a personal level? The definition is to compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something). For Me in order to Redeem myself I would need to prove to my peers that I can be trusted and work hard to be a contributing player In any league, on any team. Kachur has a name that has been around since the fourth season of The Victory Hockey League. He was not the best player but he was new and didn’t know what it took to be elite. After he retired the Kachur Player Agency opened and it had a few failed prospects Until Gregory Glass. A Huge shutdown defender that was an asset to any team that chose to pick him up. Glass even won the continental cup with Cologne Express , the highlight of the Kachur Agency.


Alex Kachur was brought back in the World Cup to coach Team Canada who had not won the gold since season 16, well after a rough few games Canada seemed to find it footing and went on to take the top prize proving Kachur still had that fire in him that made him special. He was brought back again for a short lived Tenure as VHLM General Manager in which he managed to absolutely cripple the team Trading away any possible future in the chance to win a cup. A cup he was no where near. Kachur was promotly fired. It was a tough learning experience for the man but he grabbed a lot of experience from it.


He again got brought back for another tournament as the Coach of Shirokov not stirred. Again coming super close to winning it at a third place finish, surprising many at the time due to Kachurs previous History and Legacy…or lack there of. So now here we are with a 3rd generation Kachur in Rede Kachur, hoping to carry on his grandfather’s name and his father’s name. Looking to Redeem. The name many people attributed with just not having what it takes. The journey to Redemption will be a long Harrowing journey with twists and turns. Ups and downs. One thing is for certain Rede has a new outlook on life and is ready to do what he needs to.


The first test is the VHLM and showing up on the small stage, showing General Managers that he is a hard worker and trustworthy. A man of his word who tells you something then goes out and gets the job done. Many people have already reached out to Rede and he has found a good support structure around him, with everything set up for success, it is now up to him and the Kachur Player Agency to make sure he achieves everything he wishes to. So as a Gadget Winger Rede is hoping to blend in on rosters and improve them right away, he is not seeking fame or glory…just Redemption.

*507 Words. Week of 10/7 - 10/13

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