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I didn't finish the third and final part of "The desired FA destinations for a forward'' because I didn't had any wi-fi at home for almost a week right now. I am joining a EU team so I didn't really need to make one for the NA conference anyway.


At 12:01, Aleksander Rodriguez already decided to join the ranks of Malmo in the tough EU conference! With the effort of winning  a cup with them. What will the future hold with this young men, which he is almost entering his prime with his playmaking exploits?



GM: Advantage


Aleksander Rodriguez: I am really really happy and excited to be apart of this roster! I don't have any words for it. I still can't believe that I'm joining this amazing team which were an expansion team just a few seasons ago. I never would of thought in the past that I would leave my hometown place, NY, to join this team all the way from Europe! I have nothing, but good praise for this team. The generous GM, Advantage, offered me a contract worth 11 million over 3 seasons. I will play my absolute best under his reign. I will have the chance to play in front of the uprising star goaltender in Michael Johnson. After that, we have an absolute stack young d-core in Jerry Garcia, Connor Adrienne, Hugh Chan and with the newly free agent acquisition of Joseph McWolf leading the way! I'm glad that I will be available to play alongside of him. (I don't know if Rusty is re-signing) After that, the forward core. I am willing to play on the second line and rack up those assists. My mind right now is just winning the cup and compete in the playoff for the rest of my career. I hope that I can learn a lot from Ryan Sullivan Jr! Go Malmo Go!


Edit: I heard a source that another superstar player will maybe join the squaddddd


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