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Off-Season Celebration and Training with Erik Summers

Erik Summers

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Off-Season Celebration and Training with Erik Summers


When Erik sat down with his new GM, Frostbeard, after he was drafted to the Bulls, Frostbeard asked him, "What is your goal for this season?" Summers had one response. "I want a cup." And now he has two, a Continental and a Founder's cup. Unable to properly celebrate in Houston (with alcohol), Summers made a trip home to visit his family in the off season. While there, Erik has been continuing with his training regiment in preparation for the upcoming VHL draft.


Erik says that he hasn't been in serious talks with any teams ahead of the draft and he is questioning his status as a top ten pick in the draft. "Well, I'm sure I'll end up somewhere, but I certainly thought I would have heard from more GMs by now." When asked about what he thought might be fueling the lack of interest, Erik declined to offer a comment.


Regardless, Summers is not back in the states, preparing for the more front and center role he will be playing on the Bulls this year.

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