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Stay On The Ice

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During the offseason Ben had some reflecting to do. When he came into the league, he had one goal: Win the cup. But he had never given thought to what happens if he doesn’t win the cup and now, he stood reflecting.


Melbourne two years ago

Ben Strom played for the Northern Suburbs Lancers in the Melbourne Victory Hockey League. He had just lost the first two playoff games of his career; he was the last player on the ice unable to grasp the magnitude of the situation. He stood there until his coach came up to him and asked “Ben what is it you want to do?” Ben replied “Stay on the ice, I want to be on the ice for the longest. I want to win.” The coach smiled took his puck and said “Well get home and prove you want to stay on the ice tomorrow.” Prove ben did, he came into this game like a man deranged over the next three straight wins to win the series Ben scored from all angles.

So now he stood, he was unable to stay on the ice the longest. That enraged Ben he swore that he would be the one to Stay On The Ice The Longest.

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