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Yes it's happening! Gonna be recorded on Sunday and posted whenever I fucking want!


Do I need a co-host? Nope, but if someone wants to take on the tall task of keeping me from crossing the line message me. If I get no messages I don't really give a fly fuck.


Things that will be on the show:

Things that annoyed me recently

Things that annoy me in general

Annoying things that I have done recently in my life

My pitch of why be like me and not like what you are now

The truth as to why I am so cocky and an asshole

Why I truly actually hate Kendrick

More annoying things


Actual sound effects and other shit you hear in a pro podcast. Yes even a real intro! not a fucking song like everyone here


Do I need questions? FUCK NO! So don't over exert yourself, I don't want any of you fat asses to get worked up so much thinking of questions since you might need an oxygen tank or a hospital visit. A visit where they will tell you that you need to stop eating yourself to a early grave. But you don't want to hear that now do you? So PLEASE and I do mean PLEASE!!! Do not over exert you're fat body or you're fat chubby fingers that press two buttons at once. I do not care for questions, I got enough material that I don't need questions from people like you. 

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