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Living in Saskatoon


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Moving to Saskatoon for Ice Hockey has been an exciting experience, its very different from the city that I moved from. Even though I am enjoying being able to order poutine whenever I'm hungry, the weather here is colder than I expected, its not too bad at the moment since I can wear a jacket, but in the winter I'm sure I will suffer. I read that Saskatoon gets roughtly 55 days of snow in winter, my home city was always warm and sunny so it's gonna be an interesting happening for me. 

Something cool about this city is the surprising number of bridges to cross in order to travel around, it makes the layout of the city pretty picturesque in my opinion and I like looking out onto the water as I drive over them. 

I'm having a good time here but I would be lying if I said I wasn't home sick. Luckily playing for the Wilds has helped me to take my mind off of it and I love my team. 

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