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  1. BOOM! I knew Odinsson would be insane, congrats! Congrats to all the other winners as well
  2. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. The roster now looks much smaller than the previous seasons. Is there player from the FA list that we should try to bring in? 2. Look into the future and how would we do next season? 3. Should Chicago consider a rebuild this season or next season? 4. Who should plan the farewell party for Camus and Socks at the end of the season? 5. How has the Chicago journey been so far? 6. Is it finally time for us to draft another goalie?
  3. thanks quik for what you've done for the league
  4. Wow its been a year eh. thanks for the questions slapshot, appreciate it. 1. I would switch to a D. I feel like a defenders job is so versatile and flexible. During a rush, a defender can become a forward and take that 2 on 1 or whichever man advantage. But a defender has also got to have good defending skills, like blocking shots, reading and blocking passing lanes etc. To be a good D-man, isn't easy and maybe this role will start a new challenge. 2. I love the green, white and red like one of the European hockey clubs. Reminds me of Christmas but also the colour just blends well together. 3. That's a good question. I would probably make it a santa design. Red coat and white belts and the socks have the black strip at the bottom to signify the shoes.
  5. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. With Marimoto retiring, how does the future for Chicago look? 2. With managed to remain competitive for a few seasons now, who do you think has played a big part in this? 3. Which of our veterans have really turned it up lately? 4. Will Gunnar Odinsson finish on top for most goals scored? 5. Who would win it all this season? 6. What is an amazing milestone to celebrate in the VHL?
  6. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. We need a new goal song. What's your pick? 2. There are some interesting names on the points leader board now. How do you feel knowing that only 1 Chicago player is on there? 3. What would make you eat clean for a month? 4. If you saw an army marching towards you while singing the song barbie girl, what would you do? 5. How's your VHFL team doing? 6. Despite some slightly weaker performance by the skaters, how would you rate our goalie's performance so far?
  7. Congrats to all chosen! A rather colourful name list too
  8. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. The team isn't looking great now on the standings so what would you do to stop this? 2. Are you excited for the VHLE to start? 3. If Xin were to request a trade, where would he most likely be traded to? 4. Head coach called in sick. Who's replacing them? 5. Which musical instrument sounds the best? 6. Should the AGM stop making press conferences?
  9. G - Kunibuni Unguri @Beketov I think we're done?
  10. Alright, thanks Bek
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