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  1. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. Which ocean would you want to sail across? And with what type of vehicle would you use to do so? 2. It's now the offseason. What could we have done better? 3. If there was one thing you could tell your parents/loved ones, what would it be? 4. Are you a white light or yellow light person? 5. Do you keep up with your flu shots every year before the flu season starts? 6. Have you ever came across someone that really made an impact on you? If yes, who was it?
  2. 1. We can't win them all and like fishy said maybe our luck ran out. But I'm sure we'll come back stronger than ever. 2. Lidia cause he's being too IA right now or maybe even gorlab. Would love to see gorlab play golf cause he so tall, I'm quite unsure if there's any clubs that he can use. 3. Everyone! I want everyone to be back. Why do we have to choose? 4. I trust Lidia with his picks. He's done a lot to build chicago into the place it is and it's just proof that he can do miracles. 5. I want to go New Zealand. I heard the place is insane with amazing views and cool wea
  3. 1. I think it'll be tough as the competition is tight this time round with LA now up to two. But I have faith that our team can make it through and come out as winners once again. 2. I really think LA is the dark horse this season with some exceptional wins with some depth on their team. They have come a long way during their build and it's their time to kick ass now. 3. I have to say Winter cause he is cold. 4. Elsby has made it big here in Chicago and I'm glad to see him do well 5. It's the pre-celebration for the july 4th party. You always have to prepare ahead and be r
  4. can't believe I fell for this clickbait
  5. 1. Just play as a team and keep it simple on the plays. We're gonna need all hands on deck to push us ahead as every point matters now. Hopefully we all can come up big time. 2. gorlab has to smoke and sit on the floor before a game so that's pretty weird 3. YES counting is the heart and soul of Chicago and it's our lucky charm. We just hit a milestone today so I hope things start to get better. 4. Downtime. I have VHL closed during school times nowadays so I don't get distracted. Tough cause I feel like I'm slipping away slowly. 5. Discord. I'm there all the time. It's jus
  6. 1. I try not to procrastinate too much. I give myself some breaks here and there but I get my work done so I don't consider that procrastinating? But I have done things last minute and it wasn't a fun feeling. 2. Drink of choice is definitely not alcoholic. It'll have to be teh 'o' ice (tea with sugar in ice) or chinese tea ice. As u can tell it's all iced cause the weather here is ARGHHHHHH 3. What Jeff did recently was prob what we needed. I think we just have to play around with the strats because we have a pretty good team around with Winter, Socks, Jungkok and Marimoto lately be
  8. Ass grab incoming
  9. CHICAGO PHOENIX PRESS CONFERENCE ANSWER 6 FOR 2 TPE; 3 FOR 1 TPE 1. Who's the best member in the VHL? What makes them the best in your opinion? You can even state the worst member, that was what I wanted to ask anyway 2. What's the best thing you have read or saw on twitter/instagram? 3. Who do you think is the favourite among the fans here in Chicago? 4. If you got stuck in an elevator and it shakes every 10 seconds, what would you do? Would you have a plan to escape this chaotic madness? 5. A flat earther came up to you preaching about the flat Earth the
  10. you've learned well and fast jiggs