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  1. Chicago Phoenix Press Conference Answer 6 for 2 TPE; 3 for 1 TPE 1. What's the best dream you've had? 2. Do you believe in love at first sight? 3. fishy has just ben hired as the new mod. Who should they ban first and why? 4. As a kid, would you beg your parents to use night lights? Or did you find comfort in the darkness? 5. What are our odds of winning the cup right now? 6. How many brooms did you take out for the purpose of sweeping Vanpoover?
  2. That's a lot of emotions all at one time
  3. Chicago has zoomed passed another 72-game season with success. The team is at it’s highest and players morale are sky high. Chicago clinched the 1st seed in the North America conference and is currently playing against the Seattle Bears. Last season when Chicago made it to the conference finals, Seattle was very vocal about their disappointment. Chicago was the underdog, underestimated by all playoff eligible teams and the entire league. However, they proved haters wrong and made it far. Disappointing elite teams that looked down on them. Chicago has changed so much in terms of qu
  4. Good series against Seattle but BYE! Let's go Chicago! On to the next round
  5. Congrats Kaleeb, a great choice to lead team Asia! Now please break the curse, thanks
  6. 1. Everyone, we couldn't have done it without everyone on the team and the GM, Jeff. !gm 2. Very important. Players feed off the energy of the arena and the Chicago fans are at the best. They make the arena feel great and energetic! Give me playoffs now! 3. Definitely the right move. We secure 2 top end forwards to continue our success in the upcoming seasons. 4. Ohh something with salmon to start, pasta as an entree and something chocolaty for desert. 5. I have not seen them. Maybe cause my counterparts are awake when I'm dead asleep. But I do love some simple designs on
  7. NYA / STO – Apr 18 to Apr 27, 2015 Offseason of S42 New York receives: Stockholm receives: (S41) RW - Mario De Rossi (S36) G - Brick Wahl (S42) G - Jax Barnstormer (S37) C - Tom Slaughter S43 DAV 1st (RW E'Twaun Delicious) (S40) C - Jody 3 Moons S43 RIG 2nd (D Golden Jedtsson) S44 STO 1st (C Alexander Davidson)
  8. not applying but all the best to everyone. Whoever becomes the team asia GM, pls break the curse
  9. Chicago Phoenix Press Conference Answer 6 for 2 TPE; 3 for 1 TPE 1. Was the theme week theme of vacation easy to write/talk/make a graphic about? 2. Valentines day has passed but what are your thoughts on Valentines day? Some say it's a corporate ploy to make things more expensive? 3. If you could build your team around one NHL/VHL player, who would it be? 4. Should we sign Christian Mingle to a new contract? 5. Would you want your VHL friends to follow you on any social media platform? 6. What's a skill that you want to learn?
  10. CGY / MOS - Feb 15, 2019 Calgary receives: Moscow receives: S65 MOS 1st (Elasmobranch Fish) Mark Gebauer Starting with the pick that Calgary received. The 1st round, 6th overall pick was used to select a defenseman. Fish was just one of the three first round picks for Calgary that season. Fish had his rookie season in S65 and it wasn’t too shabby. Fish managed to finish 17 opportunities he got while setting up his teammates 41 times. Long way of saying 17 goals and 41