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  1. Welcome back to another interview with me, Amy Shi. Today I have Patrik Tallinder @Patrik Tallinder joining me on the virtual interview. It’s not the same as a face-to-face one but this will be the best we can do for today. How was the off season? Any activities u did in particular? Patrik: Amazing, I was able to bring the cup back to my family in Sweden. My brothers and I celebrated together, and it was an especially great moment for my brother who lost his ability to play hockey in a car crash a couple years ago. Other than that, we had a wild parade in Riga! I can’t wait to experience that feeling again of winning it all. It was all so surreal. How has your team been for past few games? Rate your team’s performance? Patrik: We started off hot, but had a rough couple games recently. Hoping to get back on track, but right now I’d say we’re at a solid 6/10 of where we could be at. Things will surely improve once Eagles gets some more starts too. Could you share your game day ritual with us? Patrik: Earlier in my career I didn’t have much of a ritual, but I’ve slowly picked up different pieces of other teammates’ rituals over the past few seasons. I usually wake up and hit the gym with Phil Marleau and Guy Sasakamoose. Those guys are always in the gym, I could never lift the weight they do daily. Then I have lunch with Pengu, who seems to only ever eat fish. Then I go for the team’s morning skate, where usually Lincoln Tate, Kyl Oferson and myself stay afterwards a little to work on our skills. Then I have a nap, which my GM hedge suggested. It’s actually great for making sure you’re awake come game time. After that, it’s to the rink for the game! And there you have it guys, what an interview that was and thank you Patrik for joining us! Join us next time for another interview, hopefully not virtual!
  2. So sorry I forgot to include our great goalie here. Assignments were floating in my head
  3. We’re in the middle of S73 and it’s time for a team review. I took some time to write this because this is my first time reviewing a team so please bear with me. Thanks to @Plate for the awesome idea. This article will include trades, signings, picks and even a few player reviews. Trades: Well, I intended to write this during the start of the season but found it hard to evaluate the situation. So, we’ll start with a trade review. Firstly, I will look at the Arthur Dayne @Infernal trade at the start of the season. The trade was between Mexico City and Ottawa. Ottawa gave up 2 picks, a S74 2nd round and a S75 1st round to get Arthur. So far, he has not disappointed. Arthur has put up 46 points and a +19 rating so far. If you think this trade is a bust, you are nuts. Moving on with some mock trades. First up is Keno Wolf. Wolf is a consistent earner in the league with 103 tpe. Wolf has his scoring, skating and defence at 70 now but hasn’t showed much potential here. This could be since he has less than a minute of game time. DoktorFunk could send him over to a team that needs to improve their scoring for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Signings: Ottawa hasn’t signed any free agents yet this season. During the start of the season, there were many new players joining the vhl and many teams took the opportunity to add some depth to their lineup. I do feel that Ottawa should take the chance now with the affiliation and sign some active players. That could add some depth to their already killer lines. This situation is also similar in terms of goalie depth. Ottawa could look to sign a backup goalie that could play a couple of games for them to get some experience. Picks: Ottawa has one first round pick in S74 that originally belong to Saskatoon. Ottawa also has two 5th, two 6th and one 7th round pick. Ottawa doesn’t have much to work with here. Trading away their 1st round pick is definitely unwise. However, I believe that Ottawa should obtain more depth in front, but it will force Ottawa to give away too much for an active player. Looking at S75, Ottawa has zero picks in the 1st and 2nd round. Ottawa’s has a short-term goal and its to win the Founder’s Cup. Should Ottawa focus on getting picks for S75? I think it’s still too early to tell. Player review: Kevin Sterk @TenZi: Tenzi is consistently claiming practice facility. Kevin will slowly but surely improve and produce but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. However surely by the end of this season, he will be ready to go. Keno Wolf @aCrypticPancake: Wolf is earning consistently is rather big amounts per week. Wolf hasn’t played much minutes with Ottawa. In fact, he plays 40+ second games all the time. Joromir Jogr @Temppi: Jogr often finds himself playing 0 minutes a game. Temppi is active too, claiming articles, welfare and practice but that was close to 1 month ago. I guess this explains a lot about his minutes. Jogr played 30 games for Ottawa last season, accumulating 34 points. In conclusion, he needs to be more active to get himself some more game time and with more game time, he will eventually start to rack up points. Now on to something more positive, shall we? Zachariah Kisslinger @Kisslinger: Zachariah is a solid prospect in the vhl that doesn’t put up much points but is there when the team needs him. At 101 tpe, Zachariah is actively claiming practice facility and welfare. This makes him a solid prospect in the days to come. He also has a great personality in the locker room, often being the hype of the team. Jiggly Gumballs @JigglyGumballs: Gumballs is having himself a season in Ottawa averaging more than 1 point per game now. At 201 tpe, he’s aiming to max out before the end of this season, and this is 100% possible. Gumballs is a great leader and LA will be happy to have him in the upcoming season. I believe gumballs will transition incredibly well and immediately start to make an impact. Lexi Glass @AW13: This fellow draft class friend of mine is also having a blast in Ottawa. Lexi is having first line and powerplay minutes this season. This allows her to show off her amazing shot and skillset. Putting up 6 powerplay goals so far proves that she is lethal on the man advantage. AW has 169 tpe and it is possible for AW to max out to 250 this season. Lee Xin @Blazzer: His rookie season is underway and so far, it has not disappointed. He averages less than 1 point per game so far, but he is ready to catch up and prove his worth. Being drafted in the 5th round has made Lee more determined to be better than his peers. Steadily earning tpe by putting out articles and media spots, Blazzer has reached 140 tpe in one month plus. That’s a stunning pace for a rookie. Arthur Dayne: Once again we see Arthur’s name here. He has maxed out at 250 tpe but also has 23 tpe banked. Arthur has been a powerhouse on the ice for the Lynx and he has more to show right now. Arthur is 2nd place in points, goals and shorthanded goals. He is also 4th in hits taken. Please expect Arthur to keep at this pace, with more than 1 point per game. We could see him getting an award this season! Ajay Krishna @Hooperorama: Being the only goalie for the team, is a lot of pressure but Ajay has been able to handle it. U could say he does even better under pressure! 23 games in and Ajay has 17 wins along with 5 shutouts under his belt. Although his save percentage is at 0.893, his GAA is 2nd in the league at 1.98. He also ties with Drew Minott @DreMin15 in points with 2 assists! Focus for the Lynx: In S72, no player from Ottawa took home any awards. Maybe it’s time that Ottawa players get their named called in the upcoming VHLM awards? The awards show that players really have put in hard work and discipline to be the best in their class. The next focus is ultimately the Founders Cup. Ottawa has won cups in the past, proving that they have the ability to do so. I have absolute faith that Ottawa can do this with the guidance of DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk and DarkSpyro @DarkSpyro. With that, I conclude this team review. I had a blast doing this so thanks to Plate again. Do feel free to leave some comments and I tried to make this article as neutral as possible. This is blazzer signing off, have a great week ahead guys! Word Count: 1089 Claiming for 16/8 & 23/8 (Putting this out earlier cause I'll be busy)
  4. I could have eaten that banana during the game!!
  5. Very detailed article jiggly! Great analysis with a lot of info about the teams u have chosen to write about. Great choice to write about Houston and Halifax and draw a comparison too. 10/10
  6. I'm def interested in this! Been looking for a job for a while
  7. Getting bored, need a job... 😴

  8. 1. It's been a tough stretch of games but it's what we signed up for. How do you feel about your personal preformances? Well, my performance in Ottawa has been poorer than I expected. I started off good but dropping a little. It's quite frustrating but I'll work to see what's wrong. For the Hounds, u guys keep doing the best u can this season. 2. Miami and Houston are putting on a show at the front of the pack, who's the stronger team? I will have to give it to Miami. 3. Halifax has gone a long stretch of games with no wins, when will the drought end? Hopefully soon but it's up the Halifax and their players to step up and win some games. 4. Mississauga player Teriyaki Chicken has broken into the top 10 for shots blocked, how does their defensive play impact our game? Teriyaki chicken is playing really well. Blocking shots allows less pucks the even reach the goalie and that significantly reduces the opportunities the opponents get. 5. What lines, if any, would you like to see played? No preferences, all up to cole. 6. I try to ask it once a season, if there was a Hounds fight club, who would be the one wearing the belt? Rory, I guess. I don't really know who's a fighter in the Hounds.
  9. You've been given an offer by the Mississauga Hounds. Check the create a player forum.
  10. I would love to see an expansion team in Asia for sure!
  11. Random thought. What if Houston could and did pick Patrik Laine?