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  1. Chicago Phoenix Press Conference Answer 6 for 2 TPE; 3 for 1 TPE 1. How did your thanksgiving celebration go? (Don’t answer this if you’re Canadian, it’ll be weird) 2. What plans do you have for Christmas or boxing day? 3. Who is the best prospect on the team right now? 4. What’s your go to shootout move? 5. What channel would you add to the locker room? 6. Would we have a good shot of winning the cup by the end of the regular season? 7.One place you would love to visit.
  2. Wow you've been through a lot and came out stronger than ever
  3. FINALLY Lee Xin beats up someone! And Chicago 2-0 this sim, let's go!
  4. At least Spartan's volume is loud enough now. Great podcast nonetheless
  5. VHL bot suddenly with 100+ reactions, this is all jiggs fault
  6. Only 1 game for Chicago..... Who do we need to pay to settle this
  7. Erm what’s a pregnant goldfish called? And I’m looking forward to the next one with GMs!
  8. The sims doing the regs to Lee Xin again......