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My Next Build?


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                                      As a center in my second season at the VHL level, I'm built towards a skilled offensive player that everyone wants to be. Think Dylan Larkin, or Bo Horvat type. I obviously have a lot of development left to get to that level but with the hard work that I'm used to putting in, that level isn't far away.

                                If I was to start over and recreate my player there are a few changes, as a forward, that I would definitely consider. A power forward type interests me. Think old school player such as Rick Tocchett. Tocchett was a scoring forward that would drop his gloves for a fight every night if needed. He was feared in the league in the 1980's , especially in his prime when he played with the Philadelphia Flyers. My player would be built towards scoring, strength, checking and a few more points then normal towards fighting.  A player currently in out league whom fits this build but without the fighting is Ray Shields, a center for the Malmo Nighthawks who I played alongside with for the Yukon Rush in the VHLM.

                               Another build, that really intrigues me is as All Star Goalie. Goalie without a doubt is the most important player on the ice and in my opinion, the key to a winning team. To be Patrick Roy, Henrik Lundqvist or the next Marin Brodeur is exciting. There are three common goaltending styles called butterfly hybrid, athletic butterfly and a blocking style goaltender.

                           The butterfly hybrid is a mix between a stand-up and a butterfly type. It's a very patient style that normally waits for the shooter to make the first move and rarely gets caught out of position. This is how All time great Patrick Roy and current goalie Carey Price play.

                          The athletic butterfly goaltenders are the big athletic goalies with a good glove hand that try to catch as many pucks as possible to keep possession. You must be very acrobatic and a hard worker to play this style. This style was played by Ryan Miller and current goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

                           Last there's the blocking style. This goalie uses their body to block the puck as much as possible and are always in the butterfly position for every save. This style doesn't take as much athletism , it takes size. Corey Crawford, Antti Niemi are blocking style goaltenders.

                          The goalie build that interests me and that I would build my player around would be the Athletic butterfly type goalie. My player would be big, strong, quick with great stick work, where I can push the puck outlet off a save and set up odd man rushes.

                          The last build that I would like to someday consider, would be, the defensive goon or what is sometimes also called the policeman on the ice. The player feared on the ice that comes to the defense of the teams star player when they take a nasty hit from an opponent. I do want to have some skill of course, rated high defensively and used as the crease clearing defenseman on my team. This build will take plenty of points towards my players strength, my players checking, defense and of course my players fighting skills. I would prefer to have size as this type of player, so I will be big, strong and intimidating.



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