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 Seeing it is theme week and this seasons theme focuses on the future I have decided to put sole thought into what direction I would want to go next once Jer Lefebvre has run his course! Now don’t get me wrong Jer is only in his 3rd and final season in the VHLM, next year he will make the jump to the pros but still has a long career ahead of him before I can get going on my next create. However, with that being so, I took the week and did some thinking, and it was some tough thinking but I think I am going to take the plunge and develop myself a goaltender ! 

   When I first created Jer Lefebvre it was a very very easy decision! I have been a forward my whole life, always played center and am the same size as Jer. So when it came time to create my first player I just created myself. Even with the in depth we are able to get with developing our skills it allowed me to be myself even more, and good skating, shoot first, but still a great playmaker kind of player. I have really enjoyed having Lefebvre as my player so far and With lots more career to go i am very excited to see the path it takes, but when I think about having a goalie it makes me just a little more exciting as it will be a change of pace that I have never been used to!

     I find that not many want to go that route but in my life being a forward throughout actual hockey career I have always been intrigued by playing goalie, I would even play it sometimes in pick up or exhibition games. So what better place to be able to be a goaltender than the VHL! It gives you the ability to be anything you could imagine any type of forward,defence, and yes even a goalie! 

    I think that I’m terms of nationality I will stick with a good old homegrown Canadian boy, in my opinion Canada produces goalies like no other country, so I think I will stick with that. Looking at his personal attributes I will definetly be making him taller in stature as many goalies now a days are at least 6 foot, and will be somewhere in the are of 200 pounds, always nice having a little lighter of a goalie, allowing him to be more flexible and Mobile.


     In terms of ability, I plan on developing his skills after the model of Carey Price. With his always calm, cool, and collected demeanour it is idea to have in those clutch situations. Price is widely considered one of, if not the best goaltender in the world, so if my goalies skills can be developed to even half of his he will have a very successful career.


     Now this decision is not completely set in stone as there is a vast amount of time from the end of Jer Lefebvre’s career and now, my mind could change multiple times, but as of right now I am for sure leaning towards starting a career with a goaltender... the most important position in hockey!  

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