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My Thoughts on Future Creates


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So there’s theme week this week so here we are writing about VHL player builds. It would be interesting to see more variety in the league as a whole, since right now almost everyone has a scoring and defense build. That’s just what the sim engine likes so that’s what we have for now. I’ve always leaned towards a defensive playstyle so for all of my players I would continue to use that format. However, maybe in the future we’ll see the rise in power forwards or even defensive defenseman who don’t put TPA into scoring or passing.

It would be kind of interesting to elaborate on scoring a little further and break it down into 2 categories. Either separate wrist shot and slap shot, accuracy and power or have both. That might require too much TPE investment and I'm not sure how practical it would be, it’s just a thought.

Now, back onto the topic at hand. With the league trending towards snipers and offensive defenseman maybe my next player would just be a checking forward or defensive defenseman. Checking forwards are valuable picks in the VHFL but obviously you don’t build a player just to have them be a good fantasy pick.

One thing I’ve been going through a lot for Media Spots is the birthplaces you can select in the VHL. Through some very brief research there’s quite a few countries on the portal that have no players registered under that country. My personal favourite is South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The backstory to being from that country and getting into hockey might be a little harder but honestly it’s worth it.

A huge part of player creation is your actual player’s name. After playing franchise mode in NHL games for so long the randomly generated names I’ve seen can be pretty all over the place. Most of them are normal sounding for the region but there’s always a few that really stand out to me. I had one name written down that I thought was amazing, which I’ve given to someone who hopefully uses it when they create. I’m not sure if that’s public or not so I won’t mention who or what the name is. My next player’s name as of right now I have Johan Johansson lined up ready to be a stud in the VHL. Julius McMuffin is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen for randomly generated names.

Regardless of what name I pick I would want it to actually have correlation to the region I’d be from. Some people just like to meme for names and that’s totally fine, I just personally prefer something a little more serious so I take the time to actually think about these things.

This was a pretty decent theme week in my opinion. It gave me a good reason to rant about a couple things I otherwise wouldn’t have written about. I have a couple series in mind for media spots but those got put on hold for the time being in favour of this. Side note; if anyone uses Julius McMuffin for a VHL player it should be @rjfryman. He has a re-create coming up soon too {insert eyes here}

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