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  1. Claiming part 3/3 week ending Sept 27 (holy cow September is almost over)
  2. Review: This graphic is awesome! I always love your edits just for how unique and well done they are. The dual picture is a great idea and I love that font style you used. The effect you added around him adds a very interesting element that brings a lot to the table without being overpowering. Could’ve added a logo but it’s not required. 10/10
  3. Review: this is a pretty sweet graphic. The logo looks pretty natural on the jersey. I like that font as well, it’s bold but not distracting either. My only real complaint is the red band on the waist still having the hurricanes squares on the red band. The fact it doesn’t match the red band on the arms bothers me. Other than that the colour scheme fits together well and I really like that Phoenix in the background. Having the team name on the helmet is a good addition as well. I’d rate this about an 8.8/10
  4. @Matmenzinger it’s @SweatyBeaver up for 2 picks not me yet
  5. 1. I thought every pick was great but getting schwarz at 10 I thought was a bit of a steal. Figured he would’ve been higher than that. 2. Plate, Emi, and Doug Dimmadome but we couldn’t really have taken them so it’s okay. 3. We filled some holes in the roster and got good value. A- I’d say. 4. I miss the poutine back in Ottawa so I’ll have to find something else as a pre-game meal. Still working on it 5. Stay loose, clear my head, watch footage to see what I can do better. 6. Skating and defense. I need to work on my physical aspect a bit more too.
  6. C - Ray Sheilds @Matmenzinger you’re up
  7. Seems like @Kylrad has had his 12 hours. I guess you’re up @dasboot
  8. Prospect Scouting Report Name: Alec Volchenkov Age: 22 Country: Russia Position: Center Handedness: Left Height: 6’ Weight: 200lbs Volchenkov’s VHLM career was a fairly successful stint. He spent just under two full seasons in the system split between the Saskatoon Wild and the Ottawa Lynx. His first season he signed as a free agent with the Saskatoon Wild but was only able to put up 4 goals and 11 assists for 15 points in 60 games played. After a line boost and some skill development he was able to up his game for the playoffs. In the postseas
  9. I was actually planning on doing that to cover players that will get missed. I just wanted to focus on the more “core” countries first