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  1. Alec Volchenkov has always been a defensive player his whole career. Now he’s decided to make the change in his last season to become a Defenseman.
  2. 1. Working at a golf course I’m just starting back at work again. When it’s a little warmer I’ll probably go kayaking. 2. A couple years ago I went to Argentina. The food there was amazing and cheap too. You could get a full steak meal at a restaurant for $9 Canadian. They have some beautiful beaches and rolling dunes. It was pretty cool taking 4 wheelers out on them. 3. It’s getting warmer now. Consistently between like 10-16°C everyday. Where I live it’s seems like it’s almost always sunny 4. Standings wise I have no idea but I’m still hopeful for the cup. We haven’t been as dominate as I thought we would but we are a good team none the less. 5. Yeah, I believe I’ve been on second line this season and I’m still about a point per game. Not sure why I’m a -7 but other than that I’m happy. 6. I only know a few words in French, Spanish, and German.
  3. We tried building a defensive dynamo and we arguably had one of the best defensive rosters in the league a couple seasons ago. Trying a different approach now hoping this works out better. Great article! Keep it up!
  4. Sad to see you tear it up against your former team @tinafrombobsburgers Great performance though!
  5. 1. Everyone knows their role and we need to play it. You just have to take it one game at a time all season long. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers or expectations but if you set that aside and play your best each night, we’ll do just fine. 2. I’ve just always disliked Malmo so I’ll go with them. 3. I don’t think I really have one to be honest. 4. A bit of both. Depends on how I’m feeling that night but the spotlight isn’t too bad. As a playmaker I’m usually cheering on the goal scorer. 5. I tend not to carry much cash with me. I think I got maybe $100 or something at most. 6. Money City Maniacs always gets me hyped. Could just be from seeing the Mooseheads come onto the ice though.
  6. With the final pick of the group, from the Helsinki Titans G - Zamboni Driver @Doomsday and that’s a wrap folks
  7. D - Jolly Greene Giant D - Victor Grachev @Doomsday
  8. 1. I’m not sure who I’ll be linemates with yet but I’m looking forward to learning from an all-star like Lahtinen. His game is exactly what I try to model mine after. It’s gonna be fun. 2. Right now I’m just trying to work hard and keep growing my entire game. There’s no one thing I’m too focused on right now. 3. Stick to the plan. It’ll payoff, just gotta keep working. 4. Unbiased opinion Blue and Red or Black and Yellow go really well together. I think it’s really just any colour combination that contrasts well with each other. 5. Task failed successfully. 6. You know, it’s whack. It’s messed up. It’s no good. But honestly who knows? It’s just one of those things people say
  9. F - Robin Winter F - Rhynex Entertainment @Doomsday
  10. This is the way We had a pretty stacked team if I do say so myself. Great job @Doomsdayfor bringing everyone together. Atta be Mercs!
  11. Im in. I can be a group manager as well
  12. 1. Basically whenever I get enough TPE. At some point soon I need to start banking for regression though. 2. I feel like a wolf is actually fitting. He’s loyal to the pack, is intelligent, the entire group respects him, etc. 3. I’d have to go with real life. The atmosphere of just seeing a playoff hockey game is unreal. Also the excitement of winning is like no other. 4. I’m not really a betting person so not personally no. 5. “That’s a ridiculous question.” “False. Black Bear” ”Well that’s debatable, there’s basically two schools of thought.” 6. Mackenzie Blackwood has surprisingly good numbers considering he plays for New Jersey.
  13. 1. I’ve been loosely following it. When I saw the semis I was hoping for a Bucs, Chiefs matchup. Now that actually happened so I’ll probably watch the Super Bowl. As a Patriots fan I’d like to see Tom Brady win but I also like Kansas City so either team is good to win for me. 2. My two favourite sports are Hockey and Golf so if I had to pick one it would be Golf. Could be kind of interesting actually to have a golf sim league. 3. Lately not much. In the past I would spend a couple days every other week doing stuff. Now I mostly just check in for the scores and see what’s up in the discord LR. 4. Helsinki has beat us a couple times this season so I’d like to change that. 5. It would have to be a decent amount. I care more about the interactions with people and the enjoyment of the league than money. That’s more applicable to just my general outlook on life though, rather than specifically the VHL. 6. That might be a lot but I probably would attend that. It would be kind of cool to at least do a team Meet & Greet or something.
  14. I’m incredibly honoured to be named Assistant Captain. It’s not about the letter though, I just love being part of this organization and look forward to many more seasons with all of you. Let’s go do this thing boys!! This is our year!
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