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  1. 1. Basically whenever I get enough TPE. At some point soon I need to start banking for regression though. 2. I feel like a wolf is actually fitting. He’s loyal to the pack, is intelligent, the entire group respects him, etc. 3. I’d have to go with real life. The atmosphere of just seeing a playoff hockey game is unreal. Also the excitement of winning is like no other. 4. I’m not really a betting person so not personally no. 5. “That’s a ridiculous question.” “False. Black Bear” ”Well that’s debatable, there’s basically two schools of thought.” 6. Mackenzie Blac
  2. 1. I’ve been loosely following it. When I saw the semis I was hoping for a Bucs, Chiefs matchup. Now that actually happened so I’ll probably watch the Super Bowl. As a Patriots fan I’d like to see Tom Brady win but I also like Kansas City so either team is good to win for me. 2. My two favourite sports are Hockey and Golf so if I had to pick one it would be Golf. Could be kind of interesting actually to have a golf sim league. 3. Lately not much. In the past I would spend a couple days every other week doing stuff. Now I mostly just check in for the scores and see what’s up in the di
  3. I’m incredibly honoured to be named Assistant Captain. It’s not about the letter though, I just love being part of this organization and look forward to many more seasons with all of you. Let’s go do this thing boys!! This is our year!
  4. Appreciate the graphic man. Great job
  5. Press Conference for the week ending on Sunday December 6th 1. Our hot streak has really cooled off. Do you feel our numbers now are more realistic or we're just in a slump? 2. Our goal scoring seems to have almost disappeared in recent games. How do you think we fix that issue? 3. Both of our goalies have .919SV% right now so the losses can't be on them. Do you think ultimately it's our lack of scoring or a somewhat lack of star power that's the problem? 4. Are there any teams surprising you in the standings this season compared to your expectations? 5. Do you feel there's a specific
  6. Press Conference for the week ending on Sunday November 29th What are you looking forward to most this season? Did you participate in the VHFL this season and if yes, how do you think you’ll do? Who would you say is the number one player from each position in the league right now? We’re off to a hot start. What do we need to do to keep it going? Is this the season we make the playoffs? What’s your favourite part about the VHL? TTtheT @MattyIce @Boragina @Biggreen10 @Ninjaboi@SeamusSv @okochastar @Enorama @ZP16 @Ne
  7. 1) I think we hit 40 wins this season personally. We have a great squad here and the couple new faces really bolster the lineup. 2) I've been to London Ontario when I was like 10. Obviously thats not the same but someday I'd like to go to Europe. 3) I'd have to go with @MattyIce just because he's been around the longest and I've talked to him more than anyone else. 4) My personal rivals are the expansion teams. I haven't built up a hate for anyone else yet. 5) @McWolf is a magnificent mate who makes meaningful acquisitions meant to make us marvelous champions. 6) Londo