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  1. Game 3: Toronto Game 4: Helsinki Game 5: Toronto Score: Toronto 4-2 Points: Oyorra Arroya Goals: Oyorra Arroya Assists: Johannes Vihjalmsson
  2. Welcome to the Barnes show were we interview player across the league and get their take on different topics. Today we’re here with Rhye Tyr. Upcoming season 66 defensive prospect playing for the Halifax 21st. How have you enjoyed your last season and a half playing for Halifax? ”it’s been an honour, management is great, uhh... love the locker room and I’m proud to be a Halifax alumni next season.” Towards the end of the season your team struggled a little bit coming into the playoffs. What changes did you make to improve your game? ”I got pucks in deep, played faster, tried not to get hit as much, uh... had to make smarter offensive decisions as well.” Halifax is up 3 and 2 in your series against Houston right now. After dropping game 5 4-2 how do you plan on tightening up on the back end? ”I just have to stick to my game plan, block shots, get pucks in deep, win battles. It helps too because I’ve got Moose and Volosenkov beside me who are really good defensively so that definitely helps out.” What are your thoughts on prospect Julius Freeman? In his latest projections he’s expected to go third overall. Since you’ve seen him grow all season does this surprise you at all? ”I’m surprised he’s not going first in my opinion. He’s a great all around guy, dependable, definitely captain material when he gets the experience he needs. If he doesn’t go second whoever takes him third is getting a gem. I hope I get the chance to play with him in the majors. The inside of my helmet is autographed by him.” At one point you were projected to be top five but now you’re at 21st. What happened that you dropped so far on draft rankings? “Life got too busy, couldn’t keep up with the training like I wanted to. Things just didn’t quite go my way but I’m looking forward to the future and the seeing where I end up in the VHL. Hopefully I can play with some of these guys again someday.” Well that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks @Plate for coming in and doing the interview with me today. Halifax is set to play game 6 on March 15tg 2019 at 7pm Central in Houston as they look to close out the series and take on Minnesota in the Founders Cup Finals. Best of luck to Rhye and Halifax coming into this game. Join us next time where we fill you in on the players perspectives on the going ons around the VHLM.
  3. Why are Defenceman assists / by 10 and points are / by 7? shouldnt it be the other way around?
  4. 1. Jules work ethic is the highest of anyone i've seen in this league. He's and unreal guy, he just secretly hacks the sim to improve his stats. You heard it here first. Just kidding @rjfryman 2. Probably Triple H or even Jules imo. Both guys are studs 3. We started off strong and it's been a good journey. I was kinda hoping I could stick around for another season with the team but I grew too much and that didn't happen. I loved the community this team had on this discord and just in general. 4. Not entirely sure what went wrong. I know a few teams stacked up at the deadline so that could have an impact but i felt we had a decent team i guess we just couldn't get the W's like we could at first. 5. I feel we have a good chance of winning the cup. We have a pretty solid roster and I think we can take it all if we get the bounces. 6. McWolf is a real legend. He built a solid team in his tenure that he had, it would only be fitting to win him a cup in his final season with the team.
  5. Dimitri Volosenkov LW Points: 77/10 = 7.7 Hits: 210/30 = 7 14.7 + 3 = 17.7 TPE
  6. Not sure why you’d call me a welfare player when I’ve only claimed it 3 times out of the 11 weeks I’ve been here. I’ve also updated every week so I don’t know why you think I haven’t since the beginning of March.
  7. Toronto NY Calgary Seattle
  8. There's more to my game than just penalties you know It is a big part of it though....
  9. 1a) Haven't really looked into the upcoming VHLM dispersal draft but i did see a few new players who looked promising. anyone who is a steady TPE earner isn't a bad choice. 2) I would enjoy playing for them actually. Helping rebuild a team and be that top winger would be pretty solid 3) Mikko Altonen is my own personal rival. I feel like im competing with him in the draft so i watch to see how he's doing. 4) I have problems with discipline, it's just in my nature but Gritty rubbed me the wrong way one day and i couldn't let him get away with it. Buddy had to get fought. Dissapointed i got 10 minutes for a celly though. 5) I'd take McWolf any day. He's a stud. 6) Loyalty: 6/10 Ice Time: 8/10 Contract 7/10 Contender Status: 8.5/10
  10. Today we`re here with Dimitri Volosenkov, asking a few questions about the upcoming draft. Welcome Dimitri and thanks for coming in. "Thanks for having me again, it`s always a pleasure." Since the start of the season you've been projected to be a late first round/early second round pick all season. In more recent projection you've been slowly dropping a few picks. Are you concerned about this at all? "I try not to worry too much about that kind of stuff, I just want to play my best no matter where i end up. You know of course it's everyone's dream to hear their name called first but when you're in a draft with guys like Triple H, Mars, and Freeman it's pretty hard to surpass guys with skill like theirs." How do you plan on standing out to the GM's for the remainder of the season? "I think my two-way play speaks for itself honestly. GM's know what they're gonna get from me. I'm a hardworking winger who is used to playing top minutes on any team. My play style is more dynamic than just being able to score lots of goals. The defensive side of the game is so important to me, I like my presence to be known on the ice and I'm not afraid to lay out the body on anyone. I am working hard in the WJC right now to show i'm a capable player and the stats speak for themselves. I'm currently tied for third in goals and i'm 11th in points so there's definitely that offensive benefit to my play as well." Who would be your ideal team to be drafted by? "I think being on a rebuilding team would make the most sense for me at this point since I'm still working on my game it would give me room to grow and move up on lines as time goes on. So for that reason I'd have to say either Moscow or Malmo. No matter where I go I'll put in the work to be the best I can be though." In some of the latest projections your teammate Julius Freeman is ranked 3rd overall. You've seen him since he was brand new in this league, are you surprised at all? "Not at all. That guy has to be one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals I've ever seen out of any player. He's a great guy teammate and an even better guy off the ice. Any team that drafts him will be getting a real stud, I cannot give him enough praise. That guy is unreal to have in any locker room, hands down." Well it looks like we're out of time but thanks again to the up and coming S66 prospect Dimitri Volosenkov.