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  1. 1. If i said no i shouldn't be allowed to play another game. Malmo must go down at all costs. 2. No, I'll find my role on the team and i'm fine with that. My time commitment for the VHL in the summer is slim because of work but in the winter I'll be back to production again. 3. Well he sure helped us not be the worst team in the league. Haven't noticed too much game by game but I see his name on the scoresheet quite a bit. I think it was probably worth it. 4. I try to work on my own defensive game but when i say we need to work on defense, i mean the team as a whole. I'm not singling out one specific player when i say that, just in general we allow too many goals. Everyone knows that defense wins championships. 5. We have a lot of developing talent, it just means you'll be fighting for a roster spot every step of the way. 6. anywhere with cute russian girls is a good spot.
  2. Asia goes from worst to best in one season after i'm no longer eligible. Good luck fellas, do us proud
  3. @gorlab you have my vote for ROTY. Legendary. Volosenkov getting another penalty and not doing much else this game. +2 at least
  4. 1. I was aiming to just break 45 points but I've already done that and the seasons not quite over yet, I was mostly hoping to just be able to contribute to the team and get 10 wins. Currently we're sitting at 21 which is way more than what i was expecting. 2. I use number 77 because it was the number Volosenkov's father used during his time in the KHL. It's in memory of him as he passed away a few years ago. 3. IRL i live outside of Halifax so I'd like to see the 21st be a VHL team instead of in the M. It's never going to happen but it would be cool to see. 4. I like to come down the left side of the goalie, cut across infront of the net and do a between the legs shot back to left side as the goalie comes across. Works about 65% of the time. 5. Probably just join the Russian Army and try to get into the Sniper unit. 6. CCM. I always liked their equipment, especially their sticks. Those super tacks are legit.
  5. 1. Pretty good so far. I've somewhat exceeded my expectations i had for myself. I wasn't expecting to be in the top 5 in points for rookie scoring given how mediocre Moscow is this season. 2. It's great, you know? To be able to play so close to where my player is from is unreal. It's a real dream come true having Moscow expand the season before I'm drafted is great. Volosenkov grew up training in Moscow too so he's quite familiar with the area. 3. We know how to score goals and take penalties. We suprisingly have decent special teams but other than that we struggle in a lot of areas, allowing too many goals against most games. We have some areas to tighten up in but we're still competitive, it's not an easy W when you play us. 4. Defense. Defense. Defense. Defense. We need to be WAY better in our own end. Like i was saying before we do not play well in our own end, allowing way too many quality scoring chances. Need to do a better job getting in the passing lanes, not allowing good shots and shutting down other teams threats. 5. If i said anyone other than Jaguar I'd be lying to myself. He's an unreal center to play alongside and i don't think I'd get as many points as i do without him there. Claiming 1 TPE week ending June 16th
  6. 295 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 296 Toronto Legion @ Calgary Wranglers 297 New York Americans @ Helsinki Titans 298 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  7. Cast getting me those sweet sweet fantasy points 👌🏻👌🏻
  8. Holy crap Vancouver. Was not expecting this at all. @gorlab and I seem to be getting great chemistry. It could just be that he’s an absolute legendary 2nd liner
  9. 1. If you had the opportunity to change positions from/to F,D or G, Would you? I grew up playing D and in the last 4-5 years i've switched to F already but I'm usually the first to hang back for the D if they go up on the rush 2. Moscow Menace want to create a mascot! How would you design our mascot? What would its name be? Make a real life version of the logo with the king wearing the crown and give him a purple cloak. It's an unreal logo so it would make a great mascot. 3. Since Moscow will not sniff the playoffs, is there a team you're supporting on their quest for the cup? Eh, not really. Maybe a team who hasn't won it before or hasn't won in a long time? 4. We are 8 points from hated rival Malmo! DO YOU HATE MALMO ENOUGH TO WIN OUT OF SPITE?! In reality what are you doing to win and get motivated? YES! Malmo is the absolute worst. Screw them. Don't care if we go lower in the draft, Malmo has to lose. 5. For those who have just been reading the box score, Moscow has taken a lot of penalties this season. What are some penalties you've seen the team taking and what do you like to do in the penalty box? Not pointing fingers but a certain player has 137 more minutes than the person in 2nd... Koma... i mean buddy what is going on? 6. Why do you think Moscow is such a bi polar team, leading in both goals for and against? Russians only know offensive capability. We good snipers but not good in our own end. Need to improve on defence if we want to be successful. 7. Does Owen May suck? He doesn't suck, he's justs till improving like the rest of us. We haven't been very good in-front of him so you can't blame the guy for the poor numbers. I don't think anyone in this room expects him to stand on his head night after night for a rebuilding team.