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Hextall out playing his Canadian team rivals


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A narrative that has been around for a while is that Hextall doesn't win series match ups against Vancouver and Calgary, against Spyro and Lafontaine. But it seems this season is different as Hextall has crushed both of them. As the away team they have beat the Wolves 2-0 and still have one meeting left, against Calgary there 1-1. As the home team their 3-0 against Calgary and 1-1 against Vancouver with 1 meeting left. So far Hextall, Lafontaine and Spyro have been in the net at the start of each game, meaning Hextal is 3-1 against Spyro, remember they have two meetings left meaning Spyro could tie it up a long as their both in net. However Hextall and Lafontaine have already had all their meetings this season and Hextall is walking away with the win. 4-1 for Hexy. Calgary does sit ahead of Toronto by 7 point but it Seems Hextall was driven this season to overcome both his rivals. This season has been very hard for Hextall and the Legion, the defense for the team is lacking, just like for the maple leafs of the NHL. But the legion have been able to win games by out scoring their opponent or Hextall just stealing the game. Hextall is currently 25-18-6 and currently sits with a .920 save percentage, 2.86 goals against average and has 4 shutouts. He's faced the 2nd most shots at 1747, only behind Gyrfalcon who has played 4 more games and has seen 71 more pucks head his way.


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