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Ferk's Future Recreate Ideas


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As some of you may know, my mind tends to wander a bit and because of this I think from time to time about names for my future sim league players. The VHL was my first sim league, and my favorite. Throughout this whole covid pandemic the VHL has been the one constant in my life. Combine my love for the VHL with my short attention span and random thought process and it has come up with some interesting ideas over the last couple of months. Here are a few potential names that have crossed my mind.


Bidoof | D | Japan


This was a name that I was originally going for when I first joined the league, but ultimately decided to go with my actual name for my first player in the league, for a few reasons. The first of which was that I thought maybe joke names weren’t allowed, and that single names would’ve been disallowed in STHS. After seeing a player named Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen and a player simply named “Apple” a week later I discovered that I missed my chance for nothing. Another reason for that being I could use it as a GM name if I were to control a team sometime down the road. Bidoof would’ve also been my SBL player, but Out of the Park Baseball required me to have both a first and last name, so I decided on “Ocean Man” instead which led to the copypasta meme. My love for this name is that Bidoof is a weak pokemon with a goofy name, and I would’ve made him a hard hitting defenseman that was short, but really thicc. He would be Japanese because that is where pokemon originated.


Wane Gretsky | C | United States


The inspiration for this recreate was from the KHL All-Star game this season, in which Dynamo Minsk forward Slava Gretsky was selected for a roster by the fans. Humorously, Gretsky wore number 99. This got me thinking of a potential Wayne Gretzky knockoff, with a slightly different last name. However, I decided to take this a step further and change his first name as well. The backstory for this was that his parents were farmers living in rural Russia in the 90s, and they immigrated to Minnesota. Gretsky was pushed by his parents to pursue a career in hockey, and living in Minnesota he had the right motivation to do so. Wayne Gretzky was one of hockey’s superstars in the timeframe that his parents grew up, so they decided to name their son after him. However, they were not the most literate in Russian, let alone in English and they spelled his name wrong on his birth certificate. I have briefly researched the first name Wane to find out that it does indeed exist, but almost exclusively as a girl’s name in Brazil.





I would like to think that the 7 people in the States and Australia that named their boys “Wane” were just terrible at spelling. Wane Gretsky’s parents were some of those people.

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